Sunday, 12 February 2017


White Cross Avenue
c230 Waxwings were counted in large trees near the Sorbus on the Avenue. There were at least 170 in Les Corrall's garden nearby at 09.00hrs. They came to smash and grab berries before the Mistle Thrush harassed them. They are really flighty so its difficult to see if there are any rings on them. If they aren't on the tree they will be in some large trees nearby.
By 13.00hrs the tree had been stripped bare and our colourful visitors had vacated the scene.


ziggy g said...

They were flying up and down Carrs lane Cliff until dusk.They were feeding on the holly berries in the field. 150+

Cliff Gorman said...

Thanks for that Ziggy, they will go in our annual report.