Tuesday, 30 September 2014


All the following were feeding on Michaelmass daisies, Painted Lady 1, Red Admiral 43, Comma 14, Peacock 1 and Small Tortoiseshell 6.

(Chris Parkin)

Penistone - Millhouse Green TPT

3 singing Chiffchaff along the trail this morning!
6 Swallow south. 3 Jay, 2 Mistle Thrush and 1 Stock Dove too.

Broomhill Flash

Todays entries for Broomhill were:-

Mallard c80,
Pochard 8,
Tufted Duck present,
Teal 20.

Wintersett 30.09.14

15°C with 6/8 cloud and a light southerly.  Sunny by mid morning.
Anglers CP VisMig:
A Little Egret flew south at 10.04hrs and then came back north west at 10.15hrs. It (or another) appeared on the shallows at 11.25hrs.   12 Jays (4 N, 2 NW, 6E),  67 Skylarks (30S, 8W, 25E, 4N), Mistle Thrush 8E and Yellowhammer 2W.  A flock of 9 Magpies high NE was unusual.
Going south: Meadow Pipit 208,  Swallow 25,  alba Wagtail 38,  Greenfinch 6, Goldfinch 14, Linnet 14, Kestrel 1 and Buzzard 1.  
Anglers CP: Shoveler 49, Snipe 16 and Grey Wagtail 1.   Barnacle X Canada Goose  4. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Edderthorpe, Monday evening

The last hour before dark revealed;- Shoveler 141, Pintail 5, Wigeon 60, Little Egret 3, Golden Plover 266, Black-tailed Godwit 6, Common Snipe 25.

Broomhill Flash Monday 29th September

Todays sightings are:-

Snipe 1.

Mallard 40,
Pochard 12,
Mute Swan 1 adult & 1 juvenile,
Gadwall 10
Teal 20,
Cormorant 9,
Shoveler 9+.

Linnet 50,
Grey Wagtail 1,
Swallow 1.

Buzzard 1,
Sparrowhawk 1.

Red-legged Partridge 4.

Summertime Extended 29 September

Swallows Sand Martins and House Martins all seem to have migrated. However across the road from me there's an House Martin nest where the adults are feeding the young. Has anyone else seen House Martins still feeding young.?

Wintersett 29.09.14

16°C,  mild with 6/8 cloud and a light southerly.
Anglers CP Vis Mig: 16 Jays (7 + 3 E)  and 6 N from 08.55 - 09.25hrs.  A skein of 210 Pink-footed Geese flew SE at 10.23hrs.  Golden Plover 28 N at 11.50hrs.  Skylark 37 S + 23 N,  
Going South: Swallow 62,  Meadow Pipit 81, alba Wagtail 44,  Linnet 9,  Greenfinch 2,  Grey Wagtail 1,  Lesser Black-backed Gull 16  and  Collared Dove 2.
Going West:  Starling 50, Chaffinch 12 and Song Thrush 1.
Anglers CP:  Grey Partridge 8
Wintersett Res:  A total of 47 birds were ringed this morning, including: a new 1st year female CETTI'S WARBLER - the 9th Cetti's this year.  Also Goldcrest 6,  Chiffchaff 6,  Reed Bunting 13 and a Reed Warbler 1.
Thanks to Becky Hill for this fabulous Iphone pic.
1st year female  Cetti's Warbler      RHill

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It seems that the blog is receiving less posts than it has, due to the ascendency of Twitter for reporting sightings.

Would it be a good idea for someone in admin on here, to monitor Twitter (as they do in Donny) and give a precis of the events of the day as not everyone has the Twitter app etc?

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Carlton Marsh

Yesterday the first autumn Redpoll, 4 Grey Wagtails south and 4 Goldcrests. (Dave Smith)

This morning a Wheatear was on arable land nearby. Treecreeper, Goldcrest, 4 Willow Tits and a Water Rail were on the reserve. (Jim Plant)

A ringing session from late afternoon produced quality rather than quantity. Of 12 birds caught 9 were new and included 3 Chiffchaffs,1 Yellowhammer, 1 Goldcrest, 1 Willow Tit, and 1 Kingfisher. A quick call to Pete Smith confirmed that Reed Bunting Y681419 was ringed as a juv on 1/10/12 at Wintersett and Chiffchaff HLH 566 was ringed as a juv on 22/8/14 at Wintersett. 


Wintersett 28.09.14

12°C,  mild and still with 8/8 cloud.  Sunny from late morning.
Anglers CP Vis Mig: 07.10 - 10.30 hrs
Going south - alba Wagtail 61,  Swallow 79, Meadow Pipit 13,  Mistle Thrush 2 and Grey Wagtail 1
Also - Wood Pigeon 25 high SW,  Sklark 20 NE in one flock,  Jay 3 NW, Chaffinch 2 W and Reed Bunting 1 W.  then went S),  
Wintersett Res: Reed Warbler 1,  Grey Wagtail 2,  Mallard 90,  Little Grebe 6 + 5 ACP,  Common Gull 1,  Chiffchaff 5 and Goldeneye 1 female.
Butterfly:  A Painted Lady flew south over WRes..


Walker Edge, Ewden Valley - 1 Brambling.
per SBSG website.

Low Moor 28/09/14

A steady day for myself and Mr Tyke ..

Today's list was as follows:

At least 10 common buzzards, 3 kestrels, 1 sprawk, 1 peregrine, 2 ravens, 11 jays-including a single flock of 7 birds seen to pass over Midhope Res, 17 mistle thrushes and a flock of 26 linnets.

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Langsett & Harden

Langsett - 1 adult Red Kite.
Harden - 1 Kestrel, 1 Raven SW, 4+ Long-tailed Tits, 1 Whinchat and 2 Stonechats

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Carlton Marsh

Over the fields this morning were; 2 Wheatears, 2 Yellow Wagtails, 7 Red-legged Partridge, 20 Skylarks and c20 Meadow Pipits. (Jim Plant)

Hartcliffe Hill VMW

Tried a spot of VMW from the hill from 7.00 - 10.00 this morning. Totals were: Meadow Pipit 360, Skylark 16, Swallow 18, alba Wagtail and c.30 Chaffinch all going South. Hardly earth-shattering numbers but I reckon there's some potential here as loads more birds were streaming south just to the east of where I was watching from, and were only in silhouette due to the rising sun. Finding the best spot will be critical and I was probably in the wrong place.
Also of interest were 5 Song Thrush in the top scrub.
I'll see what the coming weeks bring.



Wintersett 27.09.14

6°C - 16°C calm with hazy sun, 0/8 cloud until late  morning when it clouded over.
Anglers CP Vis. Mig:  At last the birds were moving.
Going south  Meadow Pipit 1407 (best total this autumn) ,  Swallow 200,  Mistle Thrush 26 (max. party 8), Little Egret 1, Grey  Wagtail 9, alba Wagtail 31, Chaffinch 3, Linnet 64,    Collared Dove 1 and Skylark 33 + 2NE.  Red Admiral 4.
Also: House Martin  3 SSE,  Pink-footed Goose in 3 skeins - 127 WNW + 16 ESE,    Snipe 2 W,  Song Thrush 1 W,  Jay 6 N + 5 NW.
Star Bird today was a  LAPLAND  BUNTING that flew west calling at 12.30- the first site record since 2010 but  chief Vis Migger Paul Meredith's first here since October 1989!
Anglers CP:   Pintail 1, Snipe 12, Goldfinch 150. Yellow-legged Gull 1 1st W,  Wigeon 180 and Shoveler 32.
Wintersett Res: A juv. Hobby was catching dragonflies this afternoon.  Mallard 53 and Chiffchaff 4 + 2 ACP.    A dead  adult Great Crested Grebe was found, killed by a pellet gun.


Stocksbridge - 1 male Merlin mobbed by Jackdaws over the town at 13:30hrs.

Friday 26-9-14.

Ewden, stone circle track. Nowt of note on the way up apart from a party of 7 Jackdaws. Only low cloud and drizzle after an hour at the lodge but better luck on the way back with a close up Peregrine, 1 Raven and 2 Buzzards.  Carried on at Low Moor/ Midhope for a couple of hours where the weather was much better but nowt special birdwise, - Buzzard 10+, Kestrel 6+, Sparrowhawk 1, Raven 1, Green Woodpecker 1, Siskin 5, House Martin 13. Roll on the next easterlies for the coast.