Friday, 30 December 2016

Wintersett Ferret 30.12.16

Per Chris Swaine
Today as we were walking back to our cars at midday we were alerted, by Brian & Christine Lee, that a Ferret was on the Dam wall of Wintersett Res.

This was the same Ferret  seen by Steve Denny the night before, when it approached him during the Gull Roost  Noticing the ferret was silly tame it was presumed not to be used for hunting, rather an escaped pet. The Ferret looked thin so I decided I would take it home to feed it and try re-home it . (I did secretly want to keep it , subject to the managers… I mean … other half 's approval).

When I got the Ferret home, we (me & Stacey) gave it some ham and some water which it seemed to thoroughly enjoy.  Having 3 Budgies already it was clear I would be unable to keep her. We put the message out on social media and decided to try find a local Ferret rescue centre.  As it turned out there are only two in Yorkshire. One was in Huddersfield so I made contact and arranged to take it through. 

When we arrived we met Sara the owner who advised it was a 1 year old Female, who was currently in season (this can be problematic for female Ferrets as if they go into season and don’t breed they never come out of season, which eventually kills them). Sara set to work arranging a vets visit to have the ferret neutered.   She also found ticks on the ferret so she gave it tick treatment straight away. Sara said that we had saved its life as another night in the cold, with no food & no awareness of predators it  would certainly have got killed. 

The Ferret will now spend 21 days in a quarantine hutch and then join the rest of the 70 ferrets she has in their playpens.


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