Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Newmillerdam - 1 February 2017

Saw records of waxwing nearby at Calder Island just before I set out for my lunchtime walk round Newmillerdam so decided to check out the arboretum just in case. Was well chuffed to spot five waxwings. This patch birding's quite good fun, hoping birds might come to you! Clearly my camera's not very good and I'm no photographer, but I think it's what people call a "record shot".

A further highlight was watching two male mallards fighting. I'd not realised quite how viscous they can be. Not seen any teal since Sunday, but a new pochard was in, joining the one down by the dam.

Black-headed gull (76), Canada goose (21), coot (27), goosander (3 1m/2f), herring gull (1), little grebe (2), mallard (207), moorhen (10), mute swan (6), pochard (3), tufted duck (28), waxwing (5), whooper swan (1).

50 woodpigeon flew over east and a kestel was perched in a tree off Wood Lane.

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