Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Two-barred Crossbill at Broomhead - a few photos

A few fairly soft photos attached which are a bit disappointing given the number of times I have been at the scene. I will keep trying but either a big lens or digiscope looks favourite to get sharper images. The birds were very kind this morning but the light wasn't great first thing. Monday morning was perfect light but the birds were not showing as well. I expect someone will get some crackers!

Male 20-08-13
Male 20-08-13
Male 20-08-13
Female 14-08-13
Juv 19-08-13

A better Juv


Graham Speight said...

Some nice shots here, particularly good to see the female documented. As for that juv in the last photo - difficult to comment on since I dont know what it is??

Peter Garrity said...

Graham, I have quite a few juv shots, some with significant bars, others less prominent and I agree this is not a good example. I did chat to Andy Deighton about this one who thought it probably was but I suppose its open to question.

Graham Speight said...

The second juv shot you've added is better!I agree with you and Andy that this 'must' be a 2-barred with its greater coverts moulting and its a very interesting bird. But am I glad this is not the only '2-barred' up there, otherwise we would have problems.