Thursday, 11 August 2016

Little Egrets in the Lower Dearne Valley

After many years of thinking it would happen, finally in 2016 it has happened, Little Egrets have bred for the first time in the Lower Dearne Valley. 2 pairs have successfully reared 6 young and the adults and juveniles have now left the breeding area. I am also 99.99% sure that this is the first time Little Egrets have bred in South Yorkshire.

Little Egrets have become a common sight in the Lower Dearne Valley these days with birds seen daily throughout the year and a maximum of 32 birds roosting in the Willows on the Willow Pool at Old Moor last summer. Already this summer that record has been broken again with 37 roosting on Tuesday night. Weather that record is broken again this year remains to be seen but I am sure you will agree that Little Egrets are a welcome addition to the areas birdlife.

Thanks go to the many volunteers and avid birders whom have monitored the Egrets throughout the breeding season and also the RSPB and YWT for providing and maintaining the habitat that attracted the Egrets to the area in the first place.

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Geoff Carr said...

Brilliant news - lets hope they spread over the next few years.