Tuesday 13 September 2022

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. + Insects 13.09.2022

 Botany Dell:   

Whitethroat 1. 

Anglers CP:  

Reed Warbler 1.  Common Sandpiper 1.  Grey Wagtail 6.  A Grass Snake skin was seen.

ACP Vis. Mig:  

Going south:  Yellow Wagtail 1.   Going north west: Goosander 1.

Wintersett Res:  

Sand Martin 1. 

Vespa: A Hornet on ivy in the south east corner WRes.


ACP: Small Copper 1   

WRes: 2 Speckled Wood and a Green veined White on west bank.  A Comma on north west bank.

Odonata:  A Brown Hawker  and a Willow Emerald were by the boathouse. 

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