Sunday, 18 June 2017

Moorland news 17th, 18th June 2017.

Very steady at low moor Saturday aft. but excellent views of 3 displaying Snipe. Also Sparrowhawk with prey, chased into midhope res. woods by about 20 Swallows, Buzzard 1, Kestrel 1, Siskin 2, Jay 1. Some low life has stolen the feeding station seed feeder. On the way here a Green Pecker was at the bypass entrance to fox valley shopping centre. On Saturday night birds in evidence but only Woodcocks showing. - Ewden stone circle track to first stone wall, 1 churring Nightjar, 1 roding Woodcock, 1 calling Golden Plover,1 displaying Snipe, 1 ad. Tawny Owl over Mortimer road on the way to Gill Royd Lane junction. Here, 1 churring Nightjar, 1 roding Woodcock, 2 displaying Snipe, 1 calling Golden Plover. Nearby in Spring Moor wood 4 calling juv. Long Eared Owls. On Gill Royd Lane, 1 calling juv Tawny Owl. Today in the ewden valley, very steady but 3 Hobbys. 1pair were hawking insects in the white carr area and another rear of the lodge over broomhead moor. Also, 2 Kestrels, hard to believe no Buzzards, 1 displaying Snipe, 2 calling Golden Plovers, 5 Red Grouse chicks, 3 Meadow Pipit fledglings.

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