Monday 7 October 2013

Living on The Edge?

Just spoken to 'The Edge' and was pleased to hear he sounded pretty perky. For those unaware, Alan was involved in a rather nasty car crash last week and suffered a fractured sternum which causes a great deal of pain when he laughs. However, when I spoke to him 'Seev' had just arrived so he should be okay for quite a while! It goes without saying we all wish him a speedy recovery and in the meantime the rest of us birders will have struggle on without him in the Monday night quiz. We shall also miss those occasional spectacular wader counts from Broomhill for a while!

Old Moor (Jeff Wragg et al): Little Egret 2, Peregrine, Ringed Plover 2, LRP, Black t Godwit 21, Ruff 18, Spot Red 4, Curlew Sand, Little Stint, Dunlin 21, Green Sand. No sign of the 'Yank Goldie' today.

And finally a cracking action shot of the Bittern and a Lapwing taken recently by Keith Pickering.


Martin Wells said...

American Golden Plover is on Birdguides (added 22.27hrs) as seen at Old Moor today. I take it that this is an error or that somebody is seeing something that others aren't.

The WIM Man said...

Yes Martin, according to the reliable people down this claim was erroneous. It is getting claimed pretty regular incorrectly so to keep things factual here can be difficult. And of course we can't stop people putting there own news out to birdguides etc which of course could be correct anyway.