Monday 7 October 2013

Worsbrough colour ringed Coot

Below are the details of a colour ringed Coot at Worsbrough res. that I first noticed on 27th August.
Surprised to see that Santa and his wife are ringers!

Ringing Scheme: London        Ring Number: GR25107        Species of bird: Coot 
This bird was ringed by Christmas & Christmas as age at least 1 year ,
sex unknown on 02-Dec-2010 at Marine Lake, Southport, Merseyside.
OS Map reference SD3318, co-ordinates 53deg 39min N 3deg 1min W.
Colour marks left below knee: Y,Y, right below knee: C,M
It was found on 27-Aug-2013 at Worsbrough Reservoir, South Yorkshire
OS Map reference SE3403, co-ordinates 53deg 31min N 1deg 29min W.
The bird was Sight record by non-ringer    Identified by Colour Ring(s)
It was found 999 days after it was ringed, 103 km from the ringing site, direction E.

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