Sunday, 13 November 2016

Carlton Marsh

It was nice and sunny for Remembrance. Today was pretty quiet with 2 Kingfishers the only birds of note reported. However, when I arrived at dusk 2 Water Rails were calling along with 3 Tawny Owls. Then at 16.42hrs a Woodcock flew across the scrape just as a very late Little Egret flew south over the hide at 16.43hrs. If this bird was heading for Old Moor it certainly would have been dark by the time it got there, as I could only just make out what it was in the fading light.
A Woodcock was also seen about 3/4 of a mile to the east over Geoff Miller's Cudworth garden at 16.36hrs.

Insects today included a Red Admiral feeding on apple, 2 Common Darters and a Two Spot Ladybird. (Chris Parkin)
A Red Admiral was sunning itself on my house wall this morning.

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