Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Old Moor Sofa

An update on the number of species recorded in the Old Moor Area this year, at the end of April the total was 146.

A further 10 species were added in May as follows - Whinchat on 4th (147), Wood Sandpiper on 5th (148), Black Tern on 6th (149), Turnstone on 6th (150), Spotted Flycatcher on 8th (151), Grey Plover on 9th (152), Red Footed Falcon on 12th (153), Sanderling on 15th (154), Laughing Gull on 25th (155) and Little Tern on 29th (156).

Only one species was added in June, Little Bittern on 4th (157).

Already in July a further species has been added, White Winged Black Tern on 7th (158).

Last year the total at the end of May was 144 therefore this year we are 12 species better off. However 6 species had been seen by then last year but not this year, Merlin, Mandarin, Bean Goose, Rock Pipit, Tree Pipit and Curlew Sandpiper.

Last year the total at the end of June was 149 therefore this year we are 8 species better off. However 10 species had been seen last year but not this year, the 6 species mentioned above plus Crane, Gull Billed Tern, Long Eared Owl and Red Necked Phalarope.

The good spring this year has continued in both May and June, not in quantity but definitely in quality. Another 2 new birds for the area have been added - Red Footed Falcon and Laughing Gull but arguably the star bird for the year sofa has been the male Little Bittern. Surely the returning Male from last year and is still present today, it has been seen very well and can frequently be heard "barking".

For comparison some other inland sites totals are as follows:- Swillington Ings, West Yorkshire 160, Upton Warren, Worcestershire 133, Hatfield Moors, South Yorkshire 162 and Potteric Carr, South Yorkshire 148.

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