Sunday, 10 April 2016

Wintersett 10.04.16

0 - 10 degrees, frosty start, calm with clear sky and sunshine.  Freshening easterly this afternoon with thin, high clouds pushing in from the south and hazy sunshine.
Anglers CP:  Shelduck 1,  Golden Plover 35 N + 35 CHfields,  Shoveler 4,  Wigeon 5 and Goldeneye 37.  Psycho, the adult Yellow-legged Gull, and his Lesser Black-backed Gull mate, came in and caused mayhem to all the other birds present. 
Highlight of the day was a RAVEN, picked up circling with a Buzzard, over HPWood at 10.50hrs by Graham Speight.  It glided over to Vis.Mig. Hill where it circled again, calling loudly overhead, before drifting back to the west at 11.00hrs. Many thanks to  a very lucky  Keith Webster, who was in the right place at the right time to get these good  photos,as it drifted away. 

                               Raven                   ACP       K Webster

Chiffchaff  (Ringed)    Willow  Wood WRes   KWebster.

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