Friday, 6 January 2017

Carlton Marsh

No reports for today, but this is the photo that should have gone in the Barnsley Chronicle a couple of weeks ago. We don't normally seek publicity, but on this occasion it had to be commemorated. Thanks to a bit of cajoling from our local elected member, it appeared in this week's edition. For those of you who don't get the Chronicle, here are the names of the people on it.
Standing from left to right Rod Heeley, Dick Laverack, Ralph Hibbert, Chris Parkin, Ziggy Golebewski, Russ Boland (at the back), Councillor Charlie Wraith, John Coldwell & Dave Tattershall.
The three stooges at the front are the founding members of Carlton Marsh, Keith Bannister, Cliff Gorman & Eric M. Bennett.

80 Pink Feet  flew west at 10.45hrs (R. J. Boland)

Ardagh Glass- Monk Bretton
A Peregrine Falcon circled the chimney nearest to Carlton before landing on it at 14.30hrs. (D. M. Smith)


Upland Tyke said...

Ideal number for a football team Cliff. Eleven players and one sub.

Cliff Gorman said...

I think it would have to be walking football Stew!