Sunday, 15 January 2017

Newmillerdam - 15 January 2017

Light rain most of the morning, which made it a pretty grotty day birding. The whooper swan and pochard did the decent thing and hung around for the WeBS count, so that was a plus.

Black-headed gull (6), Canada goose (28), coot (20), little grebe (1), mallard (239), moorhen (8), whooper swan (1), goosander (8 - 4m/4f), mute swan (5), pochard (1), tufted duck (32).

Saw kingfisher four times today. Initially one on the western bank, further north than I'd normally see, then a pair together in the usual spot by the southern bridge, then finally a bird on the bank by the sluice. I took this to be three birds, as the pair and the final sighting couldn't have been further apart and still on the same site. I'd have thought it unlikely to be one of the pair, but could easily have been the one I saw first off.

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