Monday 30 November 2020

Wintersett 30.11.20

 5 - 8 degrees, cool, dull and damp with,  a light north westerly.

Anglers CP: 7 Shoveler 59 Teal + 27 WRes..  4 Dunlin. 

Wintersett Res: A Water Rail on north bank.   Canada Goose 37.  Greylag Goose 92.  Kingfisher 2.  Goosander 7 + 1 ACP.  A Chiffchaff was calling in the Ruin area.  3 Whooper Swans dropped in at 16.00hrs. A Willow Tit was on the west bank.

Canal Flash: Goldfinch 60.  Yellowhammer 25.

Sunday 29 November 2020

Wintersett 29.11.20

 6 - 10 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a light westerly.

Anglers CP: Pintail 8 (4m + 4f).   Teal 29 + 9 WRes..

Wintersett Res: Goosander 9.   Cormorant 4 +  6 over.  Cetti's Warbler  1 male at,   Ruin.  Whooper Swan 2 adults joined by another adult at 11.50hrs.  Common Scoter 1 male.  A Chiffchaff was on the west bank.  Kingfisher 1. 

Carlton Marsh

This morning on the wader scrape 15 Herring Gulls with 21 Common Gulls. A Whooper Swan flew NE and a Peregrine was hunting. Also present Grey Wagtail, c20 Redpolls, Cetti's Warbler and Willow Tit. (JP/Mick Littlewood)

This afternoon with Dave Standish 4 Fieldfares SE, 2 Greenfinches, 3 Water Rails, male Peregrine north at 15.40hrs and 6 + 15 Pied Wagtails SW heading for the Ardagh glassworks roost. A Kingfisher and the Mallard x Gadwall hybrid were present.

Saturday 28 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

Quiet today 27 Herring and 3 Common Gulls, Mallard x Gadwall hybrid, 19 Lapwings, 2 Fieldfares, 10 Redwings, 5 Jays and 110 Canada Geese SE. A Mistle Thrush was singing too.

Low Cudworth

A male Blackcap was seen in Les Corrall's garden. (Andrew Corrall)

Wintersett + Ringing 28.11.20

 Dull and damp with  1 - 6 degrees C,  with 8/8 cloud and a north easterly breeze.

Wintersett Res:

Pink-footed Goose 67 flew west.

Willow Tit 1 calling on south bank.  Little Grebe 8

Cetti's Warbler 3 males - west bank marsh, north east bank and south west corner. 

Water Rail  6  -  2 west bank marsh + 1 north bank WRes.  + 3 Cold Hiendley SF.

Chiffchaff  6 -  2 west bank  + 1 north bank WRes. + 3 Cold Hiendley SF. 

Botany Bay: Goosander 2 males + 5 redheads. 

Anglers CP:  7 Pintail dropped in at 08.10hrs.    42 House Sparrows in fields. 

Cold Hiendley SF: Meadow Pipit 16.  Grey Wagtail 2.

17 birds were ringed at Wintersett Res. before rain stopped play.  

Highlights  were - 8 Lesser Redpoll,  1 Reed Bunting,  2 Chiffchaff,  2 Goldcrest and 1 Blackbird.


Friday 27 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

Sightings from this morning included 5 Reed Bunting, 6 Bullfinch, Treecreeper, 4 Goldcrest, Grey Wagtail, Cetti's Warbler, 2 Water Rail, 8 Herring Gulls down and 25 SW. (JP/Dave Smith)

Wintersett + Ringing + Vis.Mig + Gull Roost 27.11.20

 3 - 6 degrees with 8/8 cloud, but decreasing to sunny with 1/8, by late morning and a light south easterly.

Wintersett Res:  

Teal 5.  Chiffchaff 1 west bank.  Goosander 7

 Cold Hiendley SF:  +  Ringing  - per Pete Smith

 5 Chiffchaffs were ringed this morning.   A Female Stonechat and a Green Sandpiper were notable.

CHSF Vis.Mig:  1000 Starlings in 3 close flocks flew south at 11.00hrs. 

Wintersett Gull Roost:  per Graham Speight and Steve Denny

A new Caspian Gull 1st Winter,  Yellow-legged Gull  2 adults,  Herring 480,  

Great Black-backed Gull 86.   Goosander 11 and Barn Owl 1.

Stonechat   CHSF. 27.11.20   ASmith

      Chiffchaffs CHSF  27.11.20  ASmith


Thursday 26 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

Our dedicated small wildlife group are gradually winning back the Western Meadow from scrub that has grown over the years during the dispute over ownership. We are now about halfway, reaching the big pond this morning. The entrances have been blocked to this area and signs put up to say it is a conservation area and we are hoping to have part of the meadow cut soon to promote wildflower growth. 

Meanwhile sightings included c110 Canada Geese south at 10.20hrs, 5 Shoveler, The Mallard x Gadwall hybrid, 16 Lapwing, 34 Herring Gull, 5 Common Gull, 2 Siskin, 1 Redpoll, male Sparrowhawk, 15 Redwing, 1 Fieldfare, 3 Coal Tit, 4 Cormorant and 1 Willow Tit. (JP/CG)  

Wintersett + Ringing 26.11.20

 5 - 9 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a light westerly breeze.

Wintersett Res: Mallard 67 + 22 ACP.   Pink-footed Goose 36 north west.  A Rock/Water Pipit flew over.

Botany Bay: Kingfisher 1.  

Anglers CP: Wigeon 274 + 180 WRes.   Gadwall 72.  

Cold Hiendley SF + Ruin: Cetti's Warbler 1 north bank + 1 SE corner WRes.  Chiffchaff  5 + 1 Ruin.  Blackcap 1 Ruin.

37 birds were ringed this morning.  Highlights were 22 Lesser Redpoll,  8 Long-tailed Tits, 4 Redwing and 1 Blackbird.

26/11/20 Wharncliffe Woods/Heath NR (round walk)

Two spells birding in the Wharncliffe area today. A fantastic sunrise first thing with still conditions and views for miles to the east:

Woodpigeon 660 SW, Starling 56 NW, Redwing 39, Goldfinch 18, Fieldfare 10, Herring Gull W, Chaffinch 11 SW + 10, Stock Dove 5+, Greenfinch, Cormorant NW, Reed Bunting 4 in field hedgerow, Yellowhammer

Then in the afternoon I did a circular walk into Wharncliffe Woods, past the nature reserve and back through farmland to Wharncliffe Reservoir

Redpoll c50 in woods below the nature reserve plus another 10 elsewhere.Siskin c20 with Redpolls, Buzzard 2, Kestrel, 

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Cudworth Common

Green Woodpecker, Kestrel and 3 Mistle Thush.

Ferrymoor Flash 

Pochard 7, Tufted Duck 3, G.C. Grebe 1, 9 Shoveler, 1 adult LBB Gull, 17 Common Gull and a flyover Redpoll. (Les Corrall/CG)

Dave Smith caught yet another December Moth in his Carlton light trap last night.

Wintersett 25.11.20

 6 - 10 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a light south westerly.

Anglers CP: A Weasel was in the north east corner.

Wintersett Res: Chiffchaff 1 west bank + 1 north bank and 1 north bank CHRes.. Cetti's Warbler 1 west bank + 1 south bank CHRes..  Gadwall 221 + 31 CHRes.  Shoveler 45.  Bullfinch 20.

Cold Hiendley SF: Meadow Pipit 25.  Pied Wagtail 35. 

Walton Hall: Psycho - the adult Yellow-legged Gull.  Mute Swan 11,  Cormorant 9,

Great Crested Grebe 1, Mallard 46,  Gadwall 49,  Shoveler 19, Tufted Duck 21,  Pochard 1,  

Goosander 4 and Coot 84, Moorhen 8, Kingfisher 1 and Grey Heron 2.  Tawny Owl 6 (4 female + 2 male).


Fleets Dam 25/11/20.

Parakeets 10, GC Grebe 2.

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

This morning on the wader scrape 3 Cormorants, 20 Common Gulls, 12 Herring Gulls. 4 Redpoll and a few Fieldfares flew over. (JP) 

This afternoon, Water Rail, Kingfisher, 2 Shoveler, c300 Wood Pigeons in to roost. (Dave Smith)

c800 Wood Pigeons flew SE over Cudworth at 08.25hrs (Rod Heeley)

Is the gull below Herring Gull or one of the yellow -legged gulls?

Dave Smith

Wintersett 24.11.20

 10 - 12 degrees, mild with 8/8 cloud and a light southerly breeze.

Anglers CP:  Stonechat 1m + 1f in north west field.  

Wintersett Res: Water Rail 4 north bank + 1 west bank marsh. Kingfisher 1.  Cetti's Warbler 1 male north bank.  Canada Goose 37.  Goosander 5.  Pochard 21.  The drake Gadwall X Mallard hybrid was back in the south west corner.  A Willow Tit was in the west bank clump area.

Monday 23 November 2020

Wintersett + Gull Roosts 23.11.20

 8 - 11 degrees with sun,  5/8 cloud and a light south westerly.

Botany Bay: Goosander 3.  Cetti's Warbler 1male in the marsh.

Anglers CP:  Pintail 1 male.  Linnet 1.  Chiffchaff 1 + 1 on Pol.   Stonechat 1m + 1f  in north west back field. Teal 24.  Snipe 7.  Greylag Goose 179.   Fieldfare 290 west.  Lesser Redpoll 200.

Cold Hiendley Sewage Farm: Green Sandpiper 1.

Wintersett Res.: A 1stW Caspian Gull was in the roost at dawn

Anglers CP Gull Roost:
Nothing exciting in the roost tonight,  apart from this 'Curlew-billed' Herring Gull. 😉😗 perSteve Denny  @StevieD131

Herring Gull   Anglers CP   23.11.2020  SDenny

Sunday 22 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

This morning Cetti's Warbler, Willow Tit, Kingfisher, Great Spot Woodpecker, 20 Fieldfare, 5 Cormorant, 11 Herring Gull and 5 Common Gull. (JP) 

This afternoon Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, c20 Redwing, single Redpoll and Snipe. 4 Water Rails called at dusk and a Tawny Owl vacated its roost and alighted again nearby. (CG/Dave Standish/Paul & Ruth Thorpe)

Moorland news 22/11/20.

Has been a very steady November up to now with little to report. Low Moor/Midhope, - 4 Whoopers e at 3-55pm, Crossbill 1, Fieldfare c200. C Buzzard 2, Kestrel 2. Ewden valley, - Very steady few hours up here with the best birds a pair of Stonechats. Meadow Pipit 2 were unexpected and quiet on raptors with singles of Sparrowhawk, C Buzzard, Kestrel.

Wintersett 22.11.20

 6 - 9 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a light south westerly.

An amazing  11 Chiffchaffs were rcorded in the area today with 1 on Pol + 5 CH Sewage Farm + 3 NE WRes..+ 1 NB CHRes + 1 ACP.

Anglers CP:    Pink-footed Goose 20 east at 09.40hrs.  Greylag Goose 191. The pair of Stonechat  still in the back field to the north west.

Haw Park Wood: A Raven was flying over being mobbed by Crows.  

Walton Hall: Psycho the adult Yellow-legged Gull still present on the island..

Wintersett Res: Russ Boland was studying/sketching the Great Crested Grebes this morning.

Saturday 21 November 2020

Wintersett 21.11.20

 7 - 10 degrees with 7/8 cloud and a light, north westerly breeze.

Anglers CP: A Nuthatch was on the Pol. 

Wintersett Res: Cetti's Warbler  1 north bank,  1 south bank + 1 male boathouse reeds.  Chiffchaff 1 north east bank + 1 west bank.  Teal 7.  Little Grebe 15.  A Water Rail was in the west bank marsh.

Walton Hall + Back Field: A pair of Stonechats still northwest of ACP - on back path to Walton in right hand corner of second field.  Gadwall 41. Shoveler 6.  Feral Pigeon 54 on Hall roof. 

Mammal: A Hare was in the north bank field. 

Pair of Stonechat  - WaltonHall field  P.Meredith

Friday 20 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

This mornings sightings included 150 Canada Geese south, 3 Shoveler, 10 Lapwing, 4 Herring Gull, 4 Common Gull, 75 Redwing and 50 Fieldfare. (Dave Smith)

Wintersett + VisMig. 20.11.20

5 - 10 degrees, cold, dull and damp this morning, with 8/8 cloud and a very light south westerly.

Anglers CP VisMig:  Pink-footed Goose 4 west.  Starling 35 west.  Fieldfare 105 south west. 

Anglers CP: A Nuthatch was in the  car park. 

Wintersett Res: Little Grebe 9 + 5 Anglers CP.  Kingfisher 1.  A Chiffchaff was in the north west corner.   Cetti's Warbler 2 - south west corner and north bank.

Wilthorpe Marsh 20/11/20.

Pinkfeet c 200 w at 10-42 am. Most birds quite difficult to come by this week with 2 Water Pipits, 1 fem Stonechat, Parakeet 1. L Egret 1, C Snipe 5 with no sign of any Jacks. Linnet total c 120, mostly n of the oxbow pond. Redpoll c 15. Fleets Dam,- fem Goosander before flying off.

Thursday 19 November 2020

Anglers CP + Area VisMig. + Gull Roost 19.11.20

5 - 7 degrees,  with sun, scattered cloud and a cold, north westerly breeze. 

Anglers CP: Visiting birder, Simon Cooper had  heard the Yellow-browed Warbler calling behind the hide by the time we arrived.  It  started calling and then showed very well for a time.  It was then elusive  until mid afternoon.  At 15.00hrs  it showed well for 5- 10 minutes behind the main hide.  

A Chiffchaff  and a pair of  Pintail were other notables.  A Woodcock was seen late afternoon. 

Area Vis.Mig: 

Going north: Red Kite 1. 

Going south: Wood Pigeon 1700 + 160 north

Going south west: Fieldfare 140.

Going west: Starling 614.  Redwing 105.  Pink-footed Goose 90 + Graylag Goose 3

Anglers CP. Gull Roost:  A great roost this afternoon.  

Notables were:- an adult and 1st W Caspian Gulls,  2 adult  Yellow-legged Gulls,  and an  adult Mediterranean Gull, 

85 Great Black-backed Gulls,  14 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and 434 Herring Gulls were counted.


Wednesday 18 November 2020

Carlton Marsh (Tuesday 17/11/20)

c300 Wood Pigeon, 30 Stock Dove, Treecreeper, 3 Goldcrest, Cetti's Warbler, 2 Cormorant, c50 Redwing, 17 Lapwing. (Dave Smith/Les and Andrew Corrall) 

As it was so mild 16c we decided to try a moth session. Chris Parkin, Dave Smith and I had a great evening sat around the light trap in the car park from 4pm until 10pm. We were rewarded with 6 species of macro moth. 2 (probably 3) December Moths (one got away) which were to to the reserve. 4 The Brick, 1 Lesser Yellow Underwing, 12 Red Green Carpets, 1 Winter Moth and 1 Large Wainscot. Also 3 species of micro Alectris sparsana 2, Epiphyas postivittana 2 and Blastobasia lacticolella which was our 2nd record. An Orange Ladybird (Hayzia sedecimguttata) also visited the light.

December Moth
Large Wainscot
Winter Moth

Low and behold when I got home there was a another December Moth in my garden light trap. They must be having a good year as Dave Smith had one in his Carlton garden recently.

Today Wednesday 18/11/20

12 Common Gulls, 32 Herring Gulls, 280 BH Gulls and 11 Lapwings were on the wader scrape. 10 House Sparrows around the car park entrance was unusual and 4 Red-legged Partridges were on the fields. 40 Stock Doves was a good number. (JP/CG Les & Andrew Corrall))

Wintersett + VisMig + Gull Roost 18.11.20

 7 - 9 degrees,  with 8/8 cloud and a light south westerly.

 Wintersett Res.VisMig:  135 Fieldfare flew south + 110  over eastBank +  50 Santingley + 27 Botany Paddock.

Anglers CP:   53 Pink-footed Geese dropped into field at 09.55hrs.  A Nuthatch was in the car park + 1 in Pits Wood.  Goosander 6.  Snipe 3. 

Wintersett Res. Gull Roost:  A 1stW Caspian Gull at 16.10hrs  and an adult Mediteranean Gull from 16.20hrs were notables tonight. 

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Wintersett + VisMig: 17.11.20

 12 - 15 degrees with 7/8 cloud and a light to moderate south westerly breeze.

Anglers CP: The Yellow-browed Warbler still present behind the main hide.  Chiffchaff 2 - Pol ACP + north east WRes.  Siskin 2 Pol ACP.  

Wintersett Res.Vis.Mig: Pink-footed Goose 220 east at 09.25hrs.  

Wintersett Res: Brambling 2 near the boathouse bench.  Little Grebe 17 + 4 ACP.  Cetti's Warbler 1 male + 1 north bank + 1 north east corner + 1 west bank marsh.

Monday 16 November 2020

Wintersett 16th November 2020

 11 - 13 degrees with 7/8 cloud and a south westerly breeze.

Wintersett Res.: Whooper Swans were moving eastwards,  with 53 in 5 flocks (4, 11, 30, 4, 4) up to 10.00hrs + 4 flew south.   Pink footed Goose 175,  Golden Plover 150.   Goosander 2. Peregrine 1 over.  Shoveler 39. 

Anglers CP: 4 adult Whooper Swans dropped in 10.25hrs then left after a brief stay. The Yellow-browed Warbler still present,  to rear of hide, calling occasionally giving brief views.  A female Brambling and 25 House Sparrow were at the feeding station just after the entrance from the car park.  Chiffchaff 1 + 1 WRes.bridge. 

Sunday 15 November 2020

Wilthorpe Marsh 15/11/20.

Water Pipit 1, J Snipe 1. Yesterday, Linnet c 130, Grey Partridge covey 11.

Anglers CP Yellow-browed Warbler + Wintersett + Gull Roost 15.11.20

 7 - 10 degrees with sunny spells,  4/8 cloud and a light south westerly.

Anglers CP:  Chris Swaine found a Yellow-browed Warbler calling, and showing on an off  behind  the main hide, until mid afternoon. This is the 5th record for the Wintersett area,  following the 4th which was trapped and ringed on October 11th 2020.   Previous records were Botany Bay 12th & 13th October 1988,  30th October 2013 and Cold Hiendley Res.6th November2018.
Chiffchaff 1 + 1 WRes. + 1 CHRes.

                                        Yellow-browed Warbler  Anglers CP   PMeredith

Wintersett Res: Cetti's Warblers 3 Goosander 1.  Grey Heron 2.  A Water Rail was heard near the boathouse. 

Anglers CP Gull Roost: 2 Yellow-legged Gulls - an adult and a 2nd W.  

Odonata: A Common Darter was on Anglers CP.

Wintersett WeBS November 2020

 Here are the Wintersett WeBS counts for November 2020

Mute Swan 64   Canada Goose 137  Greylag Goose 146   Cormorant 14   Coot 973  Moorhen 30  Great Crested Grebe 21   Little Grebe 13   Mallard 80   Teal 49  Shoveler 34   Wigeon 439   Gadwall 228   Tufted Duck 324   Pochard 31   Goldeneye 39   Goosander 4   Water Rail 1   Grey Heron 4   Lapwing 52   Snipe 2.

Saturday 14 November 2020

Wintersett + Gull Roost 14.11.20

9 - 11 degrees with 4/8 cloud and a light south westerly.

 Wintersett Res:   Cetti's Warbler 4 males.  Chiffchaff 2.  A Brambling was in the south east corner + 1 ACP feeders. Mallard 41 + 15 CHRes. A Water Rail was on the north bank.  Goosander 1.

Botany Bay:   Teal 3. 

Anglers CP:   Snipe 18.  Goldeneye 34. 

Anglers CP Gull Roost:   Just 2 notables tonight - An adult Mediterranean Gull and a 2nd W Yellow-legged Gull.

Ground Beetle Nebria brevicollis at Cold Hiendley Res.

Many thanks to Mike Denton  for identifying  this ground beetle found at Cold Hiendley Res 13.11.2020 by Chris Swaine.

This beetle is called Nebria brevicollis. 

The adults overwinter and can therefore be found at any time of year. The extract
below is from the beetles of Wintersett (note that Chris's record has
been included):

Nebria brevicollis (Fabricius, 1792) is a fairly large (10.0-14.0mm)
black ground beetle. It has no particular habitat specificity, being
extremely abundant in situations ranging from the shore, through
woodland to high moorland. This is one of the commonest ground beetles
and occurs throughout the British Isles.

Although there are six records from Haw Park, the only others are from
Cold Hiendley Res on 20th May 1978 and 12th November 2020, around the
Top Res on 24th September 1992 and 12th May 1999, and Anglers CP on 26th
August 2020. 

Friday 13 November 2020

Wintersett 13.11.20

 Heavy rain before dawn.  Then 8 - 10 degrees with sunny spells, 4/8 cloud and a moderate westerly.

 Anglers CP: 

Chiffchaff 1 + 1 north east bank WRes. + 1 Stoneheaps.   Goosander 12. Moorhen 18, Teal 46.

Wintersett Res:  

A SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF was in hawthorn on the north east bank at10.50hrs. Kingfisher 2.  Water Rail  1 north east bank + 2 boathouse reeds. A juvenile Peregrine flew over.

                               Siberian Chiffchaff - Wintersett Res. east bank. ASmith  13.11.20

Thursday 12 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

It was relatively quiet today. This morning Buzzard, Great Spot Woodpecker and 2 possibly 3 Willow Tits. (JP)

This afternoon 20 Lapwings, 3 Cormorants, Male & female Sparrowhawk and male Brewer's Duck (Mallard x Gadwall hybrid) Dave Smith) 

Wintersett + Gull Roosts + Ringing 12.11.20

8 - 10 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a light southerly.

Anglers CP: Teal 37.  Cormorant 6.  A Chiffchaff was on the Pol.  Goosander 8.  Goldeneye 21 + 40 WRes. + 1 CHRes.    Pink-footed Goose 120 east.   Dunlin 12 in shallows. 

Wintersett Res: Little Grebe 15.

Cold Hiendley Res: Green Sandpiper 1.  Cetti's Warbler 2 males - south bank and west bank.

CP/Walton Hall back field: Stonechat 1 male + 1 female.

ACP Gull Roost: A 1stW Caspian Gull at 15.45hrs.  An adult Mediterranean Gull at 16.00hrs.  Psycho, the adult Yellow legged Gull was in.  Great Black-backed Gull 20.

Wintersett Gull Roost: Black-headed Gull 1000.   

74 birds were ringed today: Lesser Redpoll 73 + Goldfinch 1. 

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

150 Canada Geese flew up the valley and 60 Greylags flew south. 200 BH Gulls, 7 Herring Gulls, 19 Common Gulls and 19 Lapwings were on the wader scrape. Also of interest 10 Pied Wagtails, Willow Tit, 2 Coal Tit, 30 Redwing and small numbers of Fieldfare, Redpoll and Siskin. (JP)

A December Moth was in Dave Smith's Carlton garden light trap last night.

Dave Smith

Wintersett + VisMig. + Gull Roost 11.11.20

 Mild, 9 - 12 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a light southerly breeze.

Wintersett Vis.Mig:  Graham Speight

Red Kite 1 over at 08.25hrs.   A Great White Egret flew north west at 10.55hrs.     Yellow-legged Gull 1 adult south. Redwing 1640 SW.  Fieldfare 210 SW,    Pink-footed Goose 71 west 10.28hrs  + 37 north east + 31 south west. 

Wintersett Res:    Chiffchaff 3 - north east bank,  east bank, south west corner + 1 ruin area CHRes + 1 ACP.   Cetti's Warbler 1 north bank + 1 male north east corner + 1 male south west corner. Goosander 2. A Nuthatch was in Pits Wood.  Little Grebe 8 + 3 CHRes. + 6 ACP.   Goldeneye 31 + 10 ACP + 5 CHRes.. Shoveler 39 (incl. CHRes.)  Lapwing 270 over. 

 Anglers CP: Lesser Redpoll 300.

Anglers CP Gull Roost: No sign of the Franklin's Gull tonight.    A 1stW Caspian Gull at 16.25hrs.  An adult Mediterranean Gull at 16.32hrs. Black-headed Gull 7000.

Wintersett Res Gull Roost: Black-headed Gull 4000.  Common Gull 200.       

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

New in 1 drake Pochard with 5 Wigeon. Also present 6 Cormorants,7 Common Gulls, 5 Shoveler, Cetti's Warbler, 40 Starlings roosted in the reed beds. (JP/Richard Laverack/Dave Standish)

Wintersett + Gull Roost Mega + Ringing 10.11.20

 A mild 9 - 12 degrees with 7/8 cloud and a light south westerly. 

It was fairly quiet around the area this morning, but at least there wasn't any fog.  

Late morning, a tweet was seen from  simon cooper, @Hemsworthbirder, regarding an interesting looking Scaup type, seen on Anglers CP. 

After lunch Pete Smith and Steve Denny set  off around ACP trying to relocate the bird.   They scanned as they went, but there was no sign of it.  I joined them towards the northern end of the lake where Black-headed Gulls were coming in to roost.  As we continued walking round Steve and Pete simultaneously spotted a gull with a dark head and bill and called.  "Franklin's Gull!"  Views through the 'scope confirmed it was indeed an adult Franklin's Gull.

News was put out to the Wintersett Wildlife Group and on Twitter, and we enjoyed excellent views of the bird.  Steve photographed and videoed the bird, and it behaved extremely well, showing continuously up to dark.  It was enjoyed by birders from Barnsley and the surrounding area. As the light diminished, the roost moved in front of the hide, where the bird was picked up again by Gray Speight. It was still there at dark.

This bird is likely to be the Redcar Tarn bird, which was last seen on 15/09/20 and is a new bird for the Wintersett Area!

Needless to say, the Scaup type bird wasn't relocated!

Wintersett Res: 

A Water Rail was in the west bank marsh + 2 on north bank. Goosander 4 [(1 male + 3 redheads) + 8 roosting at ACP at dusk.   A calling Crossbill flew over at 10.58hrs.  Chiffchaff 1.   Pink-footed Goose 170 east.  

43 Birds were ringed:  

Highlights were: 2 Reed Bunting,  16 Lesser Redpoll,  2 Long-tailed Tit,  10 Goldcrest,  2 Redwing and 5 Blackbird.  

                                        Franklin's Gull adult      Anglers CP   SDenny
Franklin's Gull adult      Anglers CP  PMeredith

10/11/20 Wortley Hall area - Greenfinch

I had an early afternoon walk from Wortley Hall and was surprised to find a very large Greenfinch group of c250 birds feeding on a crop patch on farmland along the track going NE from the hall. They were quite flighty and dispersed to nearby trees when disturbed by walkers etc. 

Also seen were c300 Redwing, 15 Goldfinch, 2+ Song Thrush, 9 Mistle Thrush, Blackcap, 5 Goldcrest, 206 Mallard (in field), 8 Skylark, 3 Yellowhammer, 330 Woodpigeon east, c50 Chaffinch, 2 Buzzard, 6 Blackbird, c50 Fieldfare + plenty of game birds.

Monday 9 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

Today 9 Shoveler, 4 Tufted Duck, 30 Teal, c60 Gadwall, Water Rail (giving the twittering call), 11 Lapwings, single Grey Wagtail, Goldcrest, Golden Plover over, 2 Redpolls, 19 Starlings roosted as a Little Egret flew north with 2 Herring Gulls!
A Peregrine was on the chimney at the nearby glassworks. 

A male Migrant Hawker was flying in the mild conditions. (CG/Dave Standish/JP/Dave Smith)

Wintersett + Ringing 09.11.20

 8 - 11 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a light south easterly.

Wintersett Res: A Dunlin was on a weed bed.  A Water Rail was in the boathouse reeds.  Goosander 1.

Anglers CP: 26 Golden Plover flew south.  Teal 35 + 8 WRes.. Chiffchaff 1.  

77 Birds were ringed today: Lesser Redpoll 60.  Blue Tit 1.  Robin 1.  Goldcrest 4.  Redwing 9.  House Sparrow 2.

Sunday 8 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

The only birds of note in the dense fog were  Cetti's Warbler, Grey Wagtail, c20 alba wagtails on fields and 30 Canada Geese. (JP)

Wintersett 08.11.20

6 - 10 degrees with fog, that cleared very slowly during the morning, due to a light southerly.

Anglers CP: A Brambling was on the feeding station.  A Dunlin was calling in the fog.

Wintersett Res:  

Water Rail 2 - north bank and westbank marsh.   

Cetti's Warbler  4 males -  north east bank, east bank, west bank and  CHRes. ruin area.   

Chiffchaff  2  - 1 north east bank +  1 west bank. 

Willow Tit 1 west bank. 

Wilthorpe Marsh 8/11/20.

Similar to last sundays report with 2 Water Pipits, 10 Meadow Pipits, 1 pair of Stonechats, 1 Cetti's. 1 Jack Snipe, 5 Common Snipe, 1 L Egret, 5 fem Goosander e. Linnet 200+ on wires n of oxbow pond, 8 Redpoll, Coal Tit here with Titmouse flock. Additions just received from J Lunn. Oxbow pond area., Swallow 1, Pochard 2, Wigeon 2, Green Sand 1, 45 Lapwing.

Saturday 7 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

The day started with a skein of Pink Feet calling in the fog heading east at 10.13hrs. 3 Wigeon (1m 2f) on the scrape were new in. 4 Cormorants, 8 Common Gulls, 1 Herring and 1 LBB Gull were on the wader scrape. Elsewhere  single Redpoll, Siskin, 4 Fieldfare, 5 Goldcrests (in singles), 10 alba Wagtails, 2 Linnet, Willow Tit and 2 Water Rails. (JPCG)

Wintersett + Ringing 07.11.20

 7 - 11 degrees, dull with 8/8 cloud, and a light easterly breeze.

 Anglers CP: Linnet 5.   Chiffchaff 2.  Whooper Swan 2.  A Brambling flew over.

Wintersett Res: Water Rail  1 boathouse.  A Pink-footed Goose was calling above the fog this morning.

64 new birds were ringed today: Highlights were 16 Redwing,  28 Lesser Redpoll,  3 Siskin,  2 Coal Tit and 1 Chiffchaff, 1 male Cetti's Warbler and 1 Goldcrest.

                                               Chiffchaff ringed this morning  ACP,  RBailey

Friday 6 November 2020

A New Moth for Wintersett 06.11.20

Eagle eyed Pete Smith spotted a moth, near the lights on the 'Wriggly Tin' building in the car park, at Anglers CP, this morning.   After procuring a ladder from the Visitor Centre he collected it to be photographed by A.Smith.   Harry Beaumont confirmed it was Acleris logiana. A new moth for this site!

Acleris logiana, the black-headed birch leaf folder moth or grey birch button, is a moth of the family Tortricidae. It was described by Carl Alexander Clerck in 1759. It is found in most of Europe, except Ireland, Portugal, most of the Balkan Peninsula and Ukraine. -

Carlton Marsh

Today was good. A skein of Pink Feet flew west at 09.30hrs and another skein NE at 09.45hrs through or above the dense fog. (CG/JP)

A fine adult Yellow-legged Gull was on the wader scrape with 4 Cormorants, and a male Merlin flashed through heading east over the hillside. (The first since March 2013) 30 Canada Geese flew south and 5 Greylags were down. Other birds of note were, Cetti's Warbler, Little Owl (calling/hunting on the nearby railway line), c20 Siskins, 4 L. Redpolls, c30 Redwings and 4 Fieldfares. (JP)

Les & Andrew Corral added Grey Wagtail, Sparrowhawk and Great Spot Woodpecker.

Chris Parkin found 2 Herald Moths and a Peacock butterfly hibernating.

Wintersett + Mega Memories 06.11.20

 6 - 9 degrees with 6/8 cloud and a south easterly breeze.

Anglers CP: Teal 26.  Goldeneye 16.

ACP Gull Roost:  A 2nd winter Yelow-legged Gull was in tonight.

Wintersett Res: Chiffchaff 5, boathouse bench, ruin, north east bank and west bank clump,   + 1 Anglers CP Pol.   5 Whooper Swans flew over north.  Goosander 1 readhead,  The drake Garganey was in the south west corner. 

Lepidoptera: A Comma was on bramble,  northeast bank, WRes..


On this day 9 years ago - 2 Penduline Tits at Wintersett Res.

On this day  6 years ago - Little Auk at Anglers CP.

Thursday 5 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

Another lovely morning began with 75 Fieldfares south at 09.00hrs, 7 Starlings west and 9 Whooper Swans east at 1010hrs. Also of note Willow Tit possibly 2, 67 Gadwall, 2 Water Rail, Siskin, Cetti's Warbler, Redpoll, Great Spot Woodpecker, 10 Common Gulls, 4 Herring Gulls and 20 Redwings. (JP/CG)

Fungi included Clouded Agaric (Clitocybe nebularis), Dung Roundhead (Stropharia semiglobata) and Butter Cap (Hygrocybe ceracea)

Wintersett + VisMig + Ringing 05.11.20

 8 - 10 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a light south westerly.

Anglers CP Vis.Mig. highlights - Graham Speight

 Whooper Swan 22 (14 in at 09.45hrs  + 6 in at 10.45hrs + 2 ),  Pink-footed Goose 91 west + 400 east.   Going west:   Redwing 550, Starling 1010.   Snipe 9.  Brambling 2

Going south: 3 Golden Plover.

Going south westWood Pigeon 12,100,   Fieldfare 820.

See full count

91 Birds were ringed this morning: Highlights 70 Lesser Redpoll,  7 Redwing,  1 Goldcrest,  10 Long-tailed Tits and 1 Chiffchaff.

Anglers CP:  Goosander 1.  Lesser Redpoll 230.  Chiffchaff 1.  

Wintersett Res:  A Golden Plover was flying around, trying to land on water weed!

14 Whooper Swans dropped in Anglers CP   ASmith


Wednesday 4 November 2020

Wintersett + VisMig. + ACP Roost 04.11.20

6 - 10 degrees with sunny spells, 4/8 cloud and a light south westerly.  

Anglers CP Vis.Mig: per Graham Speight    

Today was the best passage of a poor autumn.  

Going south west:  Wood Pigeons were the highlight,  with almost all passing out to the west, over Wakefield, and moving southwards. The first pulse started about 07.10 hrs,  10,000 by 07.40 hrs and 20,000 by 08.20hrs! . There was a notable slow down after 08.30hrs  and very few moving by 09.00hrs.  Totat count was 23,700!    Skylark 14

Going east: Pink footed Goose - 440 went east in 5 skeins this morning and 153 went west in the afternoon. 

Another highlight was a Hawfinch, which came in amongst a mixed flock of Fieldfare, Redwing and Lesser Redpolls, and landed in trees by the hide - but wasn't seen again! 

Going south: Fieldfare 605.  Raven 1  Meadow Pipit 10  Chaffinch 40  Goldfinch 20

Going west: Redwing 130  Starling 405   Song Thrush 4

See total counts at

Anglers CP + Roost: A Chiffchaff was on the Pol.  

2 Red-breasted Mergansers came in to roost along with 7 Goosanders  joining the 24 local Goldeneye.  5 Whooper Swans were in, while 150 Pink-footed Geese were circling the area after sunset, perhaps seeking a field to roost in? per Steve Denny.

Odonata: Common Darter 1 on Pol ACP + 1 near boathouse bench WRes.. 



Carlton Marsh

Movement this morning saw 24 + 45 Wood Pigeon SW, 65 Canada Geese SE at 07.10hrs, c200 Pink Feet very high east at 08.42hrs, c200 more very high east at  08.44hrs. They almost bumped into a skein of c95 west at 08.46hrs and 60 more west at 09.00hrs. The skeins heading west were flying at a lower level. 6 Starling flew west at 09.55hrs. Also of note 3 Buzzard, 1m 1f Sparrowhawk, Kingfisher, Cetti's Warbler, 2 Water Rail, Peregrine 1m 1f together at 07.23hrs, one left north the other SW. Single Repoll, Siskin, Fieldfare, 5 Jay, c40 Redwing and c50 Goldfinch. (CG/Dave Smith) 

Les & Andrew Corrall had a Speckled Wood butterfly.

This afternoon c160 more Pink Feet headed west over Low Cudworth (Les Corrall) and the reserve at 16.03hrs. (Dave Standish)

At 16.20hrs c150 more Pink Feet flew west (per Keith Bannister).

At dusk a Tawny Owl flew from its roost, 2 Water Rails called, 2 Foxes were on the prowl and 2 Pipistrelles were flying. Then after dark an unknown number of Pink Feet flew SE at 17.05hrs. (Dave Standish) 

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

c200 Pink Feet flew east at 09.00hrs (JP). The hybrid Mallard/Gadwall seems to have settled here with his female Gadwall. Keith Bannister informs me that the Americans call this type of hybrid 'Brewer's Duck'. 

We all attended Ralph Hibbert's funeral service this morning. The family are going to have a seat with a plaque put on the disused railway embankment.

Wintersett + VisMig + Gull Roost 03.11.20

 5 - 8 degrees with sun,  4/8 cloud and a moderate westerly breeze.

Anglers Vis.Mig:

Going south: Little Egret at 09.12hrs. Fieldfare 900. Skylark 19. 

Going south west: Woodpigeon  8200.

Going east: Pink-footed Goose 1630 in 17 skeins.      Goosander 1 male + 1 over WRes..

Going north west:  Whooper Swan 4. 

Going west: Brambling 1.  Starling 235.  Redwing 340. 

Wintersett Res: Goldeneye 19 + 11 ACP + 3 CHRes..  

Cold Hiendley Res: The Garganey still present.  

Anglers CP: Snipe 10.

Anglers CP Gull Roost: An adult Caspian Gull and an adult Yellow-legged Gull were notable tonight. 

3/11/20 Wharncliffe Chase (N) - Vis mig session

A fantastic session from 7 to 9am in a cold southerly wind. 

The first half hour was quiet then Woodpigeon movement exploded with massive numbers blanketing the sky both above me and to the north and south of my position. A good number of Chaffinch followed suit as well as a few Meadow Pipit.

Large Pink-footed Geese skeins were picked up to the distant north of me moving ESE over Barnsley totalling c1550 in 4 skeins plus another c250 moving NW.

3 figure numbers of Starling and Lapwing were also on the move plus a good supporting cast locally of Fieldfare, Redwing and other species.

Woodpigeon - 8700 SW

Chaffinch - 172 SW

Meadow Pipit - 17 SW

Lapwing - 130 N (4 groups)

Pink-footed Geese - c1550 ESE (4 skeins) + c250 NW

Starling - c120 NW

Crossbill - 4 SW

Duck sp (not Mallard) - c20 flying purposefully south but lost before ID’d.

Fieldfare c300, Redwing c200, Jackdaw c300 leaving roost, Brambling, Yellowhammer, 4 Bullfinch, 3 Greenfinch, 2 Grey Wagtail, 2 Cormorant, Reed Bunting, Raven, Skylark, 

Monday 2 November 2020

Carlton Marsh

Today 2 Redpoll, 20 Redwing, Water Rail, hybrid Mallard/Gadwall. (JP) 

Little Egret, 6 Shoveler, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, 3 Goldcrest and Treecreeper. (Les & Andrew Corrall)

A Grey Wagtail was feeding on the school pond. A Small Copper butterfly managed to climb the stem of a Ragwort flower and was caught in a spiders web. I have seen it do this on most visits of late. I released it, but it might be the last time I see it, as it didn't look good. (Chris Parkin)


A Red Kite drifted south over Beech Avenue at 08.50hrs. (Geoff Miller)

Wintersett 02.11.20

 8 -11 degrees, cloudy with sunny spells,  strong, gusty, westerly wind late afternoon. Rain showers later.

Cold Hiendley Res: The juvenile, male Garganey still present. 

Wintersett Res: 7 male Cetti's, including 1 at ruin.  Shoveler 59.  Chiffchaff 2 north east  bank + 1 west bank.

Anglers CP: Whooper Swan 1 adult.

Odonata: A Migrant Hawker was near the boathouse bench,  Wintersett Res..

Sunday 1 November 2020

Wilthorpe Marsh 1/11/20. S Green, J Lunn.

Water Pipit 2, J.Snipe 1, C.Snipe 5, Green Sand 1, L Egret 1. Cetti's 1, Linnet total c 400 with seperate flocks in newly cropped fields north of the river. Large flock of Partridges, 20+ flew to n side of river which were thought to be Greys. Teal 15, Goosander 3 towards Bretton at dusk, Jackdaw flock c 75 sf. 3 Stonechats on 29th but no sign since. Recent fish seen are a small Brown Trout and a few Chub from the sf river bridge.

Carlton Marsh

Today's highlights were c120 Pink Feet east at 11.22hrs, 4 Cormorants, 6 Common Gull, 12 Shoveler, Cetti's Warbler, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, c40 Redwing, 8 Fieldfare, single Redpoll and Goldcrest.

A Red-eared Terrapin and a Migrant Hawker were seen on the scrape. (JP/CG/K. Bannister)

Wintersett 01.11.20

Mild, 10 - 13 degrees with 6/8 cloud and a moderate, then strengthening south westerly wind. Rain from 14.45hrs.

Wintersett Res: A Little Egret was on a weed mat.   Chiffchaff 3, east bank, west bank and ruin. A Blackcap was on the ruin area. . Shoveler 53. Little Grebe 11. Bullfinch 8 on west bank.

Cold Hiendley Res: Garganey 1 juvenile male. 

Anglers CP: Snipe 15.  Teal 25.