Tuesday, 11 July 2017


It has been a particularly good year for breeding Stonechats in the moorland and moorland fringe areas of the Barnsley recording areas this year, with a minimum of at least seven pairs holding territories or breeding - most on the heather moorland, as follows:-

a) one pair fledged 3 young.
b) one pair fledged 2+ young.
c) one pair fledged 3 young.
d) one pair held a breeding territory.
e) one pair taking food to a nest.
f) 1 singing male
g) one pair fledged 2+ young.
h) bird(s) calling but not located.

The moorland above Mickleden Beck and West of Far Cat Clough was not checked, so I'm guessing that in excess of ten pairs bred/held breeding territories in the Barnsley area.

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