Monday, 19 June 2017

Edderthorpe & Houghton

Slowly getting a bit of an autumnal feel down here the last week, more especially this morning when the first Green Sandpiper has returned. Good news is that Avocets have reared young for the first time in six years - the pair hatched 4 eggs and despite low water levels and a marauding Fox family have managed to rear three of the chicks to the flying stage, they took their first short flights this morning. The pair of Shelduck are well on the way to fledging their single chick too.
Teal began arriving back last week with up to 4 present and there are up to 18 Shoveler in various stages of moult with at least 1 brood of chicks around.
Ringed Plovers are slowly building up, mostly birds from the nearby Symphony fenced area, peaking at 12 this morning and with a good number of juveniles amongst them. LRPs are present with up to 4 adults but no juveniles have appeared yet. Redshank peaked at 14 last week, all adults with no fledged juveniles seen yet.
Large gulls are coming in to loaf around the flash mid morning which is unusual here at this time of year - up to 80 Lesser Black-backs and 21 Herrings and all (except the semi-resident pair of LBBGs) are immatures in various grotty stages of moult and wear. A pair of Common Terns made a brief visit this morning.
The last singing Cuckoo (up to now) was heard on the 12th.

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