Thursday, 30 June 2016

Carlton Marsh

June is always a quiet month as birds keep a low profile during the process of raising their offspring. So far there have been 6 broods of Gadwall totalling 39 young, 5 broods of Mallard with 38 young and 1 brood of Tufted Duck with 7 young. Kingfisher has also bred, but recent heavy rain and diesel oil pollution finished off all 5 small cygnets, leaving both adults with oil on them.

5 Ringlet butterflies were on the wing today along with male & female Broad-bodied Chaser. Moths disturbed during management work were; Small Fan-foot, Cinnabar, Small Magpie and White Plume Moth.
My thanks to Russ.Boland, Rod Heeley, Richard Laverack and Keith Bannister for their assistance today.

Congratulations to Pete Middleton and my lovely former Spanish teacher Rosario on their marriage today.

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