Thursday 31 January 2013

Wintersett p.m. update 31.01.13

A Leucistic Wood Pigeon was in Haw Park Lane field .   The 3rd W Yellow-legged Gull came in to ACP roost at 16.50hrs and 51 Goosanders were on the lake at dusk.  2 Bitterns roosted in the reedbeds this evening.


Elsecar Reservoir - 81 Mallards, 3 Great Crested Grebes, 1 Grey Heron, 3 Moorhens, 8 Coots and c80 Black-headed Gulls

The Edge

Broomhill Flash mid AM- On the open water were 1 Little Grebe,  4 adult+2juv Mute Swan, 24 Wigeon, 21 Pochard, 7 Mallard, 8 Tufted Duck, 7 Teal, 3 Gadwall, 1m+1f Goosander, 1m+1f Goldeneye, 1m Shoveler and 1 Common Gull. Also noted were 100+ Canada Geese, 1 Greylag, 1 Egyptian Goose(flyover towards Old Moor at 9.30), 17 Golden Plover(flyover at 10.16), 5 Red Legged Partridge, 1 Meadow Pipit and 3 Hare.

Bolton Ings late AM/early PM- The majority of waterbirds were in the sheltered water on the near edge. They included 2 Cormorant, 2 adult+1juv Mute Swan, 67 Gadwall, 13 Pochard, 11 Tufted Duck, 7 Shoveler, 4f+2m Goldeneye, 6 Teal, 5 Mallard, 2m+1f Goosander, c350 BH Gull, 10 Common Gull and 2 LBB Gull. Also present were 1 Sparrowhawk, 1 Kestrel, 1 Grey Heron and 1 Bullfinch.

Wintersett Wind - 31.01.13 already!

The last day of January,  a mild 7 degrees with patches of blue sky, but the NW wind blew a gale, with gusts that stopped you in your tracks.   All waters were very choppy with continuous spray blowing back up the spillway on WRes.
Anglers CP had a Female  Long-tailed Duck and 2 Shelduck.
Wintersett Res had a drake and 2 redhead Smew,  2 male Scaup and an Egyptian Goose.
A Buzzard flew over Stubbs Wood and 23 Pied Wagtail were in Haw Park Lane Field.
Ron braved the atrocious conditions to get these shots,  which are much appreciated.

Redhead Smew - WRes  NE corner           Ron Marshall
Redhead Smew - WRes  NE corner            Ron  Marshall

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Carlton Marsh

On a blustery rain swept day sightings were as follows; 2 Buzzards harassing the Wood Pigeon flock, Little Owl, male Goosander, 2 Mute Swans, 3 Canada Goose, Kingfisher, 33 Mallard, 2 Tufted Duck, 5 Gadwall, 2 Coot and Heron. ( We're only small you see)

Meanwhile at home 2 Lesser Redpolls and 3 Bullfinches were feeding on Nyjer seed and Mrs. Blackcap was feasting on fat balls.

Rabbit Ings

Halleluja the browse facility to upload photos has miraculously reappeared. It's much simpler now!

Both photos were taken by Lynz Harston recently

Old Moor News - 30th January

Very little news today, 73 Goosanders roosting on the Mere this evening, 1 more than yesterday and another maximum for this winter. Also a crest on Green Lane called once which was almost certainly the/a Firecrest, worth looking for tomorrow.

Brambling at Old Moor - 30th January 2013

A Flying visit to the Old Moor feeders provided the following which included a total of 4 Brambling

Wintersett 30.01.13

Mild, 7 degrees,  sunny spells and a strengthening west wind this morning.  Heavy rain showers and strong gusty wind this afternoon.
Anglers CP:  The female Long-tailed Duck has returned after an absence of two days.  The Egyptian Goose flew onto the lake from the north bank of WRes.  19 Snipe and a Dunlin were seen this afternoon.
Wintersett Res: The drake and 2 redhead Smew were present, as were the 2 male Scaup.  Pochard 46.
Cold Hiendley Res: A redhead Smew was down at the far end of the Res.
Anglers CP Gull Roost: The 1st W Caspian Gull, (Polish ringed),  flew in at 15.23hrs.  13 Cormorants were present.   3 Bitterns roosted in the reedbeds at dusk.

The Edge

Broomhill Flash mid AM- On the open water were 1 Mute Swan, 25 Wigeon, 25 Teal,21 Pochard, 17 Mallard, 13 Tufted Duck, 5 Gadwall, 1m+1f Goldeneye,1 Shoveler, c150 BH Gull and 1 Common Gull. Also noted were 1 Grey Heron, 150+ Canada Geese, 1m Goosander, 1 Cormorant, 1 LBB Gull, 1 Buzzard (high over Darfield Church), 1 Sparrowhawk, 4 Snipe, 6 Pied Wagtail, 1 singing Skylark and 2 Hare.

Bolton Ings late AM/early PM- On the open water were 8 Cormorant, 2 adult+1juv Mute Swan, 91 Gadwall, 26 Pochard,7 Shoveler, 5 Mallard, 6 Tufted Duck, 3f+1m Goldeneye, 2 Teal, 14 Common Gull, 1LBB Gull and 1 Herring Gull. Also noted were 1 Grey Heron, 33 Canada Geese, 8 Greylag, 2 Goosander, 2 Redshank, 1 Green Sandpiper, 1 Sparrowhawk and 1 Kestrel.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Rabbit Ings

One of the three Long-eared Owls today

Old Moor News - 29th January

Visitor Centre/Feeders - Tree Sparrow 40, Yellowhammer 10, Reed Bunting 44, Brambling 3.

Reedbeds - Bittern roosted.

Mere - Goldeneye 4, Goosander 72, Redshank 1.

Bolton Ings/Warbler Way - Buzzard 1, Peregrine 1, Goldcrest 8+, Willow Tit 6, Treecreeper 1, Barn Owl 1, Redshank 2.

Golf Course - Meally Redpoll 1, Redpoll 12+, Siskin 25.

A good count of Goldeneyes today, 4 Mere, 7 Bolton Ings and 2 Broomhill, also 72 Goosanders is highest count this winter.

Wintersett 29.01.13

Very mild and overcast with intermittent breeze.  Rained late afternoon
Wintersett Res:  1 drake and 2 redhead Smew,   2 male Scaup,   1 Egyptian Goose and 2 Little Grebe.
Cold Hiendley Res:  1 redhead Smew.
Haw Park Wood: 1 male and 4 female Crossbill and 1 Nuthatch.
Anglers CP:  Greylag Goose 92,  30 Goosander at dusk. 
ACP Gull Roost tonight: A 3rd W Yellow-legged Gull was present and a 1st W Caspian Gull came in at 16.20hrs.  A group of  25 Waxwing flew south in front of the hide  at 16.18hrs and another group of  6 flew SW over CP at 16.40hrs.  
3rd W Yellow-legged Gull           K Denny

Adwick a.m.

Very quiet. Little Grebe 1, Cormorant 1, Gadwall 4, Little Owl 1 (in barn at Lowfield Farm), Grey Partridge 12+, Skylark c.15 (3 or 4 singing), Redwing 12, Fieldfare 6, Mistle Thrush 1.

The Edge

Broomhill Flash Mid AM- On the open water were 1 Cormorant, 1 Little Grebe, 6 Canada Geese, 31 Wigeon, 22 Mallard, 14 Tufted Duck, 8 Gadwall, 1m+1f Goldeneye, 1 Shoveler, 60+ BH Gull and 2 Common Gull.Also present were 1 Grey Heron, 2f+1m flyover Goosander, 4 Red Legged Partridge, 2 Grey Partridge, 5 Meadow Pipit and 1 Hare.

Bolton Ings late AM+early PM- On the open water were 9 Cormorant, 4 adult+3juv Mute Swan, 50 Canada Geese, 2 Greylag, 77 Gadwall, 17 Pochard, 10 Shoveler,10 Tufted Duck, 5f+2m Goldeneye, 6 Teal, 4 Wigeon, 2m+1f Goosander, 158 BH Gull, 1 LLB Gull and 1 Herring Gull. Also present were 40+Redwing, c10 Fieldfare, 2 Grey Heron, 30 Lapwing,2 Redshank,1 Snipeand 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker.

HS2 proposal is really bad news

This scheme has serious implications for wildlife in the area; it goes straight through the middle of both Wintersett and Rabbit Ings and along the side of Carlton Marsh.  It also goes through Wombwell wood and very close to Barrow.  All this so that well paid yuppies can get to London half an hour faster.

Wilthorpe Marsh (west)

Highlights today:  Snipe 5, Jack snipe 1, Redwing 48 Starling 80, Pied wag 70 and Meadow pipit 50.

Monday 28 January 2013


I didn't manage to get out today - Management Committee meeting then the rain.  However, the aptly named Early Moth visited my patio window last night, my first moth of the year. 

Then this afternoon I noticed a female Blackcap feeding on the fat balls.  I had a male coming in irregularly two years ago, but could I hell catch it for ringing.

This is one I did earlier as it were.
Goldfinch T918044   1st winter male ringed 19-01-10 my garden
                                                    retrapped 19-02-10 my garden
                                              found dead 01-12-12 Grimethorpe. 4 km E.1047 days. Found by M. Oliver. 
I gather the HS2 high speed train is coming through, I hope it doesn't affect any of us! 


Here is a link where you can find the proposed route of the new high speed rail link that will affect our area.

At Wintersett it will go through the world's first nature reserve at Walton Hall, only yards from Charles Waterton's Grave,  along the eastern end of Cold Hiendley Reservoir,   over Ellis Laithe and towards Rabbit Ings.

How will this scheme affect you?

Mandy Monday 28.01.13

5 degrees,  very blustery SW wind, not as much rain as expected this morning but heavy rain late afternoon.
Wintersett Res: A drake Mandarin Duck was seen by two locals in the SE corner mid morning, but it proved elusive to everyone else.  However,  it was spotted again, mid afternoon, on Anglers CP shallows where it swam to an island in front of the hide.  This is the 1st record for ACP and only the 5th record for the Wintersett area.   Many visiting birders had good views of the drake Smew.  A redhead Smew was also on WRes and another was on Cold Hiendley Res.  The 2 male Scaup showed well off the west bank.  There was no sign of the Long-tailed Ducks on ACP today.
Anglers CP Gulls: The  Polish ringed  1st W Caspian Gull was on the rock wall at 09.10hrs.  It flew off NW at 10.05hrs.   It then flew into the gull roost at 15.30hrs  and it was joined by the usual 1st W Caspian Gull at 17.00hrs.  A 3rd W Yellow-legged Gull was also present.   Gull numbers were dire tonight due to gale force winds, with most birds flying over to WRes.
Mandarin Duck      1st ACP record       ASmith

Polish ringed 1st W Caspian Gull                   A Smith

Polish ringed 1st W Caspian Gull            ASmith
Polish ringed 1st W Caspian Gull          K.Denny

The Edge

Broomhill Flash mid AM- High water level reaching 9 on the marker post. On the open water were 8 Cormorant, 2 Mute Swan,  46 Wigeon, 20 Pochard, 12 Mallard, 9 Tufted Duck, 3 Teal, 1 Gadwall, 1 displaying male Goldeneye,150+ Black Headed Gull and 1 Common Gull. Also present were 2 Grey Partridge,6 Fieldfare and 1 Grey Heron.

Around the Old Moor carpark were 50+ Redwing, 12 Fieldfare, 13 Magpie 1 Bullfinch and 1 Brambling.

Bolton Ings Late AM- On the open water were 6 Cormorant, 2 adult+3juv Mute Swan, 13 Canada Geese, 48 Gadwall, 18 Pochard, 14 Tufted Duck,6 Shoveler, 6 Mallard, 5f+1m+1juv m Goldeneye, 2 Wigeon, 2 Teal, 1m Goosander, 120+ BH Gull, 11 Common Gull and 1 LBB Gull. Also present were 1 Grey Heron, 2 Redshank, 1 Dunlin and a flock of c50 Waxwing flying over the TPT.


3 Waxwings on the Dodworth bypass near the industrial estate.
5 Buzzards over Hugset Wood

Photos of Old Moor Shoveler 27th January

Down at Old Moor yesterday and took a few shots of the shiny Shoveler. Used 300mm F2.8 IS Canon with 1.4 TC and 7D. Not as sharp as I would have liked.

Had a few Goosander, one Male Goldeneye and a couple of Brambling at the feeders near car-park

Male Shoveler @ Old Moor
Female Shoveler @ Old Moor

Sunday 27 January 2013

Broomhead Gull Roost

Broomhead Reservoir - 14 Goosanders and gull roost of - c2000 Black-headed Gulls, 88 Common Gulls, c275 Herring Gulls, 8 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and 35 Great Black-backed Gulls - per SBSG website.

Rabbit Ings

Mike Angel, from Birdwell, came to see the Short-eared Owls today, he didn't see any, but instead he found a roost of 4 Long-eared Owls, a first for the Ings! (site confidential) All 5 British species of owl have been seen on here now.

Mick Birkinshaw

A Short-eared Owl was flushed by a dog-walker in the field on the north side of Monckton Flash.  A Little Owl was also seen in it's usual place and a Buzzard flew over.

Lynz Harston
30 Waxwings were in trees near the glass recycling near the roundabout at the end of Laithes lane this afternoon. (Chris Parkin)
Lynz Harston
58 Greenfinches were feeding in Les Corrall's garden today.

Old Moor News 27th January

Broomhill Flash - Tufted Duck 23, Wigeon 40, Teal 25, Mallard 41, Pochard 11, Gadwall 3, Mute Swan 4, Great Crested Grebe 1, Common Gull 2, Peregrine 1.

Bolton Ings - Goldeneye 6, Shoveler 11, Gadwall 82, Pochard 16.

Old Moor - Shoveler 45 Main Marsh, Brambling 2, Yellowhammer 12, Tree Sparrow 40.

River level high today and spillway was active at Edderthorpe for 7 hours, also some flooding at Adwick from Crane Well Dyke.

Haven't been out today - self inflicted illness? but was at Old Moor and Bolton Ings yesterday. Highlight at Old Moor was 72 Shovelers on Main Marsh (46 drakes). A Pink Footed Goose was on Bolton with 25 Grey Lags and I counted 206 Coot, 423 Black Headed Gulls and 16 Common Gulls.

Wintersett Caspian Gull

The first-winter Caspian Gull seen on the CP lake this afternoon is a different bird to that being seen most days. It is ringed and was seen here about two weeks ago but not since. Fortunatly it sat on the rock wall in front of the hide briefly and we were able to read some of the letters and numbers on the metal ring. Research shows it has originated from Poland and was obviously ringed last year (presumably as a nestling). Hopefully it will return and we can read more numbers to pin point just where in Poland it was born.

Edderthorpe - more of the same

The Flash was still a complete ice sheet first thing but at 08.45 the river began emptying over the spillway and into the Flash for the sixth time in the last nine months! This started breaking up the thinning ice and helped with the wind the ice was disappearing quickly. Most wildfowl were on the river or adjacent fields - a Pink-footed Goose was in with the Greylag flock and a drake Pintail was amongst the Mallard and Wigeon. A couple of Buzzards circled late morning.

Ewden Valley reservoirs

Broomhead Reservoir - 6 Mallards, 11 Tufted Ducks, 9 Goosanders, 1 Moorhen and 3 Bramblings.
More Hall Reservoir - 1 Canada Goose, 106 Mallards, 1 female Teal, 1 drake Mandarin Duck, 2 Moorhens and 1 Coot.

Wintersett 27.01.13

Heavy rain and strong wind, last night and this morning, washed away most of the snow and returned the paths to quagmire.   The temperature was 5 degrees at 09.00hrs, and by 10.00hrs sunshine  and blue skies with  a strong south westerly wind  prevailed.
Wintersett Res: 2 Smew - a drake and a redhead were in the SE corner.  2 male Scaup were off the west bank.   Teal 13
Cold Hiendley Res: A redhead Smew was present.
Anglers CP:  A male and a female Long-tailed Duck still here.  Water Rail 2.  A 1st winter Caspian Gull  was on the lake from 13.40hrs, after leaving Pugneys around 13.20hrs.

Saturday 26 January 2013

Rabbit Ings

Mick Birkinshaw sent these pictures from the Ings toady.

Tony Smith

Dale Bentham

Tony Smith
Short-tailed Vole or Bank Vole?

Cliffe Road (Brampton Bierlow)

12 Waxwing on our tv aerial at 12:10...before flying off SE.

Carlton Marsh

Highlights this afternoon were: 4 Buzzards in the air together, Kingfisher, 1 Lapwing south, a Willow Tit feeding on Nyjer seed, a mixed flock of Siskin and Redpoll (c20) 2 Sparrowhawks, 5 Fieldfare and a Fox.
The Little Owl was sitting on a lorry chassis in Lidster's Yard near Bleachcroft Farm.
The overnight snow was thawing rapidly as the temprature peaked at 6.6c.

Wintersett p.m. update & Gull Roost 26.01.13

Anglers CP Gull Roost: A 1st W Caspian Gull came into the roost at 15.30 hrs.  A 1st W Yellow-legged Gull also dropped in.   Also present were: Herring Gull 442,  Great Black-backed Gull 143 and Lesser Black-backed Gull 3.
All 4 Smew were seen this afternoon. 3 on W Res  - 1 drake and 2 redheads ,  and 1 redhead on CH Res.
Wintersett Res Gull Roost:  Herring Gull 30,  Great Black-backed Gull 6 and|Lesser Black-backed Gull 2.  A Bittern was seen roosting in the reedbeds.

Wintersett a.m. 26.01.13

8cm of snow fell overnight but started thawing quickly, around mid morning, with sunshine and blue skies.
Just the usuals to report so far.
Anglers CP:  Male and female Long-tailed Duck and 10 Snipe.
Wintersett CP: 2 male Scaup and 2 Smew - a drake (SE corner) and a redhead (boathouse reedbed  then NE corner).
Cold Hiendley Res: 1 redhead Smew

Coccothraustes . . . is that a cereal ? . . .

Went up onto Barrow Tip this morning to take some landscape photos and was treated to a male Hawfinch flying low west which then landed in a tree on Pit lane. Managed to get the bird and my house in the same binocular vision . . . does this class as a house tick?! . . . . Other highlights included 12 Yellowhammer and Buzzard. Worsbrough res is 98% ice, Water Rail, male Gadwall and 17 Tufted were the main highlights.

Friday 25 January 2013

Rabbit Ings etc.

Just a brief sighting of 1 Short-eared Owl at 2pm this afternoon-we left at about 4pm.  A Buzzard was hovering nearby along with a couple of Kestrels. 6 Goldfinches and a Hare was the best we could do in the Arctic conditions.
However, it was good to see John Armitage and son Mathew back in Barnsley!

Cudworth this afternoon 22 Waxwings on telegraph wires at Park Avenue 14.10hrs (Geoff Miller)
This morning Geoff had 28 Blackbirds, 2 Redwings, 1 Mistle Thrush & 7 Fieldfares in his Beech Avenue Garden!

Wintersett - 4 Smew 25.01.13

Overcast, very cold wind, a few light snow flurries this morning. 
Wintersett Res: 1 Drake Smew (SE corner)  and 2 Redheads (1 boathouse reedbed and 1 NE corner).
2 fine looking male Scaup (off west bank/dam wall).
Cold Hiendley Res: 99% ice  but  had a redhead Smew in the small pool that remained open.  A Siskin flew over.

Anglers CP: The male and female Long-tailed Duck can be viewed from the south bank in the short times they spend above the surface.  Also here  Teal 9 + 2 WRes.,   Little Grebe 3 + 1 WRes.,  Water Rail  1 + 1 W Res. and  221 Canada Geese,
Anglers CP Gull Roost: The 3rdW Yellow-legged Gull  flew in from WRes..

Arctic Ewden. 25-1-13 a.m.

Got to the shooting lodge ok but any further progress meant knee deep snow in strong wind. A few birds on return back were a pair of buzzards, in and around the woods at the abandoned holt farm. 1 displaying.
Red grouse 200+, bullfinch 6, and a coal tit feeding on the path edges.

Old Moor News - January 24th

Late news from yesterday, a Bittern was seen in the reedbed on the Mere and it or another was also seen on the Reedbeds. The reedbed on the Mere is the only one at the moment with open water. Only other birds noted were 3 Waxwings in the Slag Willows and 3 Brambling on the feeders.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Wilthorpe Marsh (North) and Lower Barugh Sewage farm farm

Failed to get a Jack Snipe yesterday so thought I would try again.  I only did the north section of Wlithorpe Marsh today and was immediately rewarded by flushing 2 Water rails, 4 Snipe and 1 Jack Snipe.  also in the area were 28 lapwings and a Green woodpecker.  A had spotted Upland Tyke on the sewage farm so I a gave him a call and thereafter we birded the Sewage farm together.  At the sewage farm we had 1 Green Sandpiper, 70 Pied Wags, 50 Meadow Pipits, 2 Grey Wags, 2 Sparrowhawks, 1 Kestrel, 3 Read Bunts and a Mute Swan.  Upland Tyke had previousley had a Goosander on the river.  Whilst chatting before we left we saw a fox and a Pergrine falcon flying north.    

Wintersett 24.01.13 updated

Very cold and grey.  Small areas of  ice beginning to form on Wintersett and Cold Hiendley Reservoirs.
Anglers CP: Long-tailed Duck - a male and  a female still present.  7 Snipe probing in the snow, at the edge of the water, in front of the hide.
Wintersett Res: 2 Smew - a drake and a redhead.  2 male Scaup,  3 Shelduck and 98 Greylag Geese.
Anglers CP Gull Roost: A 1st W Caspian Gull was in the roost at 15.55hrs.

Hardly worthwhile but ...

More Hall Reservoir - 1 Canda Goose, 111 Mallards, 1 Cormorant, 2 Moorhens and 1 Coot.
Broomhead Reservoir - 2 Mallards.
Midhope Reservoir - 1 Moorhen.
Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 1 Canada Goose, 36 Mallards, 4 Tufted Ducks, 2 Moorhens and 13 Coots
Bullhouse - c200 Rooks.

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Rabbit Ings

Today's news; 2 Short-eared Owls and a Peregrine Falcon flying over the football fields heading towards Shafton.  Also present 2 Foxes and a Hare.  (Mick Birkinshaw)


Carlton Marsh Area

This morning c30 Waxwings were frequenting the Cudworth Bridges area of Barnsley Road, Cudworth  again.  These fabulous shots were taken by Dave Smith yesterday morning.

Meanwhile at Carlton Marsh a Woodcock was flushed from beside the footpath. (Rod Heeley)
Tawny Owl called at dusk

Female Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dave Smith)

Old Moor News - 23rd January

Gadwall 308+, Shelduck 1, Goosander 35 at 16.00, Redshank 1, Snipe 6 sat on ice. Around the visitor centre Waxwing 30, Tree Sparrow 40, Yellowhammer 21, Brambling 3.

News from Edderthorpe which is 100% iced over all birds on river, Mallard 70, Teal 125, Wigeon 10, Tufted Duck 4, Little Grebe 2.

A few records from yesterday from Bolton Ings, Waxwing 2 over and Jack Snipe flushed from a ditch, 2 Meadow Pipits and 3 Robins feeding in Tractor tracks.

Wintersett Smews 23.01.13

Grey, overcast and slightly milder today.  Just the usuals to report.
Anglers CP:  Long-tailed Duck - male and female still present.  A Buzzard flew over.
Wintersett Res: 2 male Scaup  and 2 Smews - a drake (SE corner) and a redhead (near boathouse reedbed)
Cold Hiendley Res: A redhead Smew was swimming  close to the edge in the far western corner. It would be easy to miss in the poor light.
Many thanks to Ron Marshall for the great photos below.

Drake Smew                Ron Marshall

Drake Smew                 Ron Marshall

Drake Smew              Ron Marshall

 Drake  Smew           Ron Marshall

Roaming Ducks

The number of Teal at Midhope Reservoir has fallen from 28 yesterday to 3 today and the pair of Gadwall have moved to Langsett Reservoir, where there was also a drake Wigeon and 33+ Mallards - per SBSG website.

Frozen Elsecar

Elsecar Reservoir (<10% open water) - 68 Mallards, 2 (pair) Goosanders, 8 Moorhens, 15 Coots and c100 Black-headed Gulls.

Snowy Wilthorpe Marsh

Lapwing 11
Snipe 10
Teal 19
Gadwall 17
Cormorant 1
Mallard 11
Heron 2
Jay 2
Magpie 39
Fieldfair c30
Starling c80
Blackbird c100
Pied Wagtail (at least 50 on Sewage farm)
Sparrowhawk 2
Green woodpecker 1
Willow tit 1

Only small numbers of finches and buntings.

Cliffe Road garden (yesterday)

Blackcap 1 female feeding on Apples.
Green Woodpecker 1.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Rabbit Ings

A Buzzard flew up as I arrived at 1pm.  After a cup of tea with Mick and Chris Sayer we saw a Sparrowhawk on the fence below and at least 3 Kestrels were operating on the hillside as we arrived at the Short-eared watch point.
Little Owl was almost hidden in the pallets and about 12 Goldfinch were feeding nearby.  A Goldcrest was seen with a group of Longtailed Tits, Grey Partridge called in the distance and a Fox made an appearance.  With about 10 photographers in position we had to wait until 3pm before the first of 2 Short-eared's appeared.  By that time the sun was covered in cloud and was poor for photography so by 3.45pm most people including me returned for another cuppa with Mick.  Only Lynz Harston remained until dusk managing to see 5 Short-eared's in the air together. 

 Lynz Harston

Barnsley Bird Study Group presents.......

Thursday 24th January, at the Old Moor Visitor Centre starting at 7.15 pm.
Entry charge of £2.50 to help cover expenses with drinks at the interval.
This event is likely to be popular, please do not be late to avoid disappointment.

Carlton Marsh

It was nice to see the sun again and wrapped up well it was a very pleasant day.  This morning on our way to the reserve Les Corrall and I came across 29 Waxwings on Barnsley Road near Birch Tree Cottage, Cudworth Bridges at 10.15hrs.  They were happily feeding on haws and Rose hips and were were still there at 12.15hrs.
Reaching Lidster's yard near Bleachcroft Farm Little owl was on the lorry chassis as a fox jumped off a wall nearby.  Just before we moved on Kingfisher came off the dike below and 2 Jays called. 
Only the dike was free of ice so most of the wildfowl, except for our resident Mute Swans, were feeding on there.  2 Weasels were hunting the railway embankment and a Red Legged Partridge called.  The car park area was alive with Siskin, Redpoll, Goldfinch, Fieldfare and Redwing.  Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker were also present.

Wintersett 22.01.13

Cold and still with bright blue skies.  Ice beginning to form around edges of WRes and CHRes. this morning.  Clouded over late aftenoon. Hope it's enough to prevent a freeze up.
Wintersett Res. A drake and a redhead Smew.  2 male Scaup,  1 Buzzard.
Cold Hiendley Res:  1 Redhead Smew and 1 Grey Wagtail
Anglers CP: A male and a female Long-tailed Duck, Shoveler 3,  Snipe 7. A 3rd W Yellow-legged Gull was in the gull roost tonight.

Wintry Worsbrough

Very picturesque in the valley over the past few days, with a few decent records for the reservoir. Other than Mallard and Tufted, duck species tend to be something of a scarcity here, although the recent cold weather has sparked some movement.  Here is a summary of the past week.

Mute Swan - an adult arrived on 17th which is still present today.
Shelduck - 2 (pair) were present yesterday morning.
Gadwall - 4 on 19th and 1 male today
Wigeon - 1 east  on 20th and 6 present today
Teal - 3 east on 20th and 3 present today
Tufted - Up to 14
Pochard - male from beginning until mid month
Goosander - Daily occurrence, with a maximum of 17.
Great-crested Grebe - 2 have remained on the res this winter
Little Grebe - one seen regularly on stream entering res.
Water Rail - Up to 2 were being recorded before the snow.
Woodcock - one was feeding in an adjacent wood today.

4 Willow Tit and 4 Nuthatch have been visiting seed around the res and a flock of 90-100 Siskin have been recorded in the area over the last few days

Goosander - very active in the morning sun
 Willow Tit - hopefully this winter won't impact on this nationally declining sp.

Nuthatch - very conspicuous in winter around the reservoir

The Edge

Broomhill Flash Mid AM- Thanks to Mick Rushton for clearing the carpark( a two and a half hours job). The western 40% of the flash was ice-free. On the open water were1 Cormorant, 2 Little Grebe, 2adult+1juv Mute Swan, c250 Canada Geese, 2 Greylag Geese, 40 Teal, 16 Mallard, 12 Pochard, 6 Tufted Duck, 5 Gadwall and 5 Common Gull. Also present were 1 Kestrel, 6 Lapwing and 3 Grey Partridge.

Bolton Ings late AM- About 40 % of the eastern pool was ice-free. On the open water were 1 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Little Grebe, 3adult+1juv Mute Swan, 25 Mallard, 20 Gadwall, 7 Shoveler, 5 Teal, 1 Tufted Duck, 1 Pochard, 1f Goldeneye, 3 Common Gull, 181 BH Gull, 226 Coot and 3 Moorhen. Also present were 1 Grey Heron, 6 Snipe, 2 Sparrowhawk, 3 Jay, 1 Green Woodpecker, 11 Redwing, 2 Fieldfare, 4 Bullfinch and 1 Coal Tit.

Ingbirchworth & Midhope

Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 116 Canada Geese, 52 Mallards, 7 Tufted Ducks, 1 Little Grebe, 1 Moorhen and 17 Coots.
Midhope Reservoir - 6 Mallards, 28 Teal, 2 Gadwall and 1 female Goldeneye (first here this winter!).

Mammals - Brown Hare on Spicer house Lane

Monday 21 January 2013

Carlton Marsh

Not much change from yesterday Mute Swan 2, Teal 5, Buzzard, Little Owl, 2 Jays, 2 Kingfishers and Sparrowhawk flashed at 20 Lesser Redpolls as they fed in the Alders. 13 Skylarks were in the surrounding fields.
   50 Skylarks was a reduction from the 200 in the same field yesterday. (Dave Smith)

  A Sparrowhawk took a Blackbird in Chris Parkin's garden and 2 Bullfinches and 2 Lesser 
  Redpolls visited my nyjer feeder.

Old Moor News - 21st January

Very little to report today, 44 Goosanders roosted along with 3 Goldeneye. Waxwing flocks of 50, 14 and 4 were seen and 7 Brambling and 6 Yellowhammers on the feeders.

Wintersett 21.01.13

SNOW 7cm - but slushy underneath, cold NE wind, grey and overcast.
Anglers CP: Highlight today was 20 Waxwing  that flew south,    Longtailed Duck 1 male and 1 female,  Snipe 4.
Wintersett Res: Smew 1 drake and 1 redhead,  Scaup 2 males,  Yellow-legged Gull 3rd W.
Anglers CP Gull roost tonight held 417 Herring Gull,  Great Black-backed Gull 101 and Lesser Black-backed 2.

Winter Wonderland

Warbler Way
T.P.T Bolton-on-Dearne. Woodcock flushed from undergrowth between Dearne Rd bridge and wooden footpath bridge at 3pm. Also same area 2 Goldcrest with some long-tailed tits. Also 6 Lesser redpoll. 25 Waxwings flew over golf course towards Manvers Lake. Warbler way a Barn Owl hunting on Wath Ings flew to Bolton Ings. A few Fieldfares and Blackbirds. On river there were Coots, Moorhens, Mallards, Teal, and Tufted Ducks. 2 Kestrels.

Bolton Waxwings

For the last two days we have had 40+ Waxwings visiting mine and local gardens on Cumberland Way taking berries.

Also feeding in the public open space at the rear of Cumberland Way & Kendal Drive
 6 Fieldfares, up to 8 Goldfinches, 8+ Blackbirds, Greenfinches, Chaffinches Blue Tit, Great Tit, One Coal Tit and a resident Robin, last week 2 Siskins made an appearance a first for my garden feeders.

Sunday 20 January 2013

Broomhead Gull Roost

Broomhead Reservoir - 1 Tufted Duck and 8 Goosanders and  gull roost of c2000 Black-headed Gulls, c100 Common Gulls,. 5 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 160 Herring Gulls and 30 Great Black-backed Gulls.
More Hall Reservoir - 8 Crossbills.
All per SBSG website.

Rabbit Ings

Today's highlights.

3 Fox, 2 Seo's and 2 Hares at 7:30am : (Dave Cooke)

2 Seo's, 1 Goldcrest  and 1 Buzzard, 20 Partridge: (Dave Standish)

Other sightings of a Fox and Seo on the south side.

We saw a Kestrel chase and catch a small bird, at first I thought it was a sparrowhawk, the way the chase went but when it perched we realised it was a Kestrel: (Mick Birkinshaw and Chris Sayer)

Too dark to be certain, but Jim Plant saw a Bittern-like bird drop into the dike north of the reserve on his way back from a visit to Rabbit Ings!

Old Moor News - 20th January

My normal Sunday routine was a bit different today, firstly by not being able to get out of bed and secondly by a text from Dave of a Firecrest on Warbler Way. Therefore after eventually getting up I was soon looking for the Firecrest, the weather was as usual, cold at 1c with a biting wind. Plenty of observers on Warbler Way but no sign of the Firecrest, but did see a couple of Willow Tits which was nice. A few Fieldfares and Redwings also present. My usual report from Bolton Ings revealed nothing unusual, the western pond was almost totally iced up and the eastern pond was about 60% ice. Full count:- Grey Heron 1, Mute Swan 8, Canada Goose 2, Cormorant 1, Great Crested Grebe 1, Mallard 52, Gadwall 25, Teal 2, Shoveler 19, Wigeon 1, Tufted Duck 6, Goldeneye 1, Goosander 2, Coot 235, Moorhen 8, Black Headed Gull 171, Common Gull 10, LBB Gull 1, Fieldfare c50, Redwing c10, Green Woodpecker 2, Willow Tit 2. In addition a flock of 71 Canada Geese were on the banks of the River on Old Moor.

Other news included a Bittern that again dropped in from height onto the reedbeds. Totals for the area were Wigeon 580, Gadwall 369, Teal 275, Mallard 220, Shoveler 67, Tufted Duck 35, Pochard 44 and Goldeneye 6. A Green Sandpiper was heard whilst on Warbler Way and a Redshank was on the mere as well as 21 Mute Swans. The largest Waxwing flock today was 30 and a Treecreeper was seen on Warbler Way. On the Golf Course were 20 Redpoll, 1 Meally Redpoll and 3 Siskin. Finally the feeders around the visitor centre were very well populated and included the following:- Tree Sparrow 35+, Black bird 40+, Chaffinch 80+, Reed Bunting 60+, Yellowhammer 19, Linnet 4, Brambling 5, Bullfinch 4 and Song Thrush 3.

Carlton Marsh

This morning Green & Great Spotted Woodpecker and deer tracks were found.  (Jim Plant)

This afternoon 3 Kestrels, 1 in a fracas with 1 of  2 Buzzards, Sparrowhawk, Kingfisher, and Little Owl showing well at 12.30hrs.  Up to 50 finches feeding on Alder in the car park included Siskin, Goldfinch and Lesser Redpoll.  15 Fieldfares were accompanied by 6 Redwings.

Rod Heeley
Cudworth (Yesterday)
40 Greenfinches in Les Corrall's garden.
25 Blackbirds, 2 Reed Buntings and 2 Mistle Thrushes in Chris Parkin's garden.

Indy Garden

4f n 6 m Bullies

2Willow Tits

10 Long Tailed

8 Blueies

6 Greats

2 Magpies

50 + Wood Pigeon

2 Redwings

Female GS Woodie

2 Nuthatches

12 Blackbirds

Uggins of Chaffs 

2 Dunnocks

3 Robins

1 Starling :D

1 Kezzie

1 Sparrowhawk

Loads of B H Gulls flying over 

Forgot the 2 Coalies

Wintersett p.m. 20.01.13

Anglers CP update:  Wigeon 296 + 3 CHRes.,  Shoveler 2.  A Grey Plover flew in at 16.04hrs and landed on the shoreline to the left of the hide.
Wintersett Res: Water Rail 1,  Bittern 1 roosted in reedbeds.
Anglers CP Gull Roost: 1st W Caspian Gull in at 15.50 hrs.  Herring Gull 416, Great Black-backed Gull 77,  Lesser Black-backed Gull 6.
Wintersett Res Gull Roost: 2 Yellow-legged Gulls - 1 adult, 1 3rdW,  Herring Gull 640,  Great Black-backed Gull 31,  Lesser Black-backed Gull 11,  Common Gull 2000.

Wintersett a.m. 20.01.13

 Zero degrees, snow melting slowly,  overcast and grey with a bitterly cold wind.
Anglers CP: The male and female Long-tailed Duck are still here.  New in today are 3 male and a female Pintail.
 Wintersett  Res: 1 drake and 1 redhead Smew present, although they are moving around and, at times, are very elusive.  Also here 2 male Scaup,  a Kingfisher, a Woodcock was flushed on the east bank, 3 Skylark went west and a 3rdW Yellow-legged Gull few over.
Cold Hiendley Village: 40 Fieldfare were feeding on unharvested apples and a Buzzard flew over.

Saturday 19 January 2013

Carlton Marsh Area

This morning 9 Waxwings were feeding on haws near the bypass opposite Bleachcroft Farm at 09.10hrs. (K.Bannister)

Kingfisher, at least 3 Water Rails, and 4 Snipe left at dusk. Foxy was on the prowl after dark. (Dave Standish)

Cudworth 16 species in Chris Parkin's garden included Song Thrush, 2 Mistle Thrush and Reed Bunting.
5 Fieldfares visited Geoff Miller's garden.

Carlton 120 Skylarks in field near Dave Smith.

Rabbit Ings

Good views on and off all day today of the Short-eared Owls, 5 at one time.  Wing clapping was seen and one chased a kestrel.

Other highlights, kingfisher along sandybridge dike, hare, a small flock of goldfinch flitting about in the seed heads of the wildflowers and 3 bullfinch.
There's been a lot of interest in the Little Owl and people can't find it, so here it is in the attached pic. (Mick Birkinshaw)
Dale Bentham

Cliffe Road (Brampton Bierlow)

Highlights from my garden ;

Stock Dove 1
Blackbird 13
Mistle Thrush 3
Reed Bunting 1 male

Wintersett Two Smews 19.01.13

Snow covered ground (4cm), cold, grey, light breeze. 
Just 2 Smews were on Wintersett Res. this morning, a drake and a redhead in the SW corner.  The 2 male Scaup showed well from the east bank.  A Buzzard flew over.
Anglers CP: The male and female Long-tailed Ducks were diving  in their usual place.  Also seen today: 13 Teal and 11 Snipe.  A Golden Plover flew over.
Anglers CP Gull Roost held a 3rd W Yellow-legged Gull,  318 Herring Gull,  67 Great Black-backed  Gull and  3 Lesser Black-backed Gull.
Wintersett Res. Gull Roost  held 30 Herring Gull,  2 Great Black-backed Gull  and 1500 Common Gull.

Friday 18 January 2013

Ryhill Waxwings

Just had news that 27 Waxwings were in John Gardners garden in Ryhill this afternoon briefly before flying off elsewhere.

More Hall Pics

Mandarin Duck (+ Mallard) and Whooper Swan at More Hall Reservoir this morning.

Wintersett Good Smews! 18.01.13

Minus 3,  bitterly cold wind, overcast.   
Anglers CP Highlight this morning was the arrival  of  4 Smews, flying in from Pugneys, at 09.30hrs.  A redhead stayed on the lake and a drake and 2 redheads flew onto Wintersett Res..  The male and a redhead stayed together and the other  redhead was some distance away.
Also at ACP: Male and female Long-tailed Duck,  8 Shoveler (first of the year), rising number of Wigeon  to 281,  Pochard 144 + 46 WRes., Teal 22,  Mute Swan 8 and 3 Golden Plover flew east.
Wintersett Res: 2 male Scaup and Skylark 5 SE and 11SW.

More Hall & Broomhead

More Hall Reservoir - 1 Whooper Swan, 1 Canada Goose, 1 drake Mandarin, 92 Mallards, 3 Cormorants and 1 Coot.
Broomhead Reservoir - 8 Mallards, 1 drake Goosander, 1 Common Snipe and 40+ Blackbirds.

Thursday 17 January 2013

Wintersett Gull Roost and One Marvellous Minute 17.01.13

Anglers Gull Roost tonight held the 1st W Caspian Gull,that came in at 16.10hrs,  and showed well in front of the hide. Also present were a 3rd W Yellow-legged Gull,  208 Herring Gull, 65 Great Black-backed Gull and 2 Lesser Black-backed Gull.
And then ..  after leaving the gull roost and reaching the car park we (PS, KD) had one marvellous minute just before 17.00hrs. First a Woodcock came flying past, closely followed by a Long-eared Owl hunting along the field hedgerow. Then, to finish off - a Bittern was heard calling, as it flew over WRes. in the falling snow, a call only usually heard as they leave their wintering sites.  Here endeth a brilliant day, but it poses a question.  Has the Bittern departed or just relocated to another reedbed?   Until tomorrow .........
Bittern                    Kev Denny

Bittern                Kev Denny

Bittern            Kev Denny