Friday 11 October 2013

Are you Bempton in disguise?

Are you Bempton in disguise? - that was the message I sent Carlos after his texts about the Gannets. Fortunately, I was perfectly placed for the first two, just leaving the office at Birdwell and heading down the bypass towards Wombwell. Picked them up over the Jump roundabout 'wheeling' at about 2x lamp-post height and followed them down (they were doing c20mph) before loosing them behind trees near Hemmingfield. Fortunately with the aid of radios some birders at Old Moor also got on them as they headed off east over Wath-upon-Dearne. Another passed east there at c15.05.

Also 20 Black-wits Wath, 2 Spot Reds Edderthorpe.

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