Monday 30 April 2012

Old Moor Area - 30th April

Another good day in the Old Moor Area, went for last hour tonight and saw Drake Garganey on willow pool, Juv Little Gull, Med Gull, Common Tern, 4 Wheatears and 4 Avocets on wader scrape. Also heard Common Sandpiper calling as we were leaving. Other birds present during day included 8 Avocets, Ringed Plover, 5 Black Tailed Godwits, Oystercatchers and Redshanks, Buzzard and Marsh Harrier. At Broomhill Flash were 2 Green Sandpipers and 2 Common Sandpipers and a Red Kite was seen over the Wombwell Bypass at 09.20. On Wombwell Ings there were 3 Red Breasted Mergansers present early on including 2 drakes and were seen leaving towards Broomhill at 07.22, also present Greenshank, Avocet 3, Snipe 3, Teal 22 and Shelduck 3. Finally on Edderthorpe there was a Black Necked Grebe.

Carlton Marsh

Another breach in the dike caused more flooding, but our Mute Swans managed to keep the nest secure. New in today LESSER WHITETROAT. 2 pairs of Longtailed Tits were feeding fledged young.
Butterflies submitted by Chris Parkin included 2 Large White, 18 Orange Tip males, 19 Peacock, 3 male Brimstone, 1 Small Copper and a Brown Silver Lines moth. Chris also had a Large Red Damselfly at Dearne Valley Park, Hoyle Mill.

Ingbirchworth Reservoir

Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 2 Common Terns east this morning - per HBC website.


This hidden gem adjoining Edderthorpe Flash is coming to life.There is plenty of mud showing after the deluge of rain.A metamorphosis has occurred. Wheatear 10, Greenshank 1, L R P 2, Redshank 4, Avocet 2,

Brampton Bierlow : 30th April

Cliffe Road : Yellow Wagtail 2 N, Greenshank 1 (calling bird N at 06:25), Ring-necked Parakeet 2 (NE at 08:35).

Cortonwood : Lesser Whitethroat 2, Sedge Warbler 1.

What a difference a day makes. Wintersett 30.04.12

Marvellous Monday.  Blue skies, sunny and a very warm 15oC.  Condolences to all the workers.
Wintersett Res - Lesser Whitethroat 1♂ north bank,  Whitethroat 3♂,  Reed Warbler 3♂,  Grasshopper Warbler 2♂ north east corner, Kingfisher 1, Wheatear 1♂,   Yellow Wagtail 1♂ + 1↑ over ACP, Goldeneye 2 imm♂ +2♀.  Common Tern  3 +  2ACP.  Despite frantic attempts by the Mute Swan to build  the nest on the west bank marsh higher,   it was flooded out by the deluge yesterday.
Walton Hall - Green  Woodpecker 1.
Anglers CP - Teal 2 pairs, Pink-footed Goose 2, Common Sandpiper 1, Greenshank 1, Curlew 1 NE.
Highlights today were BLACK  TERN 4,  YELLOW-LEGGED  GULL 1adult NE at 14.25hrs.
Also flying Brimstone butterflies 1  + 1 WR.

Up On t' Tops

Winscar Reservoir - pair of Tufted Ducks, at least 2 Oystercatchers sitting and a pair of Wheatears in breeding habitat.
Harden Reservoir - 18 Black-headed Gulls with 6 birds sitting.
Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 3 (2 males) Goldeneyes.
Annat Royd Lane - 1 female Wheatear.
Fullshaw - seven pairs of Rooks breeding on the large electricity pylon.
Low Moor, Upper Midhope - at least 11 Lapwings sitting, 1 Curlew sitting and 1 male Wheatear.

Also 1 Brown Hare and 1 Small Tortoiseshell (my first butterfly for over two weeks) at Broadstones Reservoir

Well done Pete Wall and the DV Green Heart gang

The recent work at Adwick is fantastic !!!
Pound for pound this area must be the nicest and best place in the Barnsley District to watch birds. Of course there are still problems regarding the security of the site. I had a confrontation with a group of 3 guys with pellet guns today. So it needs regular wardening in the interim period before the fences are erected. But other than that the site has become as good as what was predicted. Seeing young lapwings walking about on land that once was intensively farmed is great.

Additional to what ken f had this morning; 2 black-tailed godwits feeding on the pool next to the main footpath near Low Field Road. The male garganey is still on the east end of this field. Lots of warblers in the wood at the east end of the site. This wood is at the side of the river not far from the confluence of the Dearne and Don so goodies are bound to turn up in this woodland.
If we can get more people walking around the site with binoculars it will convince the locals that someone actually cares about the site now.
ADWICK WASHLANDS (morning) Garganey 1 drake, Lapwings at least 6 pairs with young, several pairs still sitting, Dunlin 2, Wheatear 6, Whinchat 2 ( 1 bird on Adwick tip), Yellow wagtail 1, Lesser Whitethroat 2

Sedge Warbler singing in Gypsy Marsh this morning

Sunday 29 April 2012

Old Moor Area - 29th April

Old Moor this morning- Pochard 9 (3 females), Avocet 6, Redshank 9, Oystercatcher 3, Common Sandpiper 1, Ringed Plover 1, Common Tern 1, LBB Gull 3, Wheatear 2 males. Wombwell Ings - Avocet 3, Greenshank 1, Redshank 6, LRP 1, Yellow Wagtail 4. Broomhill Flash - Shelduck 2, Avocet 2, Common Sandpiper 2, Redshank 3, Snipe 1. Edderthorpe - Drake Garganey.
Late news from Old Moor this evening - Little Gull 1, Med Gull 1, Black Tailed Godwit 5, Cuckoo 1 and Grasshopper Warbler 1.

Carlton Marsh

'Listen to the rythm of the falling rain telling me just what a fool I've been.' Soaked again for little reward. Mute Swans coping with the fluctuating water levels, young of Longtail Tits in a nest near the hide should hatch tomorrow or the next day providing the parents can keep going without getting too wet themselves.
Reed Warbler, Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler were singing and earlier this morning Jim Plant had 3 Whitethroats singing and a Goldcrest.

Seek and Hide Wintersett 29.04.12

Continous rain, cold north easterlies and poor visibilty meant seeking birds was dismal outside and grim from the hide, but the diehards reported:
Wintersett Res -  Whitethroat  1♂,  Grasshopper  warbler  1♂.
Goldeneye  1♀  +  1♀  and 2 imm. ♂ ACP.
Anglers CP - Teal 1 pair, Pink-footed Goose 2, Common Tern 3, Greenshank 1, Redshank 1, Wheatear 1♀, Dunlin 1 flew over.

Saturday 28 April 2012

Cudworth Common

Evening - Mute Swan on nest, Ringed Plover, 6 Redshank, 2 male Wheatears, c10 pairs of Lapwing, 5 singing Skylarks and a beautiful Brown Hare.

Edderthorpe update

Addition to the earlier post;- Shelduck 4, Teal 25, Tufted 64, Greenshank 1, Redshank 10, Coot 38, Moorhen 26, a Arctic Tern flew north at 15.55, Swifts have really arrived today - 60, Swallow 200,
Houghton Washlands;- Ringed Plover 5 and White Wagtail 2

No Rain - No Birds

As with the Little Don reservoirs the Ingbirchworth group are also very quiet (apart from hundreds of dog walkers).
Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 100+ Swallows and 1 Swift.

A Stoat between Scout Dike Reservoir and Royd Moor Reservoir.

Wintersett 28.04.12

Dry and cold today with brief sunny spells
Wintersett Res -  Pochard 1pair, Teal 2 pairs,   Goldeneye 4 + 1 ACP,  Whitethroat 1♂,  Grasshopper Warbler 2♂,   Common Tern 6, 
Anglers CP - Pink-footed Goose  2,  Yellow  Wagtail 1, Greenshank  1,  Wheatear 1♀,  Lesser Black-backed Gull 2 adults,  Shelduck 3 flew west,  HOBBY 1 flew over Haw Park Wood, Swift 80.  New in today: LESSER  WHITETHROAT  1.

Loss n gains

Old Moor = Summer-plumaged Black-necked Grebe on The Mere. Also 10+ Avocet, 9 Black-tailed Godwits and the Med' Gull still.

Meanwhile, the now fantastic looking Wombwell Ings has drake Garganey, Greenshank and plenty of commoner birds.

Edderthorpe mere

Edderthorpe mere,early saturday.
Wheatear 4,  yellow wag 1, Redshank 4, Oyc.1, Lapwing 8 juv.survived the flooding but unfortunately existing nests are under water, as are redshank nests.On the plus side water going out full bore with plenty of pressure,lets hope we have no more rain.
Wombwell Ings early morning

1 drake Garganey, 1 Greenshank and a pair of Wheatear, also 44 Tutted Duck and good numbers of Teal.

Friday 27 April 2012

Edderthorpe - Late Evening Update

Had another late evening visit to Edderthorpe and registered 6 species of wader, 3 of which I didnt see last night making 13 species in the last 2 days, not bad. Heavens didn't open tonight although still raining steadily and I stayed untill 21.00. Water was still flowing into the flash from the river when I arrived at 19.15 but the river level soon dropped and stopped flowing in. I had two firsts for the year in Common Sandpiper and Swift, full list as follows:- Grey Heron 1, Mute Swan 6, Tufted Duck 54, Shelduck 2, Avocet 4, Redshank 6, Oystercatcher 1, Common Sandpiper 1, Green Sandpiper 3 left north at 20.35, Lapwing 13 including 4 pairs with young, Swift 3.

Carlton Marsh

The dike breached this morning allowing thousands of gallons of water to enter the scrape. Our breding pair of Mute Swans worked frantically to raise the level of the nest and so far so good. The Canada Goose goslings hatched today just before the nest was enveloped, but Water Rail and little Grebe nests will have been washed out. 2 Swifts north this morning were new for us.
ADWICK WASHLANDS (mid afternoon) Black tailed Godwit 44  left NW at 15.30, Oystercatcher 2, Ringer Plover 4.

Filling up to the brim

Update on Edderthorpe Flash late afternoon;- the flash is almost as full as it can get, nearly up to high river level. Hundreds of nests have been flooded out including 8 sitting Lapwings, a couple of Redshanks, untold numbers of Mallard and probably other ducks such as Shoveler, Grey Partridge, Reed Buntings, etc. All the duck are out on open water (nowhere to hide) and include;- Mallard 117, Gadwall 90, Teal 20, Shoveler 8, Tufted 44, Shelduck 2. Five Avocets are floating around looking puzzled, the 8 Black-tailed Godwits left north at 17.00, 2 Green Sandpipers, 1 Common Sandpiper, 8 Redshank and 30 Golden Plovers flew north. Judging by the number of female Mallard back with males it looks like about 50 nests have been washed out!
Houghton Washlands which is slightly further down river has not yet been inundated from the river. However, there is a lot of standing water which has also devastated the breeding Lapwings here too, of 8 sitting birds all appear to have been lost.

Wintersett 27.04.12

Heavy rain yesterday and overnight saturated the ground and raised the water body levels to the highest they've been for more than 2 years,  flooding several coot nests and putting mute swans' nests in danger. 
Anglers CP - Pink-footed Goose 2,  Teal  2 pairs, Wigeon 1♂.  Common  Sandpiper 1 + 1 WRes, Little Ringed Plover 2,  Dunlin 1.  WHITE WAGTAIL 1,  GREENSHANK 1.  
Also a stunning summer plumaged BLACK-NECKED  GREBE.
Haw Park Wood - Lesser  Redpoll  20.
Wintersett Res - House Martin 50,  Swift  35, Greater Black-backed Gull 1↑, Reed Warbler  1♂ + 1♂ ACP,  Whitethroat 1♂,  Redshank 1
Goldeneye 4 (3 imm. ♂, 1♀)  + 1♀ CHRes + 1imm ♂ + 1♀ACP
Cold Hiendley Res - Kingfisher 1,   Common Tern 8.
Highlights of the day being cracking views  of an early HOBBY flying up the  res, terrifying the hirundines feeding over the sewage works,  promptly followed by close views  of a superb male REDSTART catching flies in the south west corner of the reservoir , the 5th male of the month.

OMA update

A few additional bits:  At least 36 Black-tailed Godwits at Old Moor today including one injured after being attacked by a Peregrine. Also this colour-ringed bird below.

The colour-ringed Black-tailed Godwit at Old Moor today - Keith Pickering
At least 20 Swifts were over Broomhill Flash this afternoon where there was also Common Sandpiper and Common Tern.

Cold, Wet and Quiet.

As is usual when the reservoirs are overflowing the Little Don waters were exceptionally quiet. The only thing of note being a Goldeneye on Langsett Reservoir. Most of the Mallard were sitting in fields between Langsett and Midhopestones.
Edderthorpe 27th  8.30am /11.00am
5 Wheatear, on west bank, 12 swift, 1 green sandpiper, 1common sandpiper, 6 Dunlin,  1 arctic Tern North,  1 Sedge warbler,  5 Reed warbler,  2 Redpoll,  c200hirundine (mostly swallow)  Water still flooding in about 8"deep, plenty of voles leaving flash area.  Lapwing chicks looking vulnerable, (no where to go if the water reaches the ditch thats been cut into the bottom of the flood bank.
Alan Stonier


This is a total disaster for Edderthorpe nesting birds,as the water continues to pour in from the river.A single disillusioned Avocet still hangs on at the reserve.Get your sand bags out OLD MOOR and keep your fingers crossed.

Little Tern up!

A Little Tern made a brief visit to Broomhill Flash early morning before flying over to Wombwell Ings, but since then there has been no further sign. Visitors to the latter site did have a few birds to look at however, including Greenshank, Green Sandpiper and 13 Dunlin.
ADWICK WASHLANDS (morning) Tufted duck 68, Shelduck 2, Dunlin 7, Ringed Plover 3, Wheatear 3 male, White Wagtail 1.


The Flash this morning is a large water body with no visable mud and water still cascading in from a flooded river. Numerous Coot and Moorhen nests have been flooded out but up to now the water has not seemed to reach the Lapwing nests, however the levels are still rising! Avocet 3 floating around the tops of spikerush, Black-tailed Godwit 8, Bar-tailed Godwit 1, Common Sand 1, 3 Dunlin (2+1) flew north as did 5 Common Terns after a brief stay.

Thursday 26 April 2012

Wath Area Evening Update

A total of at least 53 Dunlin passed through Old Moor this evening. A Bar tailed Godwit dropped on to the Wader Scrape briefly before leaving towards Bolton Ings. Four Avocet flew over Broomhill Flash on to Wombwell Ings and at Old Moor the Med Gull and 33 Black tailed Godwit were still present at dusk.

Edderthorpe - late update

Called in for last hour and was rewarded with 10 species of wader, Lapwing 3, Redshank 1, Greenshank 1, Dunlin 1, LRP 1, Ringed Plover 1, Whimbrel 1, Bar Tailed Godwit 1, Black Tailed Godwit 8 and Avocet 8. Also present Shelduck 1, Pochard 4 (1 female) and Common Tern. Left at 20.30 when heavens opened again!

colour-ringed blackwit

One of the black-tailed godwits at Old Moor today had very obvious colour rings on both tibias. To me they both looked yellow but - a shameful admission for a birder - I am one of the 9 per cent of males that is colour blind! I believe there is an extensive colour ringing scheme afoot (!) in Iceland.

Blown to bits!

Not to much change in the Old Moor area later in the day. The drake Garganey was still at Broomhill late afternoon before leaving towards Old Moor, however it had left the flash and returned previously.
The drake Garganey at Broomhill Flash today - Mick Rushton

Meanwhile sightings of a first-summer Little Gull at Broomhill, Old Moor and Adwick today seem likely to relate to relate to the same bird. The latter site also hosted a couple of White Wags. Wombwell Ings had a couple of Avocets, 2 LRP and 3 Wheatears. At least 9 Avocets were at Old Moor where a number of Dunlin and a handful of Ringed Plover passed through. Maximum 'Black-wit' count for the day was 42.
This cracking Med' Gull brightened up Old Moor today - Keth Pickering
We are still trying to put together the final tally of Arctic Terns that passed through yesterday but it now appears to be in the region of 110 and that is probably conservative as where there looks to be a possibility of duplication we have treated them as the same birds, but no doubt some will not have been. One thing for certain, the Barnsley area record of 46 at Wintersett on 5th May 1980 was truly blown to bits. Well done the Waths! 

Thursday 26th April.

Elsecar Res. - 1 Mute Swan and a pair Gadwall.
Broomhill Flash - 1 Common Tern and 2+ Redshanks.

Adwick Washlands late morning

Pretty much the same as Ken (below) but also 1st summer Little Gull

Wintersett 26.04.12

Dry start today.  Showers from 10.00hours.
Wintersett Res - Reed Warbler 1♂ north bank, Grasshopper Warbler 1♂ north east corner, Whitethroat 1♂ west bank,  SWIFT  19,   Pochard  1pair,  Common  Tern  5.  Goldeneye  3  + 1 CHRes + 2 ACP.
Botany - Water Rail
Anglers CP - Teal 2 pairs,  Goosander  3 flew north,  GREENSHANK 1,  BLACK-TAILED  GODWIT 1,  Redshank 1,  Yellow  Wagtail 1♂.
ADWICK WASHLANDS (morning) Shelduck 2, Shoveler 6, Gadwall 26, Tufted 29, Teal 8, Lapwing 3 pairs with young, Grasshopper warbler 2, Sedge warbler 2,  Lesser Whitethroat 1, Reed warbler 1, Swift 2.

Carlton Marsh

Grasshopper Warbler, 2 Wheatear, 2 Whitethroat, 2 Reed Warbler, 2 Sedge Warbler and Cuckoo. Water levels rising putting Mute Swan nest in danger.

Anas surprise!

Drake Garganey, Broomhill Flash this morning + 2 Wheatears.

Old Moor early am

Black-tailed Godwit 39, Little Gull 1,Med Gull 1 first-summer, Whimbrel 1

Edderthorpe early morning

Pochard 3, Oystercatcher 2, Avocet 4, Black-tailed Godwit 8, Common Sand 1, Yellow Wagtail 2, Common Tern 1, Swift 1. The bad news is that the river is overflowing into the flash with all the recent rain and what exposed mud is left is quickly disappearing.

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Broomhill late afternoon; Dunlin, Common Sand, Yellow Wag, 2 Swifts, 2 Avocets off Wombwell Ings, 19 + 15 Arctic terns north (RJS) the latter birds briefly on Edderthorpe.


Well, not quite Europe, but the final countdown anyway! 

Here goes: 5 Goosander, Short-eared Owl (still this eve.), 92+ Arctic Terns north, 4 Common Terns, 13+ Little Gulls, first-summer Med’ Gull (Mere this eve.), 3 Dunlin, 2 Whimbrel (this eve.), Bar-tailed Godwit (left late aft.), 2 Sanderling (1 still Mere this eve.), 2 Yellow Wagtails, White Wag.

A quick call at Elsecar about 5pm yielded 34 Arctic Terns and 3 Common Terns.

And that just  about summarizes what has been a fantastic day. More rain tomorrow apparently!

The Bar-tailed Godwit on Wader Scrape this afternoon - Keith Pickering

Late news from Wintersett

Rain stopped around 4 o'clock.
Wintersett Res - 16 Arctic Terns at 18.20 hrs

Old Moor - Last couple of hours

Last couple of hours at Old Moor - Bar Tailed Godwit 1, Sanderling 1, Dunlin 3, Arctic Tern 64, Little Gull 3.

Wintersett 25.04.12

Easterlies didn't deliver any new birds. It poured with rain from 09.45 hours, and it was a cold  6oC,  but it still beats working.
Wintersett Res - Swift 3,  Yellow  Wagtail 1,  Common Tern  5,  Goldeneye  3.
Anglers CP - Teal 2♂ + 2♀,  Pink-footed Goose  2,  Pochard  2,  Redshank  1.


ADDITIONAL to this mornings report, Greenshank 2, Redshank 9 and numerous swallows.

on the move

Two first-summer (2cy) Little Gulls on Mere this morning + at least 5 Avocets. A Short-eared Owl blogged around for a while this morning at Broomhill and Wombwell Ings. Like yesterdays Merlin this is another bird you would expect to be on the uplands at this time of year. Perhaps they are not British birds at all?

Wombwell Ings: 3 Avocet, 2 LRP, RP and Wheatear.

Edderthorpe Flash

New in this morning are 8 Whimbrel resting up on the small area of exposed mud. Shelduck 2, Gadwall 44, Avocet 3, LRP 2, Common Tern 1, Yellow Wagtail 1, and a "reeling" Grasshopper Warbler.

Tuesday 24 April 2012

It's all Chinese to me

Broomhead Reservoir - a pair of Mandarins this evening leaving E - per SBSG website.

Carlton Marsh

A sextet of singing warblers today included 16 Willow warblers, 12 Chiffchaffs, 7 Blackcaps, 3 Sedge Warblers, 2 Reed Warblers and a Whitethroat. A few Swallows started to move when the sun shone this afternoon, but no Martins. Of note was a Redpoll, 2 Buzzards at mid-day and 1 at 16.15. Coal Tit and Goldcrest are still here - neither of which have ever bred before.

Cudworth Common (per Ralph Hibbert & Les Corral)
5 Redshank, 7 pairs of Lapwing, 3 Little Grebe, 2 Shelduck and a Whitehroat.

Ardsley Viaduct
Cuckoo singing (Hibbert & Corral)

All quiet

Still quiet, best reports today being White Wagtail Wombwell Ings and at least three Black-tailed Godwits on the Field Pool where three Swifts were also seen.

Meanwhile, at least four Buzzards were up together at Elsecar but the best raptor sighting today came from Netherwood where a male Merlin was seen early afternoon.

Midhope 24th april

hen harrier over pike lowe mobbed by 2 kestrels went south 3pm. 17+ fieldfares grazing nw of res. + male redstart.

Ewden Valley

Fairly steady this morning but a Garden Warbler was singing at Yew Trees Lane Wood and the first broods of Mallard were on Broomhead Reservoir (13) and More Hall Reservoir (4) where there was also an immature Cormorant.
Also - 10+ Grey Sqiurrels throughout the valley and 3 Red Deer (a young stag and two females at More Hall Tip (by the A6102).

Wintersett 24.04.12

Dry and sunny this morning but still  very quiet for the time of year.
Anglers CP  Pink-footed  Goose 2,  Pochard  1♂+ 1♀, Wheatear 1♂.   2 Arctic Terns flew north at 16.15hrs.
Wintersett Res - Arctic Tern 1,  Common  Tern 4,  Goldeneye 5 + 3 ACP, Kingfisher  1, Swift 1, Grasshopper Warbler 1♂,  Reed Warbler 1♂,  Whitethroat 1♂.

Edderthorpe early morning

Shelduck 3, Teal 21, Shoveler 2, Pochard 6 drakes are clearly migrants, Avocet 3, Oystercatcher 1, LRP 2, Redshank 10, Common Tern 1, White Wagtail 1. Yesterday evening there were 10 Goosanders present.

Monday 23 April 2012


Very little change in OMA still by early evening: 5 Black-wits still on Field Pool and Garden Warbler behind Mere hide. Wheatear, Wombwell Ings and White Wagtail, Broomhill Flash where two Dunlin were also reported. Description species? Two Reed Warblers, Brickworks.

Wintersett 23.04.12

Dry this morning.  Rained off this afternoon.  
Anglers CP -  Redshank 2,  Pink-footed  Goose 2,  Pochard  1♂,  Teal 2♂+ 2♀, Wheatear 1♂.
Wintersett Res - Arctic Tern 1,  Common  Tern 6, House  Martin 30,  Goldeneye 7 + 3 ACP, Kingfisher  1,  Grasshopper Warbler 1♂,  Reed Warbler 1♂,  Whitethroat 1♂.
Haw Park Wood - Siskin  1♂,  Goldcrest  1♂, Green Woodpecker 1♂+1♂CHRes.

Back to Rossi and Parfitt

Nowt much on the moors last 3 days. Few crossbills showing well at midhope. 60 golden plover e over broomhead this aft. 23rd.


Winscar Reservoir - 2 Shelducks.
Broadstones Reservoir - 2 Whimbrels leaving northwest after a very brief stay and 1 Cormorant.
Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 2 Great Crested Grebes and 4 Lesser Black-backed Gulls.
Annat Royd Lane - 11 Stock Doves and 25 Carrion Crows.

Black-headed Gulls are giving all indications of breeding again at Winscar & Harden Reservoirs.

mid-day update

Remains quiet, although Greenshank at Edderthorpe is a new arrival. Eight Avocets Old Moor, Cuckoo Brickworks.
ADWICK WASHLANDS (morning) Lapwing 2 pairs with young (3, 1), Redshank 4/5 pairs, Grasshopper warbler 1 reeling, Common Whitethroat 1 (adwick tip), Wheatear 1 male. Barn Owl 1 reported previous evening.  

Edderthorpe early morning

More rain and less visable mud! Avocet 10, Oystercatcher 2, LRP 2, the first Lapwing chicks of the season, Whitethroat 1.

Ring Ouzels galore

A message from Jeff Lunn in the Little Don Valley yesterday (Sunday). 20 Ring Ouzels in the fields here;- 6 behind the Dog And Partridge Pub and 14 near Hordron Farm, Tree Pipit, 2 Redstarts and 3 Wheatears.

Sunday 22 April 2012

Old Moor - 22nd April

Edderthorpe - Grey Heron 2, Cormorant 2, Goosander pair, Shelduck 5, Avocet 3 pairs, Redshank 9, LRP 2, Ringed Plover 1, Common Tern 1, Whitethroat 1 male, Swallow, Sand Martin and House Martin about a dozen of each.
Wombwell Ings - Wigeon 2, Oystercatcher 2, Redshank 5, Snipe 1, LBB Gull 11 west, Swallow 22, Sand Martin 6, House Martin 1.
Old Moor - Pochard 6 (5 drakes), Goosander 1, Oystercatcher 10, Redshank 16, Black Tailed Godwit 5, Avocet 2, LBB Gull 2.

Brampton Bierlow : 22nd April

Cliffe Road : Yellowhammer - 1 male, feeding in garden & Buzzard - 1 N.
Cortonwood : Common Sandpiper - 1 around the Lake.

Wintersett 22.04.12

Anglers CP - Yellow  Wagtail  2♂,  Green  Woodpecker  1,    Snipe 1,  Pink-footed Goose  2, Pochard  2♂ + 1  ,  Teal  1♂  + 1 .  Goldeneye  16.
Wintersett Res -  Common  Tern 5. No new arrivals today but a Whitethroat, a Reed Warbler  and a Grasshopper  Warbler were singing in their usual territories.

Sunday morning

Old Moor = 5 Black-tailed Godwits, 2 Avocets.

Bolton, Common Tern 1,  Lesser Whitethroat (Warbler Way).

Edderthorpe Flash highlights (NS). Goosander 2 (pair), Shelduck 5, Avocet 3 pairs, LRP 3, RP 1, Common Tern 1, Whitethroat 1.

Yesterday Reed Warbler Manvers Lake, Cuckoo Edderthorpe.

Carlton Marsh Sunday 22nd

Better late than never-Cuckoo singinging at 09.05hrs and Grasshopper Warbler at 09.25hrs. 4 Fieldfare alighted and 2 Siskin were feeding on Alder seed. 6 Meadow Pipits were feeding in a bean field and 5 Skylarks were singing.

Saturday 21 April 2012

Carlton Marsh

New arrivals today Whitethroat this morning (Jim Plant) and Wheatear this afternoon. There was a trickle of Swallows and 2 Lesser Black Backs north but, nothing much else. Red Legged Partridge, Little Owl and Buzzard were present and Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers were very audible.
Butterflies included 2 Brimstone males, 16 Orange tip males and 3 females (Chris Parkin)
Hundreds of Cowslips are now in bloom and the first flowers of Yellow Archangel are just emerging. Slightly earlier than usual the fruiting bodies of the edible St George's Mushroom were also on show today.

Arctic Tern

Ingbirchworth Reservoir - another Arctic Tern today, leaving high N at c12.30hrs per HBWC website.

Wintersett 21.04.12

A dry, calm and exceptionally quiet (as in songless) day for the time of year.
Cold Hiendley Res - Common Tern 4.
Walton  Hall  - Greenland White-fronted Goose 1,  Pink-footed Goose  2.
Haw Park Wood - Lesser  Redpoll  6. 
Anglers CP -  Goldeneye  20,  Wigeon  2 ♂,  Fieldfare  49 + 25 Disposal Point,  Siskin  4 W,  Little Ringed Plover 1↑, COMMON SANDPIPER 1.


Swinden Walls - 2 singing Tree Pipits this morning.

Friday 20 April 2012

Reel birding site?

Late afternoon visit to Old Moor - highlights included Goosander, 2 Common Buzzards, 3 Avocets, 2 Common Sandpipers, Green Sandpiper and 5 Black-tailed Godwits (Field Pool). Meanwhile, sightings in the Brickworks Pond area this morning included Whitethroat and 3 Grasshopper Warblers with a Wheatear nearby  on Wombwell Ings.

Grasshopper Warbler 'reeling' at Brickworks Pond - Jim Thompson

Grasshopper Warbler, Brickworks Pond - Jim Thompson

Grasshopper Warbler, Brickworks Pond - Jim Thompson. Surely the areas top 'Gropper' site?

Wintersett 20.04.12

Anglers CP -  Lesser  Redpoll 1,  Pink-footed Goose 2,  Common Gull 1 adult,  
Teal  2♂ + 2♀   also 1♂ + 1♀ WR,  Goosander 1,  Goldeneye 5 + 16 WR
Wintersett Res - Pochard 2  + 1♀,   Common Tern 5,  Kingfisher  1,   Whitethroat 1 ♂  and new in today  REED  WARBLER 1♂ - west bank marsh.
Sadly - the Great Crested Grebe sitting on Botany was flooded out.  

Friday 20th April

A decent day at Ingbirchworth Reservoir despite an infestation of badly behaved dog-walkers who still fail to control their pets and ignore the signs belatedly put up by Yokshire Water asking that dogs are kept on a lead.

Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 1 Arctic Tern N and 2 Green Sandpipers leaving W after attempting to land on at least four occasions. Also 2 Goldeneyes, 2 Great Crested Grebes and 1 Little Grebe.
Cliff Wood - 2 male Pied Flycatchers.
Midhope Reservoir - 12 Canada Geese, 2 Greylag Geese, three pairs Teal, a pair of Tufted Ducks and 2 Little Grebes.
Underbank Reservoir - 4 Tufted Ducks and a pair of Great Crested Grebes
Suprisingly not a hirundine at the Little Don Valley reservoirs.

Friday 20th April

Ring-necked Parakeet : 3 N over Sandygate, Wath upon Dearne at 06:00
Tree Pipit : calling bird N over Cliffe Road, Brampton Bierlow at 08:15
ADWICK WASHLANDS (morning). Tufted duck 34, Shoveler 4, Gadwall 16, Teal 10, Green Sandpiper 2, Snipe 4 (1 drumming), Redshank 4/5 pairs, Wheatear 1male.


Shelduck 1, Teal 26, Tufted 30, Shoveler 6, Avocet 2, Oystercatcher 1, LRP 2, Ringed Plover 1, Arctic Tern 1 north 06.15, White Wagtail 1. The river levels are now subsiding and thankfully it did not overflow into the flash.

Thursday 19 April 2012

Adwick then to Edderthorpe

Green sand 1.
The recent heavy rain has made the lapwing meadow look a lot better and more interesting. A few pairs of teal and gadwall on there. Unfortunately the
excavated pool will not fill to the levels that were expected.

Then up to Edderthorpe to look at the reported problems.

Edderthorpe Ings
From the lay-by - avocet 5, arctic tern 1 N.
As previously reported on here; the river levels look potentially disastrous for breeding birds on site.
And yes, there's another 80m weather mast with all its fine tension cables to hold it in place being erected adjacent to RSPB Edderthorpe Ings. This mast could not have been designed or placed in a better position if it was purposfully intended to kill birds through collisions.
This just underlines the influence the RSPB is having in the Dearne Valley.

Wintersett 19.04.12

Rain all morning, dryish by 13.30.
Wintersett Res - Common Tern 2,  Kingfisher 1,  Sand Martin 60 + 50 ACP , Swallow  30  and the first WHITETHROAT of the year on the west bank.
Anglers CP - Arctic Tern 1,  Yellow Wagtail 2♂,  1 Swift,   Common Gull 2 adult Greenland White-fronted Goose  1,  Pink-footed Goose  4,  Teal  1♂ + 1♀,  Pochard 2 + 1♀.
Haw Park Wood -  Siskin 1,  Lesser  Redpoll  12

Off piste (or reversed)

Decided to come off the rain-soaked hills to the rain-soaked lowlands. Nothing really of note at Elsecar Res. but a brief visit to Broomhill Flash yielded a male Yellow Wagtail.

more or less?

Mid-day update - Black-tailed Godwit and Yellow Wagtail Old Moor.

Arctic Tern, Adwick Wash.

More rain, less birds - so far anyway.....................

Edderthorpe early morning

Very little change to the birds present from last night;- Avocet 6, LRP 5, White Wagtail 2. The overnight rain has pushed the river level even higher and closer to the top of the flood bank. A metal tower, presumably a wind speed measuring device is currently being erected on top of Park Springs Tip overlooking the flash!

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Edderthorpe late evening

Inspired by todays tern movement I decided to see if there was any change here from this morning and rather suprisingly there isn't- still the Flash is looking rather devoid of birds compared to the previous few weeks. Shelduck up to 4, Avocet up to 6 and Tufted up to 51 (from 14) were the few improvments from this morning, none are suprising including the Tufteds which are presumably birds off the river which with all this rain is getting worrying close to the top of the flood bank. A nice White Wagtail is also new in.

one good tern...........

Finally managed some birding this evening on Wombwell Ings and got little other than wet. Still happy though as it's far better than working!

Wombwell Ings = Teal 10, Avocet 1, Swallow c100, Sand Martin c15 (thank goodness!).

Other news - Old Moor = 9 Goosanders (5 males), Whimbrel through, 38 Black-tailed Godwits, left NW c17.45, 3 Yellow Wags. Not sure on the final tally of Arctic Terns yet but sounds like approaching 50. Here's some for us all to enjoy!

Three of the many Arctic Terns that passed through in the pouring rain - Keith Pickering

Arctic Tern - Keith Pickering

Carlton Marsh - Singing in the Rain

I was gripped by Tern fever having seen the blog, but alas nothing terned up. However, along with Blackcap, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff, Sedge Warbler and Reed Warbler were singing from the reedbeds near the hide. Both the latter were new in today. This Reed Warbler is our earliest ever, beating the previous record of 20th April 2003. A pair of Longtailed Tits and a pair of Robins were frantically feeding their nestlings, and our female Mute Swan was diligently incubating her eggs. So it was worth getting soaking wet to have a walk round.

Wet Wet Wet at Wintersett 18.04.12

Anglers CP - Easterlies  and continuous, but much needed, rain brought in: Little Ringed Plover 1at 08.32Arctic Tern 2↑ singles at 09.00 and 09.40 hours + 2 more at 14.44hrs.  Avocet 2↓ at 10.52,  Yellow wagtail 1,  Wheatear 1♂.
Also present - Greylag 30,  Pink-footed Goose  3,  Redshank  2,  Teal 1+ 1♀,  Wigeon 1♂,  Snipe 1, Common Gull 1
Wintersett Res - Common Tern 1,  Swift 1. 

Broomhill news Flash!

32 Arctic Terns and Arctic Skua north at 12.57 Broomhill Flash (Glyn Taylor et al).

mid-day update:

7 Arctic Terns, Old Moor on Mere.

c200 Swallows feeding over Elsecar Res. this morning but not one Sand Martin. Does anyone else get the feeling that numbers of 'sandies' are way down so far despite last year's fantastic numbers?

Arctic Weather

The 2 Arctic Tern were still present this morning on Worsbrough res, with only one still on by 10:00. Other decent sightings included the first Common Sand of the year, c.120 Swallow, 7 Tufted and an unseasonal count of c.150 Linnet in the back field.

Edderthorpe early morning

Another morning with a surprisingly empty looking Flash. Shelduck 1, Teal 16, Shoveler 10, Tufted 14, Avocet 2, LRP 4, Redshank 12.

Tuesday 17 April 2012


Low Moor, Upper Midhope - a first-winter Greater White-fronted Goose feeding with 21 Greylag Geese - per SBSG website.

Dusk update

A few extras - 3 Ring-necked Parakeets at Old Moor today (and 2 presumed yesterday). Also 2 Goosanders, at least 4 Avocets and 2 Green Sandpipers in the area.

Nice of you to tern up

2 Arctic Tern were present on Worsbrough reservoir this evening. They dropped in just before a heavy shower at c. 18:00 and were still present at 20:00.

Other birds of note were c.100 Swallow, 5 House Martin and a Herring Gull east.

Belated news. The first Cuckoo was recorded on Barrow tip on the 14th.

Another Red Day at Wintersett 17.04.12

Ryhill - Redwing  3, Fieldfare  150,  
Anglers CP -  Snipe 1, Redshank 1,  Pink-footed Goose 4,  Teal 2,   Wigeon  4♂ + 1Lesser  Redpoll 1 flew over and Curlew 2 flew SW.
Botany Hill - Red-legged Partridge 2
Wintersett Res - LITTLE GULL 1 adult, summer plumage flew up the res and then away to the east at 09.45,  REDSTART 1 stunning moved along the fence, then from bush to bush giving marvellous views and 5/6 mallard ducklings have survived the night.
Car Park - 2 Crossbill flew over, calling.

Tuesday 17th April.

Still very steady in the uplands today.
Gunthwaite Hall- 2 Red-legged Partridge and Swallows back on breeding territories.
Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 1 female Goldeneye.

late aft update

Broomhill Flash = Osprey southeast c15.45, Grasshopper Warbler, Brickworks.

Garden Warbler still on Bolton.

Little Gull, adult Edderthorpe Flash this morning.

Edderthorpe early morning

A strong south-west wind, very cold and rain - I must get a more comfortable bed (or wife). Shelduck 3, Avocet 6, Golden Plover 12, LRP 4.

Monday 16 April 2012

Slow but sure........

Wombwell Ings this evening = Teal 5, Wigeon 5, Avocet 4, LRP 3, Snipe 3, Kingfisher 1.

Other news: Old Moor = Avocet 3, Sedge Warbler 1 (Reedbeds).

Bolton Ings = Common Buzzard 2, Garden Warbler 1

Belated News from Saturday - Broomhill Flash = Yellow Wagtail 3, Common Tern 2.

The Bittern was caught on remote camera again on 9th April at the Reedbeds. Photos of the Baillon's Crake to follow soon...........


pair of red kites over barnside moor, mid afternoon. sunday 15th.

Red Day at Wintersett 16.04.12

a.m. Very cold in the shade but red hot in the sun,  p.m. cloudy
New in today on Wintersett  Res east bank   -  Grasshopper Warbler  1Redstart 1 ♂ and the first brood of 6 mallard ducklings.   Also present  were  Swift 1,   Teal   2♂, 2♀ + 6 ACP,  
Botany   Hill   - Redstart  1♂,   Red-legged Partridge 1 
Anglers CP - Lesser  Black-backed Gull  2 adults,  Shoveler 9,  Red  Kite 1 flew north over Haw Park  11.37 - 11.43 hours.

Good Hare Day

Very quiet at the Ingbirchworth group of reservoirs this morning with the 'highlight' being a Common Buzzard over Ingbirchworth Reservoir.

Plenty of Brown Hares about at Whitley Common/Broadstones Reservoir (4); Low Common, Ingbirchworth (2), and Royd Moor/Royd Moor Reservoir (6).

ADWICK WASHLANDS (am). Little Grebe 2,  Shoveler 4, Gadwall 6, Mallard 10, Teal 4, Oystercatcher 2, LRP 1, Redshank 10, Lapwing c15pr, Wheatear 1 female. (machinery still working on site)

Edderthorpe early morning

Another freezing cold start but interesting with;- Shelduck 4, Shoveler 12, Avocet 7, LRP 4, Oystercatcher 1, Common Sand 1, and a "reeling" Grasshopper Warbler.

Sunday 15 April 2012

Yet another Osprey

1 Osprey west at More Hall Reservoir at 11:00hrs per SBSG website.

Bolton Ings - 15th April

Lovely blue sky this morning but very cold, 0c at 07.30 and had to scrape ice off car for second morning in a row. Icy cold strong wind as well which made viewing difficult and warblers fairly quiet. Highlights were my first Yellow Wagtail of the year, flying west at 09.30, 17 Pochard including 6 females, 3 pairs of Oystercatchers and decent numbers of warblers. Full list:- Mute Swan 5, Canada Goose 30, Grey Lag Goose 23, Mallard 3, Gadwall 22, Tufted Duck 42, Pochard 17, Great Crested Grebe 6, Little Grebe 12, Coot 120, Moorhen 4, Cormorant 2, Black Headed Gull 991, LBB Gull 2, Lapwing 9, Oystercatcher 6, Redshank 2, Swallow 12, Yellow Wagtail 1, Chiffchaff 19, Willow Warbler 8, Blackcap 7, Kestrel 1. My count of 991 Black Headed Gulls is again a record ( thought it was going to be 1000), the Gulls now occupy 3 islands with about 400 (200 pairs?) on the largest one. In comparison counts from previous years on this date are 2009-113, 2010-170 and 2011 229. Therfore this year has seen a massive rise, over 400%.

Plenty Moor Birds

A fantastic day up the Little Don Valley today (per Mark Linnington).

Ring Ouzel 10 (9 male) in fields below Hordron, Red Kite west, Buzzard 3, Merlin 1, male Redstart 1, Dipper and Redwing.

4 in 4 Wintersett 15.04.12

Anglers CP - Pink-footed Goose  3,  Wigeon  6,  Wheatear  1♂ + 1♀,  OSPREY 1↑ at 10.40,
Wintersett Res - Swift  1,   Sand Martin  150, Yellow Wagtail  1,  Fieldfare 1,  Common Sandpiper 1,  Goldeneye  14 + 8 ACP,  ARCTIC  TERN 1 AT 16.05.   Also flying - Speckled Wood butterfly
A visiting birder had a Redstart near the ruin on WR.
Walton Hall -  Greenland White-fronted Goose.

Sunday morning

Old Moor - 8 Avocet,  2+ Buzzard

Bolton Ings - Yellow Wagtail (NS).

Broomhill - 2 LRP, Green Sand.

Edderthorpe early morning

Avocet 5, Ringed Plover 6, LRP 2, Green Sand 1, Redshank 18. Shelduck 6, Shoveler 12.

Saturday 14 April 2012


A bit of a return to 'normal' today;- Shelduck 4, Shoveler 10, Gadwall 49, Teal 73, a drake Goosander flew north, Avocet 2, Oystercatcher 4 - 2 of these were adorned with colour rings, LRP 2, Ringed Plover 1, Golden Plover 56, Green Sand 2, Common Buzzard 4, Sparrowhawk 4 and the first Yellow Wagtail of spring- a cracking bright male.About 100 grounded mixed hirundines-mainly Swallows.


The 3rd osprey in 3 days flew NW at 14.53 at Anglers Country Park.
Also an adult Kittiwake flew south at 15.40.

Wintersett 14.04.12

An overcast, damp morning with a very cold NE wind.
Wintersett Res - COMMON SANDPIPER 1,  Sand Martin 150,  Swallow 20
Anglers CP - Pink-footed Goose 4,  Redshank 2,  Wigeon 10,  Pochard 1♂ + 1♀,  Swift 1,  Wheatear 2, Green Woodpecker 1,  
Over Haw Park Wood - Golden Plover 40,  Peregrine 1.


Green Sand 1 on the excavated pool.
Redshank 3+ pairs.
Wheatear 1 male on lapwing meadow.
Treecreeper 2 on central path at the side of Maggot Farm Wood.

Water Vole 1 on Carr Well Dike.
Weasel 1 on central path.
Stoat 1 on northern path.

Cortonwood : 14th April

GRASSHOPPER WARBLER : 1 reeling from the Trans Pennine Trail, across from the Royal Mail building at 07:50.
Mallard : 3 broods of 4, 7 & 20.

ANGLERS - 13 April 2012

Additional sightings to those already listed include 3 Wheaters on the grass to the southeast of the hide, an Osprey northwest at 1458hrs and a sprinkling of hirundines moving through to the north, mainly Swallow with the occasional Sand and House Martin.

Colour-Ringed Coots : Cortonwood

There`s been a bird present on my patch since January of this year. And on the day of my initial sighting, i sent the combination & the photo (below) to Kane Brides (Lancashire) ;

He emailed me back to say that it was definitely one of his birds, but couldn`t give me precise details, due to the bird having lost one of its colour-rings.
Anyway, he was in Barnsley last weekend and he decided to drop into Cortonwood, where he managed to locate the bird and read the digits on the BTO ring (something i`ve tried to do on several occasions) and it turns out that the bird was rung at Crompton Lodges, Bolton, Greater Manchester on 27th December 2010.
And while Kane was at Cortonwood last weekend, he caught & processed 2 of my local birds. One of which i photographed yesterday ;

White BSI (the other one being White BSH). Be interesting to see if these stay put or wander elsewhere.

Friday 13 April 2012

Wintersett 13.04.12

Anglers CP - Pink-footed Goose  4,  Wigeon  6,   Goosander  2,  Redshank  1,  Common Gull  2,  Wheatear  1,  Snipe 1,  COMMON  TERN 1
Wintersett Res - ARCTIC TERN  1 ↑,  SWIFT 1,  Sand Martin 100,  Golden Plover  200 ↓.


Unfortunatly it wasn't particularly happening here this morning. At dawn the Flash was almost deserted with just 8 Shoveler and a Green Sand of note. Eventually a single Avocet, 3 Ringed Plovers and 2 LRPs came in. Vis migging from the tip 07.15 to 10.15 produced;- Golden Plover 60, GBBGull 1, LBBGull 9, Common Gull 2, Fieldfare 20, Swallow 30, Sand Mart 7, House Mart 3, and Meadow Pipit 40 all moving north with a single Curlew east.

Happening Day!

Early evening update on what is clearly a happening day and I just happen to have been working late + happening to be working much of the weekend!

Old Moor - Osprey through c2.30 towards Wentworth.

Broomhill - Swift this evening.

Adwick - Redstart.

And now for a few of the many birds I haven't seen today. Thanks Keith...........

Adult Med' Gull on the Field Pools - Keith Pickering
Black-tailed Godwits - Keith Pickering
Wheatear on the Wader Scrape - Keith Pickering


Report of an Osprey at Broomhead Reservoir at 14:15hrs per D Simmonite

Underbank Reservoir

Cold & damp here today with very few passerines singing - highlights were - 9 Tufted Ducks, two pairs Great Crested Grebes and 2 Common Sandpipers + Barn Swallow, House Martin, Blackcap and Willow Warblers.


The field pool this morning Adult Mediterranean Gull 2 Black-tailed Godwits 3 oystercatchers.and 6 Avocets on the wader scrape. Wombwell Ings and Broomhill Flash. 7 Wheatear

Thursday 12 April 2012

Old Moor

A heavy shower  brought down 7 Barnacle Geese  that circled Old Moor at 18.45,  then dropped in  onto grass bank, next to Canada Geese at 18.56.  As the rain abated and a spectacular double rainbow appeared the Barnacle Geese flew off to the north at 19.30hours.  Also a  brood of 6 mallard ducklings were seen from Bittern hide. 


Not much change here, Avocet 6, Green Sand 2, LRP 4, Ringed Plover 2.


Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 1 Greenshank this afternoon per HBWC website.

Thursday 12th April

Elsecar Reservoir - 1 Mute Swan. 8 Tufted Ducks and 9 Great Crested Grebes.

Wintersett 12.04.12

Anglers CP - Greenland White-fronted Goose 1,  Redshank 1,  Wigeon  8,  Teal 5,  Pochard  2 ♂  +  1
A chilly, overcast but ultimately worthwhile Vis.Mig. 07.30 - 12.00  
Meadow Pipit  88 ↑,  Sand Martin 43 ↑, House Martin 8↑, Linnet  2 ↑,  Siskin  1 ↑,   Redwing  2 Lesser Black-backed Gull  13 ↑,  Greater Black-backed Gull 1 ↑,  Collared Dove  1 ↑,  Buzzard 1 ↑ (very pale bird),  Cormorant 4 ↓ (very high),
with highlights of:  SWIFT  1 ↑ at  09.40  and  1 ↑ at 10.57,   COMMON  TERN 1 ↑  at 10.24 and an OSPREY circled over Wintersett Reservoir before slowly flying past us on Anglers CP giving brilliant views  11.37 - 11.45 hours flying north. The 3rd record for us this spring.
 Afternoon news - Common Tern over Wintersett and Cold Hiendley Reservoirs from 13.50 hours.

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Cudworth Common

I was hoping for a Barn Owl, oh well. Instead there were 2 Mute Swans, 10 pairs of Lapwing, 2 pairs of Redshank, 2 Shelduck, 10 Gadwall, 5 Teal, 2 Little Grebe and 2 Golden Plover plus 12 north at dusk.

Another Litle Owl this afternoon at Carlton Marsh was in addition to the two other sites it has been seen  regularly all winter.


Broomhill Flash - Green Sandpiper 1, Wheatear 1

Manvers Lake - Great-crested Grebe 13, brood of 8+ Mallard

Old Moor - 2 Goosanders, 7 Water Rails (Reedbeds), 2 Avocets (not seen this evening), 2 Common Sandpipers, White Wagtail.

Gypsy Marsh - Water Rail


An addition to the early morning report. White Wagtail 1, Common Sandpiper 2, Little Ringed Plover 3, Ringed Plover 2, Avocet 6 Buzzard 1, Swallow 8, Sand Martin 50 plus ,

Wintersett 11.04.12

Anglers CP -  Redshank 2,  Wigeon 6,   Pochard  4♂ + 1♀,  Teal  2,  Pink-footed Goose  2,
Buzzard 1 over CP and 2 over Haw Park Wood.
Vis Mig - Fieldfare 20 flew north,  Redwing 1 flew north (late date), ARCTIC  TERN 1 flew NE 08.53  hours.
Wintersett Res - East Bank, earliest ever, nest building Chiffchaff and Spring firsts, Small White1 and Green-veined White  1 

Early 'start

Broadstones Reservoir - 2 Oystercatchers, 4 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and a pair of Little Owls.
Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 22 Mallard, 2 Great Crested Grebes and five pairs Coot.
Royd Moor Reservoir - 1 Greylag Goose, 1 adult Cormorant, 2 singing Willow Tits, 1 male Redstart and 30+ Willow Warblers + Swallow & Chiffchaffs.
Scout Dike Reservoir - 1 Greylag Goose, 10 Canada Geese, 3 Great Crested Grebes, six pairs Coot, 1 Treecreeper and 2 Tree Sparrows + Swallows, Blackcaps & Willow Warblers.

Peter Scott salutes....

Goldthorpe Brick Ponds - a Common Sandpiper this morning was a new species for this site

Edderthorpe - April 11th

Brief visit before work - 7.20am

4 Avocet, 2 Green Sandpiper, Redshanks, Shelduck, Gadwall, Teal, Shoveler, Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, plus the usual suspects.

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Wintersett 10.04.12

Anglers CP - 1 Curlew,  10 Wigeon and the first Wheatear ♀.
Wintersett Res - 20 Sand Martins,  2 Greater Black-backed Gulls
Walton Hall - Greenland White-fronted Goose,  4 Pink-footed Goose.


Greenshank through Old Moor this afternoon (left west) + 4 Avocets (per CH)

Avocets on the Wader Scrape - Keith Pickering

Green Sand, Broomhill Flash.

Osprey & White Wag

Langsett Reservoir - 1 Osprey NW battling against the wind at 10:20hrs attracted the atention of 22 Curlews that pursued it as far as Swinden Walls. Also 23 Canada Geese, 39 Mallard and 4 Teal + 2 Willow Warblers and a single Blackcap.
Midhope Reservoir - 13 Canada Geese, 6 Mallard, 2 (1 drake) Goldeneye, 1 hybrid Canada/Greylag Goose, a pair of Little Grebe and 1 White Wagtail.
Midhopestones - 23 Curlew and 100+ Jackdaws.
Underbank Reservoir - 13 Canada Geese, 31 Mallard, 5 Tufted Ducks and a pair each of Great Crested Grebes, Moorhen and Coot + 10 singing Chiffchaffs and 1 Willow Warbler.

Good day for flying a kite

A Red Kite drifted slowly west over Barrow Tip at 09:40, eventually reaching Dodworth.
2 Fieldfare and 2 Buzzard were also on Barrow. 21 Sand Martin, 10 Swallow and 1 House Martin at Worsbrough res.

Edderthorpe early morning

Shelduck 5, Avocet 4, LRP 2, Ringed Plover 2, Green Sand 2, Curlew 1.

Monday 9 April 2012

Old Moor

Short visit at lunchtime produced: Buzzard 1 N; Sparrowhawk 1 female N; 1 House Martin W. Lot of water in reserve.

Wintersett 09.04.12

Dull and wet here today- typical Bank Holiday!
Anglers CP - Pink-footed Goose 4,  Snipe 1,  Redshank 1, Wigeon  15 + 1 WR
Wintersett Res - Sand Martin  15,  Ringed Plover 1  flew over 11.20.

Edderthorpe early morning

First couple of hours before the drizzle turned to rain produced;- Shelduck 5, Avocet 9, Oystercatcher 2, Green Sand 2, Ringed Plover 2, Swallow, Sand Martin.

Sunday 8 April 2012

Raptor fest Midhope

Did an hour at Midhope a.m. only willow warbler, sprwk and Buzzard. Returned this pm to find Upland Tyke in residence. Osprey went thru at 2.55pm - contra pager time. Went S (or was it really WSW? will have to look at map). More sprwks, kes, minimum 4 Buzzards ever present, 6 crossbills, Red-legged Partridge and Tyke had 2 Ravens.

Mick Cunningham


Best bits from the WeBS count this morning include;- Teal 90, Shelduck 5, Gadwall 90, Redshank 20, Avocet 14, Green Sand 3, first Common Sand of spring, LRP 2, Ringed Plover 1,
Shelduck 2, Golden Plover 230, Ringed Plover 12, Redshank 4, Snipe 1.
additions to those listed below;- a minimum of 12 Buzzards included 2 migrating north, one of which was a extreamly pale bird looking a lot like a Rough-legged Buzzard and very similar to the bird seen at Darfield/Bolton Ings last year. Two Ring-necked Parakeets were near Squires cafe around lunch time, 3 single Curlews flew west, and totals of 20 GBBGulls, 57 Sand Martins and 84 Meadow Pipits were all moving northwards during the morning/early afternoon.

WeBS @ Old Moor

Gadwall 80, Tufted 79, Teal 27, Wigeon 19, Shoveler 8, Mallard 45, Pochard 13, Coot 128, Moorhen 39, Little Grebe 24, GCGrebe 6, Canada 59, Mute Swan 9, Cormorant 9, Lapwing 21, Redshank 10, Oystercatcher 8, Snipe 1, Waterail 1, Lesser BB Gull 2, Black-heads 1950.

Also 8 Sand Martin + Bittern was very vocal this morning.

Wintersett 08.04.12

Anglers CP - Goosander 1 redhead,  Wigeon 25,  Redshank 2
Lesser Black Backed Gull  2 adults, Greater Black Backed Gull  1 flew north
Vis Mig.  Redwing 2,  Fieldfare  150,  Meadow Pipit 76, Sand Martin  55, Curlew 1 flew west.
1 RED KITE  circled over  Haw Park at 09.40 and eventually left northwards at 10.20.
Walton Hall p.m. Greenland White-fronted Goose,  Pink-footed Goose 4

Carlton Marsh 8th April

A walk round this morning produced 3 Sand Martins at 08.44 and 1 Swallow at 09.33, a Buzzard and 3 Redwings. A pair of Mute Swans are nest building (female with a red darvic ring) they last bred successfully in 1985. Also 3 singing Blackcaps, 3 Willow Warblers and 10 Chiffchaffs.

Saturday 7 April 2012

Raptors on the move

Noticeable raptor passage this morning over WINTERSETT with;- Osprey slowly heading north at 07.50, 2 single Buzzards heading north and a Red Kite slowly heading south at 10.55. Also- Pink-feet 4, Goldeneye 40, Tufted 218, Gadwall 40, Goosander 3, Great Crested Grebe 28, Curlew 1, Redshank 2, Fieldfare 165, Redwing 15, and 40 Meadow Pipits flying north in the morning.
Very little change from yesterday, 4 Avocets, 1 Green sand, 1 Ringed Plover. A full wildfowl count will be done tomorrow.

Friday 6 April 2012

Friday 6th April

Elsecar Reservoir - pair Garganey, 4 Tufted Ducks and 10 Great Crested Grebe, this morning.

Scout Dike Reservoir - 1 House Martim this morning per Mick Cunningham.

From the Uplands

Dave Pearce reports;- Rough-legged Buzzard showing well at Ewden 13.40 to 14.40, 7 Nuthatch, and a singing Blackcap at Gunthwaite.
Extras from those posted for Edderthorpe;- Shelduck 9, Teal 88, Gadwall 90, Wigeon 6, Curlew 1, Buzzard 1, Sand Martin 1, Willow Warbler 2, Blackcap 1.

Adwick. Morning visit.

Not much change.
Gadwall 3 pair, teal pair, shoveler pair. Grey lag 5. Snipe chipping.
Blackcap singing from maggot farm wood.

Water from the dike has just been diverted into the excavated central pool and this is starting to slowly fill.

Wintersett 06.04.12

Anglers CP - Redshank 2,  Willow Warbler 2♂,  House Martin 5, 
Sand Martin 2 CHRes + 3 flew north,  Swallow 1 WRes, 2 ACP,  Fieldfare 10 ACP +70 CP fields.
Shoveler 6,  Wigeon 29,  Teal 6,  Goosander 1 Redhead,  Pink-footed Goose 4.
Lesser Black Back 2 adults,  Greater Black Back 3.
Peregrine 1 flew south over Haw Park 12.10.

Old Moor - GOOD Friday

Bittern still booming this morning, not as frequently as yesterday and not as easy to hear because of the wind but still booming. Apparently could be heard from the farmhouse at 4 am!
Started my visit at Edderthorpe where it was quieter than of late although still 4 Avocets, Shelduck 5, Redshank 4, Green Sandpiper 2, LRP 2, Oystercatcher 1 and Snipe 1. Onto Wombwell ings next where I finally saw my first Sand Martin of the year, just the one and rapidly moving north. Also present Wigeon 29, Redshank 6, LRP 2 and Golden Plover 1. Onto Old Moor where the Avocets on the Wader Scrape are up to 7, the 2 Egyptian Geese were also on the Wader Scrape.

Thursday 5 April 2012

Old Moor = Brilliant

Been to Old Moor with my Dad this evening to hear the Bittern booming. It boomed every couple of minutes 3 or 4 times at a time and could be heard quite clearly from all parts of the reserve and even from the Wath Ings hide untill 20.30 when we left. This is the first time I have ever heard a Bittern booming and for it to be at Old Moor makes it extra special. A massive thank you must go to the RSPB and all its staff at Old Moor for creating the habitat for the Bittern and for it to hang about to boom. Who knows what will happen tomorrow but it has certainly made my day. The 2 Little Gulls were still on the Main Marsh. Other highlights today were Avocet 1, Peregrine 1, Buzzard 2 and the first brood of Coot. Brilliant.

Booming heck!

Fantastic news from Old Moor today that a Bittern is 'booming'from the Reedbeds and can even be be heard from Wader Scrape hide where there has also be an Avocet. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE FOOTPATHS. Two Little Gulls this evening also. Osprey s over Midhope 5pm.

Adwick. Looking good !!!

Up early and a dash down to Adwick to see the results of the recent rain.
Improvements in water levels and at least 6 pairs of redshank on there now.