Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Wintersett 08.06.16

12 - 22 degrees,  warm with 8/8 cloud and a light north easterly.
Anglers CP: Curlew 1,  Shelduck 2 and Common Tern 1. 
Odonata: A Black-tailed Skimmer was on ACP east bank.
Moths trapped overnight included: 282 Diamondback - part of the huge, countrywide influx.    The 2nd records of Orange Footman and Rivulet.  A Green Silver-lines and  2 Alder Moths.

                        Orange Footman               ASmith

                                        Rivulet                                ASmith

                                      Alder Moth                           ASmith

                     Green  Silver-lines                             ASmith

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