Thursday, 13 October 2016

Carlton Marsh

Both Bitterns were flying over the marsh 11.40hrs for a few minutes before alighting within feet of each other on the scrape. One of them stayed to preen in full view of the happy observers in the hide for 20 minutes. Then both flew around again before disappearing into the reeds. (Les Corrall/Ralph Hibbert)
When I arrived at 12.50hrs, all was quiet, then at 13.40hrs one of the Bitterns struck up from the reeds just 12 yards in front of the hide and quickly disappeared in the reeds again as heavy rain began to descend.
Later in the day one them flew from the eastern corner of the scrape at 17.52hrs into the reeds, but was on its usual rostrum in full view from 18.30hrs to 19.40hrs. (Dave Smith)
Also present at least 10 Redwing buzzed by a Sparrowhawk, 6 Jay, and 2 Great Spot Woodpeckers.

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