Monday, 13 March 2017

Newmillerdam - 13 March 2017

Started out at Seckar Wood first thing. Lots of woodpecker activity. Saw a pair of great spotted chasing each other, then a further two elsewhere. The heathland had a pair of green woodpeckers sat in a tree together. Great views of yellowhammer in the morning sun on the heathland today.

Around the lake there wasn't a lot of change, though it was unusual to see a female teal out on the main lake. Normally the teal are tucked away, with an occasional male on the main lake, but haven't seen a female out this year before.

Black-headed gull (152), buzzard (1), Canada goose (20), chiffchaff (1), coot (24), goosander (2f), great crested grebe (4), great spotted woodpecker (4), green woodpecker (2), greylag goose (12), lapwing (2), mallard (135), moorhen (7), mute swan (5), siskin (1), skylark (1), teal (2), tufted duck (1), whooper swan (1), yellowhammer (4).

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