Saturday, 4 February 2017

Newmillerdam 4 February 2017

Dry, calm and sunny all day. Waxwing were in the arboretum most of the day, finally going for the orange berries that have looked ideal for waxwing all winter.

Couple of red kites seen soaring over the fields between the arboretum and Barnsley Road before heading off south-west. Lesser redpolls were in with some siskin and goldfinches in the arboretum this afternoon, and a couple of lesser black-backed gulls flew over the fields at Boyne Hill Farm first thing.

Lesser redpoll, red kite and lesser black-backed gulls are new for the year.

Black-headed gull (70), Canada goose (30), coot (33), cormorant (2 flew south late in the afternoon), goosander (6 4m/2f), kingfisher (1), lesser black-backed gull (2), lesser redpoll (8), little grebe (2), mallard (162), moorhen (12), mute swan (6), pochard (3), red kite (2), redwing (3), siskin (12), tufted duck (25), waxwing (10), whooper swan (1).

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