Tuesday 31 March 2020

Wintersett 31.03.20

4 - 6 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a light south easterly.
Anglers CP: A Little Ringed Plover was on the shallows. Shoveler 1m.  Teal 4.  
Wintersett Res: Long-tailed Duck, 1 female.  A Barn Owl was in the east bank field.  Curlew 1 east.  6 Redwing were in the Willow Wood.  Blackcap 4m + 1m ACP.
Cold Hiendley Res: Pochard 7m + 2f.  Kingfisher 1.  5 male Cetti's Warblers - west bank, ruin,  boathouse reeds,  south east corner and north east corner.
Haw Park Wood:  150 Fieldfare at Clay Royd Bridge.

Wilthorpe Marsh 31/3/20.

Water Pipit showed well on mud mid aft. Meadow Pipit 5, Oystercatcher 3, Woodpigeon flock c250, calling Rails 4.

Cudworth Common

The only notables toady were Coal Tit singing, 2 Redshanks and a pair of Buzzards copulating on top of  a small tree, something I don't think I have seen before. ( L. Corrall/CG but not together)

The wader scrape at Carlton Marsh was devoid of wildfowl etc and appears to have been flushed! A Treecreeper was the only bird of interest. (J. Plant)

Monday 30 March 2020

Wintersett 30.03.20

3 - 5 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a cold northerly breeze.
Wintersett Res: A Raven flew over north west towards Haw Park Wood.  The female Long-tailed Duck is still present.  A Water Rail was in the west bank marsh.  Redwing 14 Willow Wood + 35 Hare Park.
Pits Wood: A Nuthatch and a drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker this morning.
Cold Hiendley Res: Pochard 4m + 1 f and 1 male WRes. and 1 male Moorhouse Lane Ponds.
Moorhouse Lane Ponds Fieldfare 12 + 1 flew NE over ACP.
Hare Park: Meadow Pipit 25.

Carlton Marsh

Two of our regular observers took their usual exercise to the marsh. Unfortunately there wasn't a great deal different to see. On the wader scrape were 3 immature Mute Swans that arrived yesterday and the usual Canada and Greylag Geese (some on nests now) a dozen Teal and a similar number of Gadwall and a few Tufted Duck on various parts of the marsh. (K. Bannister/D. Standish)

Les Corrall meanwhile took his walk over Cudworth Common. Similarly it was quiet, 1 pair of Mute Swans, 2 Redshanks, 9 Gadwall, 2 Tufted Duck, 5 singing Skylark and 9 Lapwing in Symphony. The only warbler present Chiffchaff.

Wilthorpe Marsh 30/3/20, P Middleton, S Green.

Steady and cold. Highlights, 2 Water Pipits, 9 Meadow Pipits, 1 Green Sandpiper.

Sunday 29 March 2020

Wintersett 29.03.20

3 - 6 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a very cold northerly breeze.
Anglers CP: Wigeon 116.  Shoveler 1 mle.  Teal 2m + 2 f.  Redwing 3.  Snipe 2.  Psycho, the adult Yellow-legged Gull was on the shallows.
Wintersett Res: Long-tailed Duck 1f.   Sand Martin 32.  A Willow Tit was on the east bank.

Saturday 28 March 2020

Wilthorpe Marsh plus. 28/3/20.

Wilthorpe. - Water Pipit this aft., still around but more elusive. Yesterday 27th., Hordron track and barns area, Ring Ouzel 4, Brambling 1 showed well on stone wall at the old delmont grange. C Buzzard 7, Raven 3, Meadow Pipit 60 +, Curlew 9, not as many on this side.

Wintersett 28.03.20

3 - 7 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a light, but cold north easterly.
Anglers CP: Shoveler 3m + 1 f.  Teal 8.  Snipe 12.  Oystercatcher 5.  Wigeon 64.
Wintersett Res: Sand Martin 30.  Redwing 2 flew east.  Kingfisher 1.  Long-tailed Duck 1 female.
Cold Hiendley Res: Pochard 3m + 1 f..

Social distancing pays off

The most frustrating and embarrassing gap in my Barnsley list is Red Kite in spite of lots of trying.   Helping Sheila to get the washing off the line just now I had one fly over!!  Headed over our house at Royston side of Carlton making for Rabbit Ings.

Friday 27 March 2020

Wintersett 27.03.20

4 - 11 degrees, cool start, them warm and sunny with a light north easterly breeze.
Anglers CP: Yellow-legged Gull 1 adult.  Shoveler 2m + 1 f.  Teal 3m + 3f. 
Wintersett Res: The female Long-tailed Duck still present. Sand Martin 5.  A Snipe was on the east bank.  5 Canada Geese flew over.   5 male Cetti's Warblers - north bank, north east corner, south east corner, west bank and ruin area.
Botany Bay:  Redwing 2 + 27 at Santingley.
Pits Wood: Nuthatch 1.
Cold Hiendley Res: Pochard 1 male + 3 at Moorhouse Lane Ponds.


This Peregrine flew over Dave Smith's Carlton garden on 25/3/20

Wintersett 26.03.20

4 - 9 degrees, sunny and warm with a light north easterly.
Wintersett Res: 5 male Cetti's Warblers + 1 male CHRes..  Blackcap 4 m - 2 Willow Wood + 1 west bank + 1 east bank.  A Willow Tit was on the east bank.  The female Long-tailed Duck still present.
Cold Hiendley Res: Grey Wagtail 1 pair + 1 pair CHSF.  Canada Goose 2.
Anglers CP:  Cormorant 5 + 1 CHRes..  Snipe 1.  Teal 2m + 2 f + 1m + 1f WRes.  Shoveler 1 m.
A Fieldfare and 20 Redwing were in the back fields.  Goosander 1 redhead.

Thursday 26 March 2020

Wilthorpe Marsh 26/3/20.

Accidentally flushed birds this morning were Water Pipit and C Snipe. 2 Green Peckers the only other noteable.

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Wintersett 25.03.20

12 -15 degrees with clear blue sky and a light south easterly.
Anglers CP: Redwing 27 + 2 Willow Wood WRes..  Wigeon 117.  Teal 3.  Snipe 10 on the Pol. A Curlew flew over this evening.
Wintersett Res: The female Long-tailed Duck still here.  Cetti's Warbler 3 males - boathouse reeds,  west bank and ruin area.  Blackcap 3 - boathouse reeds,  west bank and clump.  A Barn Owl  flew around this evening.
Cold Hiendley Res: Pochard 5 males + 1 female. 

Ewden valley track. 25/3/20.

Very steady with the top bird a male Wheatear near stone circle. Stonechat 3, a pair and a single male. Meadow Pipit c 60 counted on the way up all looked in breeding mode. Reed Bunting 1 male at lodge, Green Pecker 1, Stock Dove 4 together. Lapwing 4 displaying on white carr, Golden Plover 1, Curlew 8, Greylag 2 n., Raven 3. Poor for raptors with only 2 species. C Buzzard 6+, Kestrel 3.

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Wintersett 24.03.20

5 - 13 degrees with sun, scattered cloud and a light south easterly.
Anglers CP: Shoveler 3 males + 2 females.  
Cold Hiendley Res: Pochard 6.  Goosander 1 redhead.
Wintersett Res: Kingfisher 1.  A male Blackcap was singing on the west bank.  A WILLOW  TIT was on the east bank.
Haw Park Lane: Redwing 6.
Reptilia: A Red-eared Terrapin and a Yellow-bellied Slider  were in the north east corner, WRes..
Lepidoptera, Anglers CP: Brimstone 1 male.  Small Tortoiseshell 2.  Peacock 3.  Comma 1. 

Wilthorpe Marsh 24/3/20, P Middleton, S Green.

Very steady with no sign of any Water Pipits. Meadow Pipits on the move with c15 with 2 down. Willow Tit showed well at small wooden bridge over dyke in between river and canal SE 338 086. Curlew 1 heard only were the highlights.

Wintersett 23.03.20

4 - 8 degrees with sun and a southerly breeze.
Wintersett Res: 5 Cetti's Warblers - boathouse reeds, ruin area, south west corner, north bank and north east corner.  2 Fieldfare were in the Willow Wood.  The female Long-tailed Duck still present.    
Cold Hiendley Res: Shoveler 2 males + 1 female. 
Anglers CP: Redwing 9.  Sand Martin 26.
Lepidoptera WRes.  : Peacock 1 west bank and 1 east bank.  Small Tortoiseshell 1 north east corner.
Reptilia: Common Toad 2 BotanyBay path.

Common Toads  Bufo bufo    Botany Bay               ASmith

Sunday 22 March 2020

Wintersett 22.03.20

1 - 7 degrees with sun and a light south easterly.
Anglers CP: Shelduck 2.
Wintersett Res: Whooper Swan 3.  Long-tailed Duck 1 female, then moved to ACP when boats came out.  Goosander 1 redhead.  Kingfisher 2. A male Blackcap was on Botany Bay.    Yellow-legged Gull 1 sub adult.  White Wagtail 2.  Sand Martin 22.  Snipe 29.  Golden Plover 120.
Wintersett Village: Little Owl 1.  Fieldfare 20.

Carlton Marsh

Whooper Swans were moving again today with a herd of 42 NNW at 08.20hrs followed moments later by another 3 the same way (Keith Bannister). At around the same time c30 flew north on a different line. (Jim Plant)
2 Redshanks were on the wader scrape with up to 21 Herring Gulls.

Also of note Peregrine and 9 Chiffchaff singing, 

Butterflies on show were 8 Small Tortoiseshell, 12 Peacock and 20 Comma and 2 Bee Fly. (Chris Parkin)

Moorland news 22/3/20. G and J Wasse, S Green.

Ewden valley - 2 Red Kites, 2 Peregrine, Sparrowhawk 1, Kestrel 2, C Buzzard 7. Raven 2, Stonechat 1 pair, 1 chipping Snipe, 1 Cormarant. Low Moor- Very steady here. Wader figures similar to yesterday. Raven 2, Siskin 6.

Wilthorpe Marsh 22/3/20. C Dixon, J Lunn, P Middleton, S Green.

1 summer plumaged Water Pipit, 1 Meadow Pipit, 2 Green Sand, 1 Redshank, 2 C Snipe, 4 W Rail. 2 Green Pecker, Little Owl, 15 Chiffchaffs, 1 RN Parakeet and Willow Tit in tinkers pond area. Also, Willow Tit on canal.

Wintersett Sunday 22nd March 2020

The Long tailed Duck was on the Top Res, but later moved onto the Country Park. A sub-adult Yellow Legged Gull was seen, along with 22 Sand Martins and 2 White Wagtails.

Three Whooper Swans flew north over the Top Res at 08:30, returning to leave south at 08:45.

A Blackcap at Botany Bay was the first of the year, whilst a female Goosander on the Top Res may well be the last of Spring.

120 Golden Plovers were at Ellis Laithe, with 29 Snipe flushed off the reserve bank by yobbos, plus a further 13 seen on the Pol.

Saturday 21 March 2020

Low Moor / Midhope 21/3/20. G and J Wasse, S Green.

Steady in cold weather. Red Kite 1, C Buzzard 6, Kestrel 3, Sparrowhawk 3 with a female catching and pining down a Jay which managed to escape. Curlew 50+, Lapwing c25, Oystercatcher 4, Snipe 2, Golden Plover 4. Fieldfare c 30, Meadow Pipit 3, Siskin 6, Raven 2.

Wintersett Sat 21st March

Whooper Swans were moving through this morning, with flocks of 11, 51 & 40 going NW. The flock of 11 dropped onto the Country Park from 07:50 to 08:25. A drake Shoveler was on the Country Park, with 4 Sand Martins also there.

The Long tailed Duck is still on the Top Res and a Red Kite was around the Country Park at 17:10.

Friday 20 March 2020

Carlton Marsh

3 Redshanks were on the wader scrape at 08.40hrs, 2 stayed all day. (RJ Boland) They were accompanied by c100 Herring Gulls and a little Egret appeared at 09.30hrs, but had gone by the time I arrived at 13.30hrs. 2 Common Gulls came in at 15.00hrs and 19 Fieldfare flew east. Also present 21 Canada Geese, 10 Greylag, Snipe, Water Rail, Grey Wagtail and 11 Tufted Duck.

Butterflies reported by Chris Parkin included 7 Comma and 2 Peacock.

Wintersett 20th March 2020

The long staying Long tailed Duck is still on the Top Res, but a Redshank on the Country Park was new in today, as were two Sand Martins. 17 Redwing were at Santingley, whilst a total of 17 Chiffchaffs were counted in the area. 13 Snipe were on the Country Park, with 8 Teal there and 24 Gadwall in the area.

A Comma butterfly was seen at Moorhouse Lane Ponds.

Thursday 19 March 2020

Wintersett Thursday 19th March

A Shelduck was on the Top Res along with the female Longtailed Duck. 6 Pochard on the Low Lake & 3 Lesser Redpolls were in Haw Park.

Carlton Marsh

After two hours scrub bashing my reward was a beautiful 1st winter Iceland Gull on the wader scrape from 11.45hrs to 12.05hrs. It was with 101 Herring Gulls, most of the latter and the Iceland Gull left west towards Carlton recycling Centre. Also present were 2 Redshanks, our first this year. 

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Reserve closures due to the coronavirus

Old Moor RSPB reserve and Broomhill Flash reserve are both closing to visitors from tomorrow (Thursday 19th March) due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Old Moor site will remain completely closed to visitors, the entrance gate will remain locked.
At Broomhill Flash the car park and hide will remain closed and locked.

Both sites will remain closed until the UK government deem it safe for the public to start visiting sites again. More information can be found on each locations website.

Carlton Marsh

This morning 74 Herring Gulls and 1 GBB Gull were on the wader scrape. The group of Herring Gulls had reduced to 25 by 13.00hrs and there was no sign of Iceland Gull as hoped for. (K. Bannister/CG) Apart from a few Chiffchaff's, it still very quiet here.

Wintersett Weds 18 March 2020

The Long tailed Duck is still on the Top Res and a Sand Martin was also seen there.

The juvenile Iceland Gull paid a visit to the Country Park shallows from 17:45 hrs, roosting on the Park Lake with 32 Herring Gulls and 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls.

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Carlton Marsh

Best today was 12 Tufted Duck, 14 Teal, Kingfisher, 4 singing Chiffchaff and 3 Buzzards.

The warm temperature (16c) produced 3 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and a Comma.

Also the earliest recorded Daubenton's Bat that came in from the south, and after quartering over the scrape a few times left NE. (Les Corrall/Ralph Hibbert)

Wintersett Tuesday 17th March 2020

The Long tailed Duck is still on the Top Res. 20 Fieldfares were at Haw Park Lane and 15 Meadow Pipits flew north in an hours vis mig session this morning.

A Comma butterfly was seen near the Country Park hide.

The juvenile Iceland Gull was seen over Carlton Glass Recycling Centre at 15:45 hrs amongst 100 Herring Gulls, but wasn't picked up in the roost. There was, however, an influx of large gulls from the east at dusk, with 200 Herring Gulls, 5 GBB Gulls and a first winter Yellow-legged Gull which roosted on the Top Res.

Monday 16 March 2020

Carlton Marsh

3 singing Chiffchaffs, 2 Grey Partridge, Kingfisher and 7 Tufted Ducks. (Rod Heeley)

Storrs Mill to Ardsley Viaduct 
Buzzard 2, Grey Wagtail 3, Treecreeper 2 and Grey Partridge 1.
Butterflies included 2 Brimstone, 9 Peacock, 10 Small Tortoiseshell and 9 Comma. The first Bluebells were in flower. (Chris Parkin)

Cudworth Common Nature Reserve & flashes
Linnet 1, Meadow Pipit 2, Buzzard, Little Grebe, Wigeon 3, Willow Tit 1 calling (about 100 yards north of where it was before, Geoff) what 3 Words - compress. series. doll.
Comma butterfly.

The Ash plateau
2 Grey Partridge, 25 Lapwing, 7 Ringed Plover and 4 Snipe flushed by a dog out of a ditch.

Ferrymoor Flash (Sash Pond)
Mute Swan Darvic 981Y this bird was at Carlton Marsh from 30/10/19 to 9/1/20. It was ringed at Anglers Country Park, Wakefield in 2006 as a female cygnet and appears to be paired 763Y and has 2  cygnets Y305 & Y306.

Wintersett Monday 16th March 2020

Roosting Gull numbers now very low, but the juvenile Iceland Gull is still coming into the Top Res roost. Other numbers are - H Gull 13, LBB 2, Common Gull 15, BH Gull 1300. The Long tailed Duck is still proving to be quite difficult to locate on the Top Res, but usually seen off the southern bank.

Very Late Ringing Recovery

Just received a belated ringing recovery

KAL103   juvenile   23-07-2017 Kiplin, Hambleton (North Yorkshire).
               controlled 22-09-2017 Old Moor. 96 km S.

Sunday 15 March 2020

Carlton Marsh

Two Chiffchaffs are singing now along with Coal Tit, 5 Reed Buntings and a Goldcrest. 13 Herring and 3 Common Gulls were on the wader scrape and a Water Rail called from the main scrape.

The slime mould Enteridium lycoperdon is growing on a dead Alder (Alnus glutinosa). It looks a bit like an upside white cat.

(Rod Heeley)
A new species of Fungi is also fruiting on the embankment, Disciotis venosa (Bleach Cap).

Low Moor/ Midhope 15/3/20.

Good for waders but still poor for raptors. Curlew c 25, 9 Oystercatchers still together, Snipe 5/6 an increase, Lapwing c 20. Raven 3, Woodpigeon c 120, Meadow Pipit 4, GS Pecker 1. C Buzzard 3, Sparrowhawk 1.

Wilthorpe Marsh 15/3/20.

Very steady this morning. Highlights, - 2 Water Pipits, 1 pair of Grey Partridge showing well, flock of 14 Linnets down. Yesterday morning c 80 Pinkfeet sw over Staincross at 9am.

Wintersett Sunday 15th March 2020

A migrant flock of 5 Black-necked Grebes were on the Top Res and the female Long-tailed Duck was still present there.

253 Wigeon were on the Country Park, with a single bird at Walton Hall where there was also a Pink-footed Goose. A Red Kite was circling in the southwestern part of the area this morning, whilst a spring vis-mig session produced a total of 124 Meadow Pipits moving north this morning. The Golden Plover flock held around 75 birds today and there was also an increase in the numbers of Chiffchaffs.

Saturday 14 March 2020

Carlton Marsh

c200 Pink Feet flew east at 08.55hrs. (Dave Standish)

Wilthorpe Marsh 14/3/20.

Water Pipit 2 with 1 just starting moult. Chiffchaff 3, Goldcrest 3, Redwing c 60, Fieldfare 14. Woodpigeon c 500 down, Stock Dove 4.

Wintersett Saturday 14th March 2020 - Sand Martins are here!

Four Sand Martins were on the Top Res this afternoon, with 55 Golden Plover over Ellis Laithe, 40 Fieldfares & 18 Redwings. Pink Feet were moving, with flocks of 200 north, 50 & 30 east, 2 circling over and 1 at Walton Hall.

5 Chiffchaffs were along the West Bank of the Top Res. 141 Goldeneye were counted (58 on the CP & 83 on the Top Res). The Long tailed Duck is still present on the Top Res and a Water Rail was on the north bank there.

Late news was of an Egyptian Goos at Walton Hall on 12th & 13th, but could not be found today.

Thursday 12 March 2020

Wintersett Thursday 12th March 2020

A Bittern flew low over Fitzwilliam towards Wintersett at 06.55 hrs this morning (P Meredith).
The Long tailed Duck is still on the Top Reservoir, but very elusive nowadays. A Curlew flew north and a Chiffchaff was at Botany Bay, with 15 Fieldfare at Haw Park.

In or out?

Looking at the kink in the boundary south east of More Hall reservoir - doesn't this mean that the waxwings at Wharncliffe Side are just in?  Or are they just out?

Monday 9 March 2020

Wintersett + Gull Roost 09.03.20

7 - 11 degrees with sun,   5/8 cloud and a westerly breeze.
Anglers CP: A Siskin was on the Pol.
Wintersett Res:  The female Long-tailed Duck still present.  A Nuthatch was in Pits Wood.
Wintersett Res. Gull Roost:  The juvenile Iceland Gull was in again tonight.

Sunday 8 March 2020

Woolley Dam. Low Moor/Midhope 8/3/20.

Woolley Dam. - 5 Goosander easily the best count here and a new bird for the dam, a pair of Gadwall. Only 1 Teal, a drake. Also 1 GS Pecker, pair of Grey Partridge flushed, c 400 Woodpigeon. Midhope/Low Moor. - Good for waders, c40 Curlew, c20 Lapwing, 9 Oystercatchers down, 1 chipping Snipe. Not much else with 1 Raven, 1 C Buzzard, c100 Starlings.

Wintersett WeBS for March 2020

Here are the March 2020 WeBS totals for the Wintersett Area.  
Mute Sean 7   Canada Goose 47   Greylag Goose 1,   Cormorant 7   Great Crested Grebe 21   Little Grebe 1   Wigeon 153   Teal 18   Mallard 40   Gadwall 114   Tufted Duck 150   Pochard 62   Goldeneye 92   Coot 112   Moorhen 13   Lapwing 28   Oystercatcer 6   Snipe 1   Water Rail 1  Long-tailed Duck 1. 

Wintersett 08.03.20

6 - 10 degrees with sun, varying cloud  and a moderate westerly breeze.
Walton Hall: An Oystercatcher was on the island.  Grey Wagtail 1.   A Nuthatch,  a Redwing and 5 Siskin were at Stoneheaps.
Anglers CP: Oystercatcher 6.  Snipe 1. Water Rail 1. 
Haw Park Wood: Siskin 4.
Wintersett Res: The female Long-tailed Duck present this morning then relocated to Anglers CP during the afternoon. Cetti's Warbler 3 males - boathouse reds, SE corner and west bank marsh.  A singing male Chiffchaff on the west bank. 
Cold Hiendley SF: White Wagtail 1 male.  40 Pied Wagtails   2 Grey Wagtails 
Coleoptera: A pair of Great Diving Beetles were in the north bank ditch, Cold Hiendley Res..

Saturday 7 March 2020

Wintersett + Iceland Gull + Sand Martin Box Refurb. 07.03.20

2 - 9 degrees with 1/8 cloud and a light south westerly.
Wintersett Res: Long-tailed Duck 1 female.  Shoveler 2 males.  Gadwall 3 + 10 ACP.  Goldeneye  104 + 10 CHRes + 37 CP = 151.  Total is a new area record.      Pochard  22 + 12 CHRes + 6ACP.  Great Crested Grebe 7 + 5 CHRes + 1 ACP.    4 male Cetti's Warblers - Boathouse,  north bank, south east corner and west bank marsh.  A juvenile Iceland Gull was in at 12.30hrs.
Anglers CP: Redwing 5.  Goosander 3.  Teal 16. 

Wintersett Res. Gull Roost: The juvenile Iceland Gull was in tonight at 17.40hrs.
Juvenile Iceland Gull  at Anglers CP (from yesterday)         SDenny

The Sand Martin box on Anglers CP was refurbished today, and the washed up raft was rescued and relocated.   54 Snipe were flushed from the bank when we entered the reserve. 

Friday 6 March 2020

Wintersett 06.03.20

0 - 9 degrees, light frosty start, sunny with 1/8 cloud and a light westerly.
Wintersett Res: A Willow Tit was on the east bank - SDenny.  The female Long-tailed Duck still present.   3 Cetti's Warblers - north bank,  south east corner, north east corner + 1 male south bank CHRes..  A Redwing was on Haw Park Lane.
Cold Hiendley Res: Goosander 1 male + 1 female.   Teal 1 male + 1 female. 

Thursday 5 March 2020

Wintersett 05.03.20

2 - 5 degrees with 8/8 cloud and a north easterly breeze.
Anglers CP: Redwing 11.  Wigeon 195.  Shoveler 2m + 1 f..  Teal 10.  Great Crested Grebe 5.  Little Grebe 1 + 1 South east corner WRes..  A Barn Owl was hunting over the SE area at 10.45hrs.  The female Long-tailed Duck still present.
Wintersett Res: 2 male Cetti's Warblers - north bank and south east corner.  A Greenfinch flew over south west.
Cold Hiendley Res: Goosander 1 male + 2 redheads.
Haw Park Wood: Treecreeper 1.  Nuthatch 2. 

Wednesday 4 March 2020

Wintersett + Gull Roost 04.03.2020

3 - 6 degrees with 4/8 cloud and a cool easterly breeze.
Anglers CP: Oystercatcher 5.
Wintersett Res:The female Long-tailed Duck still present.  The male Stonechat was on the north bank.   4 Cetti's Warblers - boathouse reeds, south west corner, north east corner and north bank.
Wintersett Res. Gull Roost: A juvenile  Iceland Gull came in at 17:40.  An Azorean lookalike in background! Link to video https://twitter.com/StevieD131/status/1235284506308993025

Tuesday 3 March 2020

Wintersett + Gull Roost 03.03.2020

3 - 6 degrees with 4/8 cloud and a very cold, gusty westerly.
Anglers CP: Snipe 4.
Wintersett Res.  A Water Rail was heard on the north bank.  A male Stonechat was in the east bank field. It, or another,  was on the north bank this evening.  The female Long-tailed Duck still present.  4 Cetti's Warblers - north bank,  north east bank, south east corner and south west bank.  Goldeneye 91 + 3 CHRes + 22 ACP. 
Wintersett Res. Gull Roost: A juvenile Iceland Gull was in at 17.45hrs with  630 Herring Gulls.  

Monday 2 March 2020

Carlton Marsh

3 Buzzards were in the air enjoying the sunshine. Kingfisher has been really scarce here during the previous two months, but today a male was singing its head off and chasing around the scrape. Also present Little Egret, 2 Cormorant and 14 Canada Geese, staking out nesting territories. There are still around 20 Teal and a similar number of Gadwall. A Great Spotted Woodpecker was re-trapped in the same ride as it was ringed two years ago, on 7th December 2017. Ringed as a juvenile, it is now a male in breeding plumage.

Dearne Valley Park
Nuthatch, Grey Wagtail and Greylag Goose. (Chris Parkin)

Wintersett + Gull Roost 02.03.20

3 - 7 degrees with  a light frost,  3/8 cloud and a gusty, south westerly.
Anglers CP: A Gret Spotted Woodpecker was on the Pol feeders.  Snipe 3.
Wintersett Res: A male Cetti's Warbler was on the north east bank.  
Wintersett Res. Gull Roost: The female Long-tailed duck was with 82 Goldeneye. A 1st W Yellow-legged Gull was notable.  322 Herring Gulls, 4 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 2 Great Black-backed Gulls and 1000 Black-headed Gulls were in tonight - per Steve Denny.  A Barn Owl was hunting at 17:05hrs.

Sunday 1 March 2020

Wilthorpe Marsh, Kexboro, Midhope/Low Moor 1/3/20.

Wilthorpe Marsh,- Steady in a very cold wind. The only singers were Chaffinch and Goldcrest. Usual wintering Water Pipit and Green Sand seen. Nice flock of Linnets c70 and a Kingfisher profited from a flooded stream. Kexbrough., Curlew 2 on upperfield lane and 2 on cawthorne lane with a pair of Grey Partridge here. Midhope/Low Moor., - Very cold and windy here with 3 C Buzzard the only raptors. Good for waders with 60+ Curlew, 8 Oystercatcher down, Lapwing 15, 1 chipping Snipe heard only a few times, could be more. Raven 3, Fieldfare c 200.


THURSDAY 5th MARCH 2020 at the OLD MOOR visitor centre, starting at 7.15pm
The final meeting of the 1919/20 winter season.

Speaker is PETE BROWN from Sheffield on 'FREE BIRDING'.
In 2016 Pete Brown set out to see how many species he could find in the Sheffield area during the year at no cost to his pocket or the planet and with the aim of raising a few bob for Cancer Research UK through species sponsorship. Birding by bike, boots and bus pass, Pete set targets of finding at least 150 species and raising £1500 for CRUK.
'Free Birding' is the account of the highs and lows of that venture.

All welcome, £2.50 entrance fee includes interval drink.

Wintersett 01.03.20

3-6 degrees with  4/8 cloud and a moderate, south westerly wind.
Anglers CP: Wigeon 98.  Cormorant 10.  Little Grebe 1.  Greylag 113.  Pink-footed Goose 1.  An adult Peregrine flew over.
Wintersett Res: Long-tailed Duck 1 female.  A Water Rail was on the north bank.  A male Cetti's Warbler was  was in the boathouse reeds.  Pochard 57 WRes,  + 15 ACP.   Goldeneye 68 + 44 ACP + 4 CHRes..