Monday, 27 February 2017

Newmillerdam - 27 February 2017

Dark afternoon with heavy rain during part of the visit. A second unringed 1st winter mute swan has arrived, bringing the total to 8. The adult female, four of her sygnets from last year, one that was ringed at Wombwell Canal on 18 Aug 2016 (Red 299Y) and these two unringed swans. In addition, there is the juvenile whooper swan that acts like it's a mute swan too.

The pochard was not seen for the second day in a row, so may have now departed.

Mallards and Canada geese not counted on account of the rain, and there were hardly any black-headed gulls on site by late afternoon.

Black-headed gull (2), bullfinch (5), Canada goose, coot (30), goosander (3f), great crested grebe (2), kingfisher (1), mallard, moorhen (17), mute swan (8), rook (2), tufted duck (4), whooper swan (1).

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