Sunday, 12 February 2017

Adwick Washland WeBS count - February 12th 2017

Had to have two attempts at WeBS count today, arrived this morning at 08.30 with sleet and cold northerly in my face. Scope steamed up, Bins steamed up, glasses steamed up, couldn't see much so abandoned visit until this afternoon.

Still thowing it down at 2 o'clock this afternoon but decided to brave it at 3 o'clock. Fortunately rained stopped just in time to enable me to have a look although the conditions meant the birds were sheltering and very difficult to count.

Full list - Little Egret 4, Mute Swan 2, Grey Lag Goose 94, Canada Goose 47, Shelduck 2, Mallard 14, Teal 28, Wigeon 175, Shoveler 5,Gadwall 84, Goosander 2, Coot 12, Moorhen 28, Lapwing 169, Snipe 1, Kingfisher 1. Also Grey Partridge 5.

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