Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Carlton Marsh

This evening singing Garden Warbler, Cuckoo and 2 Cetti's Warblers (Scrape & sluice in Northern Meadow). A new brood of 4 Canada Geese were harassed by a Fox. 

3 Pipistrelles were active at dusk.

Meanwhile Geoff Miller rang to say he had a Hobby chasing a group of about 10 Swifts over his home at 19.50hrs in Beech Avenue, Cudworth, which is half a mile east of the reserve. It left north after about 5 minutes.

Then Jim Plant rang to say a leucistic Swift, similar to one described at Wintersett, had just gone west from his home at The Grove, Cudworth a little further east from the reserve.

The edible St George's Mushroom, which is about 3 weeks late emerging (CG)

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