Thursday, 10 October 2013

Jim's Adder Woftik!

Visit to Old Moor this evening with Jim Thompson. We were just bemoaning the fact that despite the perishing cold we'd seen nothing new in other than a Curlew when a small skein of geese approached us. Now at this time of day loads and loads of geese drop in at Old Moor, but coming from the south........surely worth a second look. And it certainly was, 12 magnificent Barnacles fighting into the wind as they slowly flew northwest, before veering more westerly. With large numbers moving along the coast in the last few days these were surely wild. Off to the Solway perhaps? So now you know - Jim's adder Woftik!

The magnificent 12 - John Hewitt
Barnacle Geese over Old Moor - John Hewitt

Other bits: Ruff 11, Black-wit 18, Dunlin 6,Green Sand.

Broomhill Flash (early am): Ruff 2

Wombwell Ings (per Seev'): Pink-footed Goose 2, Black-wit 16, Ruff, Dunlin, Swallow

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