Thursday 31 October 2013

Old Moor (per Jeff Wragg): Little Egret (FJ), Bittern, Grey Plover, Redshank 2, Dunlin 8, Ruff 2, Black-wit. Also unconfirmed report of 3 Brambling.

Carlton Marsh

Dusk - Kingfisher, Water Rail, Tawny Owl and a Woodcock left north.

Wintersett 31.10.13

8°C,  cool and dry with some sunny spells. 
A dawn search failed to find the Yellow-browed Warbler.
Anglers CP Vis. Mig: Wood Pigeon 350,  Stock Dove 6SW,  Fieldfare 480 W,  Redwing  394 W, Pink-footed Goose 80 E at 08.30 hrs,  Jackdaw 66 S,  Skylark 13 S,  Chaffinch 11W,  Mistle Thrush 3 SE + 3 E,  Yellow Bunting 3 S + 1 W,  Whooper Swan 2 S at 09.09hrs,  Siskin 2 W + 1E,  Meadow Pipit 1S
ACP: Lesser Redpoll 80 and Goosander 1 redhead.  Water Rail 1 + 1 Botany + 1 WRes.
 Haw Park Wood:   Crossbill 9, Siskin 15
A stoat was seen on Haw Park Lane.

Broomhill Flash

Todays sightings come from the book of log and did see on this day of all hallows eve:-

Mute Swan 2,
Gadwall 45,
Mallard 3,
Tufted Duck 6,
Shoveler 9,
Common Gull 1.

Pied Wagtail 6.

Little Owl 2,
Sparrowhawk 1.

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Carlton Marsh

This morning at least 500 Pink Feet Geese flew high to the east. c300 at 07.55hrs and c200 at 08.20hrs. Another skein was heard but not seen. (Keith Bannister)

This afternoon 10 Common Gull, and 2 Little Owls near Bleachcroft Farm. 
Late butterflies were Red Admiral 2, Small Tortoiseshell 2 and Comma 4. Also 14 Common Darter in the sunny bits. (Chris Parkin)

BMBC Rangers did a fantastic job of removing scrub and some trees to maintain open views in difficult circumstances. Thanks to Russ, Col and his lads. Our turn next week!
Old Moor: Little Egret, Ruff, Black-wit, Green Sand 3, Dunlin, Redshank.

Wintersett 25 Year Blockbuster 30.10.13

8 degrees,  cool,  sunny spells, south westerly breeze.
Wintersett Res: The highlight today was the 2nd ever YELLOW-BROWED  WARBLER,   picked up at 07.25 hrs  by Steve Denny at Botany Bay.    It was elusive,  but showed regularly up to 08.00hrs, as it flew a small circuit twice.  It was seen and heard from the roadside at  09.00hrs  and,  despite searching,  there were no further sightings for the rest of the day.   It is 25 years since the last one, which was seen by 4 observers, only one of who is still birding.  Many of the regulars gained a tick today,  in what is turning out to be the best October ever.
Also 320  Pink-footed Geese flew east in 2 skeins - 250 at 08.15hrs and 70 at  08.35hrs.  2 Mealy Redpoll were ringed and another was retrapped this morning.  Crossbill 1 W,  Siskin 1 over.  An adult male Peregrine flew south mid afternoon.
Also flying: Red Admiral 2 ACP + 1 Botany.  Migrant Hawker 2 Botany.
Anglers CP Vis Mig:  Wood Pigeon 400 SW, Skylark 36 SW,   Pied Wagtail 2 S,  Meadow Pipit 1 SW,  Mistle Thrush 4 SW,  Starling 12 SW,  Brambling 1SW.
ACP:  Redhead  Goosander 1.    There were 5 Great Black-backed Gulls and an adult Yellow-legged Gull in the roost tonight.

More Pinks

c750 Pink-footed Geese SE in six skeins to the north of Wharncliffe Chase this am.
per SBSG website.

Bits from all o'er

Elsecar Reservoir - 70+ Mallards, 6 Great Crested Grebes, 8 Moorhens and 11 Coots.
Whitley Common - 400+ Lapwings, c800 Black-headed Gulls, c25 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, c10 Common Gulls, 250+ Jackdaws and 600+ Starlings.
Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 126 Greylag Geese, 6 Canada Geese, 87 Mallards, 2 Little Grebes, 4 Moorhens and 100+ Black-headed Gulls.

1 Stoat over the road and up a 5ft+ wall at Upper Midhope.

Edderthorpe flash 30 Oct am.

Flying high over Edderthorpe 800+ Pink-footed Geese in 4 skeins. 8 Black-tailed Godwit, 6 Dunlin, and 1 Female Goldeneye on the fishing pond.

Adwick washlands (am)

Little Egret 1, Heron 4, Wigeon 22, Pink-footed Geese c150 east at 08.30, and c240 east at 08.50, Black t Godwit 12, Snipe 2, Peregrine 1 juv, Kestrel 2, Sparrowhawk 1.

Tuesday 29 October 2013


Had a couple of productive hours at Midhope after the rain this afternoon.
Hen Harrier, ring-tail
Common Buzzard 1
Peregrine, adult chasing Stock Dove
Kestrel 2
Sparrowhawk, male
Goshawk, one along Barnside Moor
Red Grouse, c160
Fieldfare, c300
Old Moor: Little Egret 2, Water Rail, Grey Plover, Black-tailed Godwit 15 (as Bolton), Ruff 3, Green Sand.

Broomhill Flash & Bolton Ings

Today's sightings for Broomhill are :-

Snipe 5,
Lapwing c30,
Redshank 1,
Dunlin 2,
Golden Plover c250.

Mute Swan 2,
Gadwall 57,
Teal 12,
Tufted Duck 8,
Shoveler 10,
Little Grebe 10,
Canada Goose 73,
Greylag Goose 1,
Cormorant 6.

Pied Wagtail 2,

Red-legged Partridge 18.

Little Owl 1,
Sparrowhawk 1,
Common Buzzard 4.

Bolton Ings (John Seeviour)

Black-tailed Godwit 15,
Dunlin 1.

Whooper Swan 8.

Wintersett 29.10.13

9 degrees,  cool and cloudy with sunny spells and a westerly breeze this morning. Showers at midday.
Very quiet again.
Wintersett Res:  A male and a female Peregrine flew south at 07.12hrs.   Goosander redhead 1,  Siskin 1 over.  Archie ringed a Chiffchaff this morning.  A Migrant Hawker was also flying over the water. 
NB: Most of the paths around the Res are now very muddy - wellies advisable.
Anglers CP:  Teal 11,  Pintail 1 female and Snipe 2.

Wilthorpe Marsh west early a.m.

2 Jack Snipe, 8 Common Snipe, 1 Water Rail, 21 Goldfinch. Contractors look to be doing major works on the sewage farm so no reports from there for a while. On to Whitley Common and into torrential rain. Still big numbers of Starlings, must be nearly 1000,big Lapwing flock still + about 500 Gulls mostly Black Headed with a few Common and LBB. Birds constantly on the move here, so difficult to count. Finch flock too far away in fields with no access.

Monday 28 October 2013

Carlton Marsh

13 Siskin, 20 Redwing in to roost, Water Rail and an almost pure white leucistic Pheasant. Also 2 Roe Deer and 3 Red Admirals.

Wizard Monday

Old Moor: Shelduck, Peregrine,Golden Plover 1,500, Redshank 5, Ruff 6, Dunlin 5, Black-wit 6, Green Sand 3, Jack Snipe.

Wombwell Ings: Merlin male flew north (JES).

Wombwell Ings

Sightings for Wombwell Ings Via John Seeviour

Ruff 2,
Dunlin 7,
Grey Heron 3.

Teal 70+,
Wigeon 40+,
Shoveler 14,
Black-headed Gull 149.

Merlin ♂ flew towards Edderthorpe.

Broomhill Flash

Here are todays sightings for Broomhill Flash :-

Ruff 3,
Little Egret 1,
Snipe 23+,
Dunlin 1,
Redshank 2
Golden Plover c850,
Lapwing c250.

Little Grebe 1,
Gadwall 36,
Mallard 4,
Teal 6,
Shoveler 6,
Tufted Duck 6,
Mute Swan 3 (1 Juvenile),
Black-headed Gull c30,
Common Gull 1,
Cormorant 3.

Greater Spotted Woodpecker 1,
Jay 1.

Kestrel 1,
Little Owl 1.

Wintersett 28.10.13

9°C,  cool, showery , but nowhere near as much rain or SW wind as forecast.  Pretty quiet.
Anglers CP:   Whooper Swan  5 flew S ( 2 adults and 3 juvs.),  Teal 6,  Pintail 1 ♀,  Snipe 19 and Peregrine 1 over.
Wintersett Res:  Siskin 1.
Phenology: Hawthorn, Bramble, Purple Vetch, Bristly Ox-tongue, Buttercup and White Dead Nettle have all been seen in flower today.

Big Counts

Castle Dam - 8 Mallards, 1 Little Grebe, 3 Moorhens, 12 Coots, c50 Black-headed Gulls and 30+ Jackdaws.
Scout Dike Reservoir - 108 Greylag Geese, 32 Canada Geese, 11 Mallards, 2 Great Crested Grebes, 1 Cormorant, 1 Grey Heron, 3 Coots and c200 Black-headed Gulls.
Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 2 Canada Geese, 2 Wigeon, 65 Mallards, 2 Little Grebes, 4 Moorhens and 60+ Black-headed Gulls.
Annat Royd Lane - 11 Grey Partridges, 117 Stock Doves, 18 Carrion Crows and c60 Goldfinch.
Low Moor, Upper Midhope - 800+ Fieldfares and c10 Redwings.
Midhope Reservoir - 6 Mallards, 4 Gadwall left NW, 1 Little Grebe and 2 Sparrowhawk.
Barnside Moor - 200+ Fieldfare.

Adwick (am)

Little Egret 1, Whooper Swan 5 se at 09.20, Mallard c260, Gadwall 8, Teal 24, Shoveler 17, Wigeon 12, Tufted 2, Snipe 21, Golden Plover 7, Grey Partridge 14, Blackbird more in evidence this morning c40, Redwing 12, Meadow Pipit c30, Yellowhammer 14, Reed Bunting 20+.

Woolley Grange- saturday 26-10-13.

No sign of any owls but looks good. Counts were- Buzzard 5, Kestrel 4, Sparrowhawk 1, Golden Plover 11 over south, Grey Heron 1, Jay 3, Fieldfare 50 over south, Meadow Pipit 6, Skylark 25, Linnet 40, Goldfinch 6, Bullfinch 6.

Bolton Ings et al - Sunday

Not a bad day weather wise, better than forecast, mostly blue skies a few showers and a light breeze. Very quiet bird wise, Gadwall down to 41 from 185 a fortnight ago but Pochard up to 37. A covey of 14 Grey Partridge on the newly cut grassland and a single Dunlin and Green Sandpiper on the mud. Full list:- Grey Heron 2, Mute Swan 11, Canada Goose 54, Grey Lag Goose 2, Cormorant 6, Great Crested Grebe 3, Little Grebe 15, Mallard 14, Teal 7, Gadwall 41, Shoveler 6, Tufted Duck 22, Pochard 37, Coot 280, Moorhen 15, Lapwing 13, Dunlin 1, Green Sandpiper 1, Black Headed Gull 111, Common Gull 21, LBBGull 1, Buzzard 1, Sparrowhawk 1, Kestrel 2, Green Woodpecker 1, Redwing 6, Grey Partridge 14.

After Bolton went up to Edderthorpe to see the 18 Whooper Swans.

Other news from over the weekend from Dave Waddington and Jeff Wragg.

Saturday - Red Kite north over Old Moor at 12.15. Also Black Tailed Godwit 12, Little Egret (FJ), Dunlin 11, Ruff 5, Redshank 3, Golden Plover c2500, Lapwing 800+, Grey Plover 1, Sparrowhawk 2, Peregrine 1, Pochard 5.

Sunday - Red Kite north over Old Moor at 12.15 (not a misprint). Also Grey Plover 1, Spotted Redshank 1, Little Egret 2, Bittern 1, Pink Footed Goose c150 east.

Sunday 27 October 2013

27th October 2013

11.45am, leaving Great Houghton on road toward Little Houghton,
Red Kite swooped in and moved southward over fields.

Broomhill Flash

Managed to do a count this morning with it being light because of the clocks going back! That being said not a great deal of difference and not a single snipe first thing this morning but made up for it later.

Lapwing 30,
Ruff 2,
Snipe 43.

Little Grebe 1,
Shoveler 11,
Gadwall 36,
Teal 5,
Mallard 3,
Coot 28,
Moorhen 15,
Mute Swan 2,
Cormorant 6,
Greylag Goose 2,
Canada Goose c47,
Black-headed Gull c60,
Little Gull 1 (flushed by a Peregrine and few towards Little Broomhill),
Common Gull 1,
Kingfisher 1.

Stock Dove 6,
Pied Wagtail 2.

Little Owl 1,
Peregrine Falcon 1.

Wintersett 27.10.13

10°C, mild and dry first thing,  with a south westerly wind. Light showers developed late morning.
Anglers CP Vis Mig:  Very little moving this morning.  Best was a skein of  350 Pink-footed Geese flying east at 08.05hrs.  Golden Plover 34 S,  Fieldfare 25 W,  Redwing 8 W,  Starling 17 W,   Song Thrush 4 W,  Pied Wagtail 1 S, Skylark  10 W,  Siskin 3 S,  Chaffinch 4 W and Meadow Pipit 1 S. ACP: A redhead Goosander was present.    Also a  Peregrine flew over - per M.Angel.
Wintersett Res:  Teal 2.  A Migrant Hawker was also flying.
Haw Park Wood:  Crossbill 9,  Siskin 1.  A Red Admiral was seen in the plantation.
Gull  Roost: An adult Mediterranean Gull was on ACP lake at 15.50hrs and relocated to WRes by 16.05hrs.


Edderthorpe flash this morning, 18 Whooper Swan, 2 Ruff, 9 Dunlin and a fatal attack on a Black-headed Gull by a Crow.

Saturday 26 October 2013

Bretton Lakes

A morning walk around Bretton Lakes produced a Great White Egret flying from the lower lake and then east at 0935 (possibly same birds seen in the afternoon at Armthorpe?), 1 adult Whooper Swan, c70 Siskin, 12 Nuthatch, c100 Redwing and c60 Fieldfare west as the highlights.

Edderthorpe, Saturday morning

A Great Crested Grebe is new in but most other birds have been here a while now;- Shelduck 3, Lapwing 520, Golden Plover 300, Dunlin 6, Ruff 2.

Wintersett Flying High 26.10.13

A mild 12 degrees start with overcast intermittent drizzle and poor visibility interspersed with bright and sunny spells and good visibility. Breeze was light and south westerly.
Anglers CP Vis Mig:  Bewick's Swan 5 SE 13.13 - 13.20hrsCrossbill 12 SE at 09.30hrs. Whooper Swan 2 SE,   Pink-footed Goose 860 E  in 5 skeinsWood Pigeon 670 SWStarling 620 W,  Fieldfare 177,   Golden Plover 3 W + 40 ESkylark 18 S + 3 EMeadow Pipit 12 S,  Song Thrush 5 W,  Mistle Thrush 1,   Brambling 5 W,  Lesser Redpoll  124 SW, Chaffinch 7 SW,   Goldfinch 3 SW,  Yellowhammer 2 SW and Reed Bunting 1 S.
ACP: Yellow-legged Gull 3 adults at 09.45hrs.  Whooper Swan 1,  Brambling 1 W,  Lesser Redpoll 60.
Wintersett Res:  Blackcap 1,  Pink-footed Goose 53 W at 09.00hrs.
A total of 51 birds were ringed this morning, including: 2 Mealy Redpoll,13 Lesser Redpoll,  22 Greenfinch,  6 Long-tailed Tit and 1 Goldcrest.

Bewick's Swan                                       PMeredith

Pink-footed Geese                             PMeredith

Skein of  300  Pink-footed Geese                        PMeredith

Broomhill Flash

The winds are starting to pick up a little but at least it's not raining! Todays sightings for Broomhill Flash were :-

Golden Plover c30,
Lapwing c80,
Snipe c20.

Mute Swan 2,
Shoveler 10,
Little Grebe 1,
Great crested Grebe 1,
Tufted Duck 7,
Teal 2.

Red-legged Partridge 8.

Little Owl 1.

Carlton Marsh

Another lovely, mild day! Birds included Buzzard 2 (residents) Little Owl, Goldcrest, Yellowhammer 20, Great Spot Woodpecker, Siskin 2, Redpoll, Water Rail,
Big mammals this morning were Fox and 2 Roe Deer. Also present Migrant Hawker & Common Darter.


Friday 25 October 2013

Wintersett 25.10.13

14 degrees, unseasonably warm,  but rain until late morning, south westerly.  Sunshine and clearing skies after 11.00hrs.
Anglers CP Vis Mig: A double highlight at 11.57hr was an adult Mediterranean Gull in winter plumage going east and a juvenile Arctic Tern going west.   Peregrine 1 N,  Golden Plover 14 E,  Skylark 19 SW,   Fieldfare 115 W,  Starling 120 W,  Chaffinch 13 SW and Siskin 9 SW.
Anglers CP:  An unringed Mealy Redpoll was with the Lesser Repoll flock.  Grey Wagtail 1 and  Siskin 2.  322 Lesser Black-backed Gull were present at 10.40hrs.  The usual adult and a further adult Yellow-legged Gull were also present.
Thanks to Gerry McShane for this cracking  Goosander v Gull sequence taken yesterday.

Adwick (late aft/noon)

Little Egret 1, Black t Godwit 4, Snipe 2, also reports of a Marsh Harrier.

Briefs or just pants?

Old Moor: Little Egret 2, Green Sand 4.

Broomhill Flash: Pochard 3 male, Little Gull. 

Ewden Valley friday afternoon 25-10-13.

Raven 2, Fieldare 200, Buzzard 2, Kestrel 1. Dissappointing from the cabin in an hour with just a few meadow pipits and red grouse.

Low Moor / Midhope, thursday 24-10-13.

Late afternoon in fine sunshine.Crossbill 30+,Buzzard 2,Kestrel 4, Fieldfare 100+,Jay 5, Redpoll 5, LBB Gull 15. 3 Jack Snipe still at wilthorpe marsh yesterday morning.

Thursday 24 October 2013

Carlton Marsh

This afternoon 45 Golden Plover south, Little Owl, 20 Redwing and Peregrine NE. Also present Migrant Hawker and Peacock butterfly.

Low Cudworth 
Red Admiral, Peacock, Comma. (Les Corrall)
Broomhill: Several skeins of Pink-feet over today, totaling about 600 including one of 290.

Adwick Wash: Marsh Harrier


1 Short-eared Owl on Manvers tip at the rear of the Next warehouses at 5pm. Also 2 Kestrel, 10 Grey Partridge.

Wintersett Big Mig 24.10.113

8°C  and  clear at dawn set hopes rising for a large passage of Vis. Mig birds.  We were not disappointed.  Highlights at Anglers CP were:
A new record count of 271 Skylark S.   A Red Kite flew slowly S at 12.35hrs. Wood Pigeon 3500 S,    10 Skeins of Pink-footed Goose  23 W + 1349 E,  Starling 1054 W,  Golden Plover 95 S,   Meadow Pipit 155,  Lesser Redpoll  40 SW,  Swallow 1 S,  Crossbill 4 E and Bullfinch 10 S.
For full count see
Also present:  Whooper Swan 2 adult, 
Haw Park Wood:  20 Crossbill   (per Carlton Dream Team)
Wintersett Res:  A male Blackcap and a Reed Warbler were on the West Bank.  A total of  58 birds were ringed this morning, including 2 Mealy Redpoll,  39 Lesser Redpoll,  7 Bullfinch,  2 Reed Bunting and 5 Goldcrest.
Also flying: Common Darter 1,  Migrant Hawker 1 and Peacock butterfly 1 + 1 ACP.

Mealy Redpoll                         AS

Mealy  Redpoll                   AS

          Lesser Redpoll                       Mealy Redpoll            AS

Low Cudworth

Red Kite over Carrs Lane 1:20pm.Watched for 10mins before it drifted off S/E+Common Buzzard.


Horizon Community College would like to say a 'Big Thankyou' to The Barnsley Bird Study Group for 12 Tree Sparrow boxes, 1 House Sparrow colony box, 8 Bee boxes, 6 Bat boxes and 2 Hedgehog boxes bought with the money raised at the Winter Bird Race this year. All boxes were numbered, installed and  mapped yesterday. Spring/Summer nest box activity and Autumn nest box contents will be recorded and kept on a computer data file at the college, enabling comparisons to be made each year.

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Carlton Marsh

Not much wildfowl today because BMBC Rangers were busy cutting the islands and some neighbouring trees and scrub. It's always great to have them, they do the big jobs that we volunteers can't do. However, due to forthcoming cut backs they are going to be thin on the ground after next April! 

There were the usual passerines, which included 2 Siskin, 2 Goldcrest and about 16 Redwings. 2 Roe Deer were chased off this morning by a foal grazing the meadow for us.

Butterflies included Red Admiral 2, Speckled Wood 2, Small Copper 1, Comma 6, Small White 1 and Silver Y Moth 3. (Chris Parkin)


With all the recent rain the water levels are now high and no visible mud remains, all that's left is covered with vegetation. All this vegetation is however, excellent feeding for the dabbling ducks, particularly Teal. Shelduck 3, Pochard 10, Golden Plover 80, Ruff 3, Dunlin 6.

Broomhill Flash

Todays sightings on Broomhill Flash included:-

Snipe 2,
Lapwing 15,
Golden Plover c600.

Teal 8,
Mute Swan 2,
Gadwall 7,
Shoveler 16,
Mallard 6,
Tufted Duck 5,
Cormorant 7,
Black-headed Gull c50,
Common Gull 1.

Pied Wagtail 2.

Grey Partridge 12.

Kestrel 1.

Old Moor

Golden Plovers at Wath Ings today - Keith Pickering
 Wath Ings (Keith Pickering): Golden Plover c1200, Grey Plover, Black-tailed Godwit 25, Green Sandpiper 2, Ruff 5, Dunlin 8. 

Black-tailed Godwit on Wath Ings - Keith Pickering

Wintersett 23.10.13

10 degrees,  intermittent showersstrengthening and gusty, south westerly.  
Anglers CP + Vis Mig:  Goosander 3 S,  Swallow 1 S at 09.00hrs,  Golden Plover 1 over,  Yellow-legged  Gull 1 1st W flew SW at 10.35hrs + usual near adult present.  Cormorant 19.

Elsecar & Ingbirchworth

Elsecar Reservoir - 60+ Mallards, 4 Tufted Ducks, 1 Grey Heron, 8 Great Crested Grebes, 11 Moorhens, 9 Coots and 50+ Black-headed Gulls.
Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 6 Canada Geese, 2 Wigeon, 62 Mallards, 4 Tufted Ducks, 1 drake Goldeneye, 2 Little Grebes, 3 Moorhens, c150 Black-headed Gulls, 20+ Lesser Black-backed Gulls W and 1 adult Great Black-backed Gull..

Adwick washlands (am)

Little Egret 1 still present, Mallard c150, Teal 28, Gadwall 16, Shoveler 5, Snipe 29, Lapwing c50, Fieldfare 24, Grey Wagtail 2.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Broomhill Flash

here are todays sightings for the reserve despite all the rain.

Golden Plover c200,
Grey Heron 2,
Snipe 3,
Lapwing c100.

Mute Swan 2,
Mallard 25
Gadwall 6,
Teal 6,
Shoveler 12,
Tufted Duck 8,
Wigeon 1 ♀,
Cormorant 6,
Common Gull 1,
Black-headed Gull 20,
Moorhen 10,
Coot 23.

Red-legged Partridge 8.

Kestrel 1.

Wintersett 22.10.13

13 degrees,  unseasonably warm,  overcast drizzly rain to mid morning,  then mainly dry to midday with a southerly breeze.
Anglers CP + Vis Mig:  Brambling 1, Redwing  120 over,  Redpoll 110,  Siskin 8 S
Lapwing 136,  Snipe 14,  Great Crested Grebe 33,  Goldeneye 7,  Shoveler 38 and Yellow-legged Gull 5.
Wintersett Res:  Teal 1.
Haw Park Wood:  At least 13 Crossbills.
Also flying:  Migrant Hawker 1.
Old Moor per Chris Harris: Barnacle Goose, Little Stint 2, Black t Godwit 16, Ruff 5.

Monday 21 October 2013

Broomhill Flash

Monday 21st October didn't bring anything out of the ordinary apart from myself suited & booted as I called in to Broomhill Flash for 10 minutes but here the sightings from the logbook.

Snipe 13,
Golden Plover c300,
Lapwing c100.

Shoveler 8,
Gadwall 28,
Teal 7,
Tufted Duck 6,
Mute Swan 3 (1 juvenile),
Pochard 2,
Coot 20,
Moorhen 10,
Little Grebe 1,
Common Gull 6.

Sparrowhawk 1.

Ewden Valley & Midhope

More Hall Reservoir - 1 drake Mandarin Duck, 71 Mallards, 3 Great Crested Grebes, 1 Cormorant, 1 Grey Heron, 9 Moorhen and 1 Kingfisher.
Broomhead Reservoir - 54 Mallards, 10 Teal, 5 Tufted Ducks and 2 Cormorants.
Midhope Reservoir - 4 Mallards, 2 Tufted Ducks and 1 Little Grebe.

Wintersett 21.10.13

12 degrees, mild but overcast early doors,  with rain from mid morning until 14.00hrs.  Wind S/SE.
Anglers CP:  Brambling 1 W,  Golden Plover 25 over,  Snipe 15.  Viewing from the hide in the rain was made more interesting  by a considerable number of big gulls on the lake until late morning.  Yellow-legged Gull 6 adults + another on WRes. Lesser Black-backed Gull 407,  Herring Gull 6 and Great Black-backed Gull  1 1st W.

Wilthorpe marsh west end, saturday19-10-13.

Common Snipe 12,Jack Snipe 3 possibly 4, Green Sand 1, Water Rail 1.

Edderthorpe, Monday am

Managed a few counts before the predicted rain came in at about 09.30. Little Stint 2 juveniles, Grey Plover 1, Dunlin 17, Ruff 2, Golden Plover- small flocks were dropping in all the time until a adult Peregrine came in causing the usual mayhem for about ten minutes. Although many of the waders scattered, the wildfowl came out of the vegetation and I was able to get some counts;- Teal 544, Gadwall 21, Wigeon 41, Shelduck 3. A Common Buzzard came over low just as the rain started and it wasn't long before the rain turned very heavy and I left.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Brent Goose

Ashes Pond, Wortley - a report of a dark bellied Brent Goose shot here yesterday, 19th October. Description was definitely of this species.

Carlton Marsh

Water Rail, Grey Wagtail 2, Siskin 4, Redpoll 7 south, Skylark 13 south, 20 Yellow Bunting, 17 Fieldfare east, 32 Redwing SW, 2 Buzzard and Little Owl. Comma 1.
I just hope I didn't miss the G.W. Egret coming through by not getting up early enough!

Harden Vis Mig

Harden Quarries
Time: 07:30-11:30hrs
Observers: Mick Cunningham, Dave Pennington and Nick Mallinson
Cormorant - 2 SW, Anser sp - 25 ENE, Sparrowhawk - 1 + 1 SW, Common Buzzard - 1 SW, Kestrel - 2, Peregrine Falcon - 2, Lapwing - 99 SE/ESE, Common Snipe - 1 W, Woodpigeon - 130 S/SW, Skylark - 5 S, Swallow - 2 SW, Meadow Pipit - 59 SW, alba Wagtail - 42 SW, Blackbird - 1 SW, Fieldfare - 459 S/SSW, Redwing - 33 SW, Mistle Thrush - 9 SW, Turdus sp - 54 S/SW, Starling - 329 W/NNW + 27 NE, Great Tit - 1 SW, Chaffinch - 135 ESE/SE, Brambling - 1 SE, finch sp - 101 SW, Greenfinch - 9 ESE/SE, Goldfinch - 30 ESE/SE, Siskin - 5 ESE/SE, Linnet - 22 ESE/SE, Twite - 1 SE, Lesser Redpoll - 3 SE, Crossbill - 18 SE ans Reed Bunting - 4 SW.
per Mick Cunnningham

Wintersett, Sunday

Very mild with a light southerly breeze and good visibility for a change. Todays highlight happened early when a GREAT WHITE EGRET flew north up the Top Res and carried on northwards over the Country Park at 07.53. Presumably this is the bird thats been around Fairburn Ings and Swillington recently. It is only the third Wintersett record. Wintersett Res the drake Common Scoter remains on here and there were 46 Shoveler feeding early morning. Anglers CP the vis mig session was slow today ;- a couple of skeins of Pink-footed Geese totalling 107 went west, a Peregrine put in a appearance, Golden Plovers totalled 105 south, Skylark 24 south, Fieldfare 151 and Redwing 106 west, and the most noticeable movers today were Starling which totalled 665 heading west.

Broomhill Flash

Lapwing 79,
Snipe c18,
Spotted Redshank 2.

Gadwall 62,
Teal c12,
Great crested Grebe 1 juvenile,
Little Grebe 2,
Shoveler 8,
Tufted Duck 10,
Mallard 7,
Kingfisher 1,
Moorhen 14,
Coot 24,
Mute Swan 2.

Swallow 1 heading south.

Red-legged Partridge 7.

Edderthorpe flash 20 Oct am.

2 Little Stint, 1 Stonechat (female), 3 Ruff, 1 Grey Plover, 17 Dunlin, 7 Snipe, 600 Golden Plover and 3 Shelduck.

Saturday 19 October 2013

Carlton Marsh

This morning - 13 Red Legged Partridge, 2 Great Spotted Wodpecker, Chiffchaff, 3 Siskin, c40 Goldfinch, 2 Redpoll and 10 Skylark south and 2 Water Rail calling.
A Red Admiral was feeding on Yarrow. 

Harden Vis Mig

Harden Quarries
Time: 08:00- 14:00hrs
Observers: Mick Cunningham, John McLoughlin, Russ Boland, Dave Pennington & Nick Corley.
Pink-footed Goose - 40 WNW, Hen Harrier 1 S + 1 (or same) ESE, Lapwing - 119 SW + 125 NE, Common Snipe - 74 W, Common Gull - 2 SW, Arctic Tern - 1 NNW, Skylark, 1 SW, Barn Swallow - 8 W/SW, Meadow Pipit 114 SW, Grey Wagtail - 2 SW, alba Wagtail - 27 SW, Blackbird - 1 SW, Fieldfare - 2428 SW/SE, Song Thrush 1 SW, Redwing- 117 SW/SE, Mistle Thrush - 4 SW/SE, Starling - 425 W, Chaffinch 63 ESE/SE. Brambling - 11 ESE/SE, finch sp - 21 ESE/SE, Greenfinch - 17 ESE, Goldfinch - 41 ESE/SE, Siskin - 17 ESE/SE, redpoll sp - 13 ESE/SE, Lesser Redpoll - 65 - ESE/SE, Common Crossbill - 16 ESE, Reed Bunting - 3 SW.
Also present - 1 Sparrowhawk, 5 Common Buzzards, 3 Kestrels, 2 Peregrine Falcons and 2 Ravens.
per Mick Cunningham

Adwick Wash.

On reaching the main marsh at appox 3.30pm  i quickly picked out a Little Egret. While doing a quick wildfowl count i saw two 4x4's pull up by the central stream. They then drove past me and pulled in to the field after the two bends nr the old maggot farm site. I then witnessed them shooting wood pigeons i couldn't hang around long but they put all the birds on the reserve in the air.I  think i recognised one of the shooters as local Highgate farmer Mr Seels who's cattle help keep the reserve in check cant say the same for his guns. Just about emptying it.

Wintersett 19.10.13

Misty but mild  until mid morning.  18 degrees by midday, light south westerly.
Wintersett Res:  Common Scoter 1 drake.   Caspian Gull at 11.00hrs,  Goldeneye 4 (1 male + 3 female),  Redpoll 7,  Water Rail 1,  Great Black-backed Gull 1 1st W and Goldfinch 90.   Also flying here Comma 1 and Migrant Hawker 1.
Anglers CP: Pochard 86,  Goldeneye 21,  Shoveler 42,  Tufted Duck 245 (48 ACP + 197 WRes.),  Yellow-legged Gull 6 adults,  Little Grebe 11 + 4 WRes,  and  Rock Pipit 1
ACP  Vis. Mig: Snipe 2 W at 09.50hrs.  Crossbill 21 E at 14.20hrs + 12 Haw Park.   Teal  5 dropped in from E at 13.57hrs.  Golden Plover 19 E + 29 S,   Meadow Pipit 1 S,   Redwing 16 W,   Chaffinch 1 W,   Siskin 1W,   Skylark 3 S,   Fieldfare 8W,   and Starling 9 W. 

LBBG Movements

Lesser Black-backed Gull
(of the sub-species Larus fuscus intermedius)
Blue Ring         pullus  02/07/1999 Rauna, Parsund (Vest-Agder) Norway
White letters     seen  21/12/2010 Upperthorpe, Sheffield
JNA5                 seen  28/12/2010 Sheffield
                         seen  30/12/2010 Albert Village Lake (Leicester & Rutland)
                         seen  08/01/2011 Orgreave Lakes
                         seen  17/11/2012 Neepsend, Sheffield
                         seen  30/11/2012 Neepsend
                         seen  12/02/2013 Neepsend
                         seen  14/02/2013 Neepsend
                         seen  16/07/2013 Neepsend
                         seen  12/08/2013 Whitley Edge.
per Mick Cunningham


Edderthorpe, Saturday

A gloomy, misty start but plenty of birds to see. Best is a adult Little Gull which came in early morning and hung around for a hour or so before presumably relocating to Broomhill. The juvenile Little Stint is still here with at least 17 Dunlin and a Ruff. A Grey Ploveris associating with the Golden Plover flock. Shelduck 3, Shoveler 62.

Broomhill Flash

Pretty much the same today with the exception of an adult Little Gull.

Snipe c30,
Lapwing c100.

Mute Swan 2,
Gadwall 28,
Teal 11,
Little Grebe 1,
Shoveler 16,
Cormorant 14,
Canada Geese 44.

Grey Partridge 5.

I'm Alright Jack

Scout Dike Reservoir - 1 Peregrine Falcon, 1 Jack Snipe and 1 Willow Tit.
per Mick Cunningham & Russ Boland

Friday 18-10-13.

80 pinkfeet low over darton lane staincross at 1-45pm. No sign of any twite at whitley common but an impressive flock of starlings probably pushing 500. Fragmented flocks of goldfinch and chaffinch were difficult to count as were about 200 lapwings.

Friday 18 October 2013


Storrs Mill
Grey Wagtail 1, Redpoll 1 north.

Darfield Road
c200 Fieldfares west at 12.50hrs

c150 Pink Feet Geese west at 13.00hrs and  30 Redwings SW at 17.00hrs ( Painted Lady, Red Admiral and Comma here yesterday)

Same old, same old

The usual suspects on Broomhill Flash today with the addition as John said the 9 Goosander.

Spotted Redshank 1,
Snipe 10.

Goosander 9,
Tufted Duck 14,
Gadwall 38,
Shoveler 7,
Mute Swan 2,
Little Grebe 1,.

Little Owl 1.

A gloomy early morning visit to Broomhill Flash brought a nice surprise in the shape of 9 Goosanders (all redheads) though they had apparently gone an hour later. Also there was a Spotted Redshank.

Not much other news though the Grey Plover was still at Old Moor + Spot Red and a Brambling was in the Canyon.

Edderthorpe Flash

Not much change here. Shelduck 3, Shoveler 52, Mallard 230, Golden Plover 1040, Little Stint 1 Juvenile, Dunlin 19, Ruff 1.

Wintersett, Friday

The day started foggy with little wind, slowly clearing to misty by mid morning and murky for the remainder of the day. Wintersett Res the drake Common Scoter is still on here, 22 Shoveler and a large flock of around 500 Fieldfares were on the east bank before moving off towards Cold Hiendley. Anglers CP Pink-footed Goose 1, Greylag Goose 112, Canada Goose 350, Shoveler 17, Goldeneye 3, Snipe 8, Jack Snipe 1 on the pol, Yellow-legged Gull 2 adults, Herring Gull 1, Rock Pipit 2, Lesser Redpoll 40 with a few Siskins mixed in (but no Mealies yet), Vis mig a flock (or flocks) of Pink-footed Geese could be heard on a few occasions around 10.00 but couldn't be seen due to the fog. Flocks that were seen;- 68 south at 10.50 and 65 south-west at 13.35, Snipe 4 west + 2 in, Golden Plover 33 south, Fieldfare 50 Redwing 120 and Song Thrush 21 (including a flock of 12 of the latter) were mostly heading westwards, Meadow Pipit 6, redpoll sp 5.

Thursday 17 October 2013

Langsett Moor 17/10/13

A few hours out today came up with 4 common buzzards, 2 kestrels, a sprawk, 3 mixed flocks of fieldfares/redwings consisting of hundreds of birds and then a bonus, late, male ring ouzel ..

Broomhill Flash

Not a lot of change for Broomhill Flash but here are the numbers for the day.

Shoveler 10,
Gadwall 39,
Little Grebe 2,
Canada c20.

Red-legged Partridge 14+.

Buzzard 1,
Little Owl 2,
Barn Owl 1 (on closing).

LDV quick splodge!

Old Moor: Marsh Harrier 'cream  crown' west, Golden Plover c1650, Grey Plover, Black-wit 20, Ruff 10, Green Sand.

Wombwell Ings: Goldeneye drake, Golden Plover c1,000, Lapwing c350, Spot Red 3, Dunlin, Black-wit.

Netherwood CP: Goldeneye female

Ewden Vis Mig

Ewden Height
Time: 08:00 - 10:00hrs
Observer: David Woodriff
Black-headed Gull - 2 NE, Woodpigeon - 44 SW, Great Spotted Woodpecker - 1 S, Skylark - 1 SW + 1 NE, Barn Swallow 2 SW, Meadow Pipit - 59 SW, alba Wagtail - 20 SW, Fieldfare - 52 SW, Redwing - 161 SW + 48 NE, Jackdaw - 23 SW + 40 NE, Starling - 25 SW, Chaffinch 30 S, finch sp - 14 S, Greenfinch - 33 S, Siskin - 2 NE, Linnet - 18 S, Lesser Redpoll - 2 SE, Common Crossbill - 34 SW + 4 NE, Yellowhammer - 1 NE and Reed Bunting - 1 NE.
Also present 1 Kestrel, 3 Fieldfares, 40 Redwings, 3 Mistle Thrush, 2 Raven, 3 Brambling and 3 Goldfinch.

Twite at Whitley

Elsecar Reservoir - 60+ Mallards, 2 Grey Herons, 12 Great Crested Grebes, 10 Moorhens, 14 Coots, c30 Black-headed Gulls and 1 Nuthatch.
Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 1 Wigeon, 4 Teal, 118 Mallards, 1 Tufted Duck, 2 Little Grebes, 2 Moorhens and 100+ Black-headed Gulls.
Whitley Common - 63 Lapwings, 7 Common Snipe, 100+ Black-headed Gulls, 120+ Jackdaws, c10 Carrion Crows, 800+ Starlings, 8 Meadow Pipits, 15+ Chaffinch, 10+ Goldfinch, 20+ Linnets and  4+ Twite,
Langsett Reservoir - 26 Canada Geese and 30+ Pied Wagtails.
Midhope Reservoir - 5 Mallards and 8 Tufted Ducks.

Wintersett 17.10.13

14 degrees,  mild and clear first thing, increasing cloud with a south westerly breeze. Short shower at 11.30hrs.
Anglers CP Vis. Mig:  Wood Pigeon 840 W,  Starling 342 W,  Redwing 156 W,   Fieldfare 95 W,   Mistle Thrush 7 W,  Song Thrush 5 W,   Blackbird 3 W,  Golden Plover  22 SW,   Ring-necked Parakeet 1 N at 09.10hrs, Skylark 43 W + 3 S + 16 N,   Pied Wagtail 6S,  Meadow Pipit 38 S,  Chaffinch  11 W,  Siskin 1S,  Sparrowhawk 1 S,  Goosander 2 S
Anglers CP: Snipe 12.

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Old Moor ( Keith Pickering, Dave Waddington): Little Egret, Pink-footed Goose 4, Goosander (female), Water Rail,  Golden Plover c1,000, Grey Plover, Black-tailed Godwit 21, Snipe 25,  Dunlin 9, Ruff 6, Kingfisher 2, Rock Pipit.

Manvers Lake: Goldeneye 2 females.

Broomhill Flash

The sightings here are from early to late morning.

Grey Heron 1,
Snipe c20,
Golden Plover c500.

Gadwall 33,
Shoveler 10,
Teal 25,
Tufted Duck 7,
Cormorant 6,
Kingfisher 1,
Common Gull 2,
Mute Swan 3.

Red-legged Partridge 8.

Kestrel 1,
Sparrowhawk 1.

Edderthorpe flash 16 Oct am

3. Goldeneye, 1 Little Stint, 17 Dunlin, 3 Ruff, 560 Golden Plover, 7 Snipe, 260 Lapwing and numerous wild fowl. This small wetland area is either permanently or seasonally saturated. It is managed by the RSPB. and mainly environmentally controlled by the weather. At the moment it is unique and in abundance with birds.


Stocksbridge - 200+ Rooks at Whitwell at mid-day.

Wilthorpe Marsh a.m. 16-10-13

W west end- 2 Jack Snipe, 6 Common Snipe, 1 Water Rail, 60 Goldfinch, Chiffchaff on sewage farm. central reedbed mostly overgrown held no snipe at all, just 1 calling Water Rail.

Wintersett 16.10.13

9 degrees,  overcast with very limited visibility first thing.  Fog cleared slowly towards mid morning.  Rain set in and south westerly picked up around 12.45pm. 
Wintersett Res:  Common Scoter  2 males and as female.
Anglers CP Vis Mig: Starling 34 W.  Goosander 1 female S at 11.44 but returned and dropped in.
ACP: Yellow-legged Gull 2 adults + 1 3rd W,  Shoveler 33+ and Snipe 3.

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Broomhill Flash

These are the sightings up to mid-morning.

Snipe 14,
Golden Plover c1000,
Grey Heron 2,
Lapwing 12.

Mallard 1 female,
Mute Swan 6 (1 juvenile),
Gadwall 12,
Shoveler 7,
Teal 7,
Tufted Duck 12,
Cormorant 6,
Black-headed Gull 72.

Jay 1,
Hawfinch 2 (Mick Turton),
Redwing c80.

Red-legged Partridge 12.

Little Owl 1,
Sparrowhawk 1,
Kestrel 1,
Peregrine Falcon 1.

Carlton Marsh

2 Buzzard, 2 Chiffchaff (1 singing) 5 Fieldfare north & Green Woodpecker.
Sunny spells this aft produced Comma 1, Speckled Wood 1 and 5 Migrant Hawker.


The Little Stint is still present along with;- Ruff 2, Dunlin 19, Golden Plover 1000, Lapwing 430, Peregrine 1 and a Chiffchaff. (John Clarkson)

Tuesday evening update

Old Moor: Pink-footed Goose 4 flew around area before landing in 'Goldie Fields' this evening where there were also 43 Grey Partridge. Golden Plover c350, Grey Plover, Green Sand', Dunlin 3, Ruff 3, Black-tailed Godwit 14, Kingfisher.

Broomhill: Golden Plover c1200 (back field).

Wombwell Ings Ruff, Spot Red 3.

Wintersett 2nd Bonxie 15.10.13

10°C, mild and cloudy with an easterly wind.
ACP Vis Mig: The vis mig highlight today occurred early on when an adult GREAT SKUA - only Wintersett's second ever - flew south past the CP watch point at 09.05. It was thankfully soon relocated on Wintersett Res where it showed well to 11.25,  before flying back to the ACP Lake, from where it finally flew off high to the west at 12.25 (PM, AS et al).

Also:  6 Wigeon  circled over then flew to the south at 08.55hrs,  before going high north at 09.15hrs.  Brambling 1SE,  Redwing 110 NE,  Meadow Pipit 2 S,  Skylark 5 S.  A small but notable NW passage of 167 (+ 5 this morning) continental Starlings occurred late afternoon.
ACP:  Wigeon 46 and Rock Pipit 1.
Wintersett Res: An unusually confiding drake Common Scoter off the east bank of  WRes. was also very nice to see. 
Here's a small selection of pictures for your enjoyment, taken by Paul Meredith.


Wintersett pm

Bonxie gone. 
Handsome drake Common Scoter close to shore in SE of Top Res near buoy 5 with a female nearby.

LDV Reservoirs

Langsett Reservoir - 1 Canada Goose, 45 Teal, 62 Mallards, 2 Tufted Ducks, 1 redhead Goosander, 1 Grey Heron and a flock of 4+ Goldcrest, 7+ Coal Tits and 2 Treecreepers.
Midhope Reservoir - 2 Teal, 14 Mallards and 8 Tufted Ducks.
Midhopestones - c220 Jackdaws, 100+ Rooks and 40+ House Sparrows.
Underbank Reservoir - 85 Canada Geese, 6 Wigeon, 5 Teal, 93 Mallards, 1 Tufted Duck, 5 Cormorants, 2 Grey Herons. 1 Moorhen, 1 Coot and c80 Black-headed Gulls.
Also several groups of 2-c30 Redwings throughout the area.

Great Skua at Wintersett.

The main news so far today is of a Bonxie which settled in on the Top Res at Wintersett and was still present late morning. More details and photos expected to follow later but meantime a couple of acceptable record shots have reached me:
The Bonxie at Wintersett - Ivan ouroff
A Great Skua?
News from Old Moor: Grey Plover, Rock Pipit.

Broomhill: 2 Hawfinch flew west (JMT).

Monday 14 October 2013

Broomhill Birder

Todays sightings for Broomhill Flash consisted of:-

Snipe 3+,
Golden Plover c1000 over back field & Wombwell Ings.

Mute Swan 2,
Shoveler 9,
Gadwall 2,
Teal 6,
Tufted Duck 10,
Little Grebe 1,
Cormorant 8,
Black-headed Gull 51.

Red-legged Partridge 6.

Kestrel 1.
A few bits from Old Moor today (Keith Pickering): Little Egret,Whooper Swan 20 flew east, Pink-feet skein of 14  heading west, Water Rail, Grey Plover, Black-tailed Godwit 19, Green Sandpiper 2, Snipe 10,  Ruff. 

The Whoopers heading off east - Keith Pickering

Grey Plover- Keith Pickering

Wintersett 14.10.13

10 degrees,  rain until 10.00hrs then intermittent showers, cold north westerly.
ACP Vis Mig:  Common Scoter - 2 drakes and 1 female present then left S at 08.35hrs.  Redwing 189 in various directions but mostly north or east.  Fieldfare 10 NW,  Lesser Black-backed Gull 14 N,  Yellow-legged Gull 1 adult N,  Skylak 6 N and  Snipe 3 N.
ACP: Yellow-legged Gull 3 adults present.  Common Scoter 1 adult male dropped in at 11.33hrs.
Wintersett Res:  Common Scoter 1 female type.

Edderthorpe flash 14 Oct. AM.

1 Little Stint,1 Grey Plover, 7 Ruff, 16 Dunlin, 9 Snipe, 240 Golden Plover and 2 Shelduck. 20 Whooper Swan flying East over Old Moor at 10-15 am, Keith Pickering.

Sunday 13 October 2013

Red-throated Diver

A couple of photos of the Red-throated Diver at Scout Dike Reservoir this evening. Both photos by David Pennington

Carlton Marsh

2 Buzzard (1 legged it south) 3 Shoveler, Green Woodpecker, Chiffchaff, 10 Redwing SW & a Barn Owl came in high from the east at 18.10 hrs.
Speckled Wood butterfly 1.

Bolton Ings et al - 13th October

What a contrast to last weeks glorious weather, grey, miserable, wet and windy today. Highlights were the first Goldeneye of the winter, first Redwings, 2 Pink Feet and I thought I heard a Grey Plover. One turned up on the Main Marsh so it must have been, good counts of Gadwall and Coot again on Webs day. Full list:- Grey Heron 4, Little Egret 1, Mute Swan 10, Canada Goose 163, Grey Lag Goose 40, Pink Footed Goose 2, Cormorant 12, Great Crested Grebe 6, Little Grebe 22, Mallard 30, Teal 26, Gadwall 185, Shoveler 22, Wigeon 7, Tufted Duck 19, Pochard 22, Goldeneye 1 drake, Coot 310, Moorhen 33, Lapwing 43, Snipe 4, Black Headed Gull 61, Common Gull 10, LBB Gull 1, Green Woodpecker 1, Jay 1, Grey Wagtail 3, Redwing 17.

After Bolton paid a visit to Edderthorpe to see the Grey Phalarope, also counted 850 Golden Plover while I was there.

Other reports/counts today - Wombwell Ings (Dave Waddington) - Grey Heron 1, Pink Footed Goose 2, Mallard 47, Teal 112, Shoveler 8, Gadwall 46, Wigeon 12, Tufted Duck 1, Lapwing 285, Golden Plover 225, Dunlin 5, Jack Snipe 4, Snipe 8, Spotted Redshank 3, Ruff 2, Black Tailed Godwit 2, Kingfisher 3, Mute Swan 4, Cormorant 4.

Old Moor - (Jeff Wragg) - Fieldfare 4 west, Black Tailed Godwit 2, Ruff 6, Grey Plover 1, Dunlin, Grey Wagtail, Whooper Swan 15 east, Little Egret 1, Snipe 9.

As previously mentioned Webs count today - highlights - Teal 482, Wigeon 518, Gadwall 496, Shoveler 82, Snipe 57, Black Tailed Godwit 19.

Grey Day Along The Dearne

Ventured down to Old Moor today for the first time in over 8 months ... a few surprising changes to the reserve!. Highlights included; Pink feet 2, Grey Plover 1, Black-tailed Godwit 17, Ruff 6, Dunlin 4, Green Sand 4, Little Egret 1, Arctic Tern 1 juv. DMW also had Rock Pipit over Broomhill this evening. Two Carrion Crows became Predatory Crows today after knocking a lapwing out of the air and then attempting to drown it ... needless to say that there was one less lapwing on the WeBS count! Final WeBS counts will probably follow. No gannets today!!!

Edderthorpe, Sunday

Bird of the day was undoubtably the GREY PHALAROPEwhich appeared on the flash around 09.40 and showed well to all visitors for the remainder of the day (until 17.15 at least). This is only the second record of this species for Edderthorpe and is likely to be the bird seen briefly at Old Moor yesterday. It is also National WeBS count day and the following are todays highlights;- Whooper Swan 3 north 10.40, Mallard 200, Shoveler 62, Teal 380, Shelduck 3, Cormorant 15, Lapwing 510, Golden Plover 850, Dunlin 23, Ruff 4, Rock Pipit 1.

Broomhill Flash

In comparison to what Dave Waddington was saying today about the large influx of water foul, Broomhill Flash was very quiet and has been since last Thursday or Friday.  As far as I know the shooting has stopped, so I can't understand why it's so quiet. Anyway digressing here's the numbers.

Lapwing 1,
Grey Heron 1,
Snipe 30+.

Gadwall 30,
Mallard 10,
Shoveler 10,
Teal c12,
Cormorant 3,
Moorhen 13,
Coot 16,
Common Gull 1,
Black-headed Gull 57.

Redwing c6.

Little Owl 1.


Scout Dike Reservoir - 1 adult Red-throated Diver (RJB, MC, DHP et al).
Pics to follow, hopefully.

Wintersett 13.10.13

10 degrees, overcast, intermittent drizzly showers throughout the morning, drier from 14.00hrs.
Anglers CP and Vis. Mig:   Pink-footed Goose 75 W at 09.54hrs + 1 on lake)   Goosander 1 redhead left east at 11.40hrs.  Whooper Swan 40 - (11 E at 10.20 + 13 E at 11.15 + 14 E at 14.30 + 2 E at 15.35 hrs). Pintail 1E.   A pair of Red-breasted Merganser dropped in at 13.40hrs.
Rock Pipit 1,  Goldeneye 4 and Yellow-legged Gull 5 adults.
Wintersett Res: Common Scoter 2.

More Whoopers

Whitley Common - c500 Starlings.
Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 539 Canada Geese, 1 Wigeon, 1 Teal, 262 Mallards and 5 Tufted Ducks.
Langsett Reservoir - 19 adult Whooper Swans and 3 (2 drakes & 1 female) Common Scoters and at Midhope Reservoir later.
per Dave Pearce.

Edderthorpe flash 13oct 11-45am

Grey Phalarope still present at Edderthorpe.

More Whoopers

Harden Quarries - 11 Whooper Swans N at c10:15hrs.
per Mick Cunningham.

Saturday 12 October 2013


20013/14 Winter Programme
The first Thursday in each month
 At 7.15pm RSPB Old Moor

7th November              Indonesia – Tony Sawbridge           
5th December               The Dearne Valley NIA- Pete Wall       

2nd January                  St Kilda – Ron Marshall                                         

6th February               All sorts – Mike Richardson
6th March                     Whipper-snappers surprise – Carl Dixon     

Wilthorpe Marsh (west)

Per Mr Tyke

Jack Snipe 3, Com Snipe 6, Water Rail 3, Starling 100+ an Teal 4.

Wintersett - One Bird Day 12.10.13

10 degrees,  overcast, drizzle, rain, mist - visibility poor, - pretty miserable conditions, but still the diehards  ( (PM, GJS) sat it out all day.
Anglers CP/Wintersett Res Vis Mig.  A juvenile Gannet going south at 12.45hrs was the bird of the day.  Thanks go to the team at Pugneys who sent an alert as it passed by them minutes earlier.
Also migrating: Dunlin 1,  Rock Pipit 1 N at 10.15 hrs  and Snipe 1.
ACP: Teal 8,  Goldeneye 1,  Grey Wagtail 2  and Chiffchaff 1.
Wintersett Res: Chiffchaff 2.

Wintersett - October WeBS 12.10.13

Coot  456,   Moorhen 19,   Mute Swan 25,   Canada Goose 200,  Greylag Goose 100,  Pink-footed Goose 1,  Great Crested Grebe 61,  Little Grebe 4,   Mallard 47,   Teal 8,   Gadwall 29,  Shoveler 24,   Wigeon 118,   Pochard 50,   Tufted Duck  164,   Goldeneye 1,   Cormorant 14,   Grey Heron 3,   Kingfisher 2,  Snipe 1  and Lapwing 34.

another day another gannet and more!

gannet currently over Bolton ings, also grey phalarope on main marsh this morning for 10 minutes then left east. Also 2 little egrets, 2 ruff, 16 blackwits and 2 pinkfeet at broomhill.

He's a gannet when it comes to gannets

Another juv Gannet east over Worsbrough at 11:00.

Same Whoopers

The 15 Whooper Swans from yesterday have been re-located in a stubble field between Scout Dike Reservoir and Royd Moor Reservoir.
per Mick Cunningham

Friday 11 October 2013

Wintersett Massive Mig. 11.10.13

9 degrees, mostly cloudy,  constant cold northerly wind.   
Anglers CP Vis Mig  watch paid dividends  for Paul and Pete after a 10  hour watch!   After reports of Gannet through all the surrounding area this afternoon,  one finally showed up here,  flying west,   at 17.25hrs.  A well deserved reward for perseverance.
Overall an excellent and varied watch with highlights being: -
Going west:   A  Jack Snipe at 09.48,   19 Brambling  at 10.00,   2525 Redwing and 284  Fieldfare.
Also a Grey Plover N at 10.59,  4 Golden Plover NW,  a  Ringed Plover N,   a Knot E at 10.35,   a Twite E at 13.47 and   21  Whooper Swan (2 NW at 08.35 and 19 E at 11.25).   A juv. male  Peregrine flew S  and so did a Kestrel.
ACP:   A female type Common Scoter was in early doors and 2 Pink-footed Geese dropped in at 17.10hrs.   Goldeneye 1 female and Yellow-legged Gull 1 adult.


No Gannets seen here between 3.00 - 6.30 pm but there was a noticeable passage of Cormorants heading southwards with around 40 counted. Shelduck 3, Shoveler 70, Water Rail 1, Dunlin 35, Spotted Redshank 2, Ruff 1, Golden Plover 153, Peregrine 1, Common Buzzard 1.


Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 1 adult Yellow-legged Gull late am.
per David Pennington.

Adwick (mid aft/noon)

No Gannets, but a  brief appearance of Little Stint 1, Dunlin 1 (M. Bellas, Ken F)

Are you Bempton in disguise?

Are you Bempton in disguise? - that was the message I sent Carlos after his texts about the Gannets. Fortunately, I was perfectly placed for the first two, just leaving the office at Birdwell and heading down the bypass towards Wombwell. Picked them up over the Jump roundabout 'wheeling' at about 2x lamp-post height and followed them down (they were doing c20mph) before loosing them behind trees near Hemmingfield. Fortunately with the aid of radios some birders at Old Moor also got on them as they headed off east over Wath-upon-Dearne. Another passed east there at c15.05.

Also 20 Black-wits Wath, 2 Spot Reds Edderthorpe.

Once you've seen two . . .

12 Gannet West 14:48 Worsbrough Valley. First picked up over M1 then headed towards Rockley. Also 4 buzzard and 2 Pinkfeet east 16:24. Belated news of a dipper at the reservoir on the 5th.

Av adder Wursbru tick

Two juv Gannet gradually headed east over Worsbrough res 13:52 - 14:05. Not bad considering I arrived at 13:52

Adwick washlands

Whooper Swans 6 se at 09.10


Harden Reservoir - c50 Redwings NW.
Ingbirchworth Reservoir - 15 Whooper Swans.
per Mick Cunningham.

Thursday 10 October 2013


Hundreds of Redwings were seen over Cudworth this morning heading W&SW between 08.15 & 08.45 hrs. (Rod Heeley) 

Carlton Marsh 
At least 60 Redwings WNW around 09.00 hrs. and 90 Canada Geese east. 4 Shoveler and 3 Tufted Duck were present.
In the afternoon - Grey Wagtail, Little Owl and a single Golden Plover, a scarcity up this valley nowadays. (Keith Bannister)

Cudworth Common
A single Greenshank was present this afternoon (K. Bannister)

Jim's Adder Woftik!

Visit to Old Moor this evening with Jim Thompson. We were just bemoaning the fact that despite the perishing cold we'd seen nothing new in other than a Curlew when a small skein of geese approached us. Now at this time of day loads and loads of geese drop in at Old Moor, but coming from the south........surely worth a second look. And it certainly was, 12 magnificent Barnacles fighting into the wind as they slowly flew northwest, before veering more westerly. With large numbers moving along the coast in the last few days these were surely wild. Off to the Solway perhaps? So now you know - Jim's adder Woftik!

The magnificent 12 - John Hewitt
Barnacle Geese over Old Moor - John Hewitt

Other bits: Ruff 11, Black-wit 18, Dunlin 6,Green Sand.

Broomhill Flash (early am): Ruff 2

Wombwell Ings (per Seev'): Pink-footed Goose 2, Black-wit 16, Ruff, Dunlin, Swallow

Wintersett Redwings 10.10.13 (also belated 09.101.3)

9 degrees,  brisk, cold northerly, sunny with scattered cloud.
Anglers CP Vis Mig:  An excellent Redwing total of  5185  flying west, with the majority (3500) between 08.15 and 09.15.   Numbers tailed off very quickly after 10.00 hrs.  Fieldfare 130 W,  Snipe 3 W,  House Martin 2 W,  Swallow 1 W,   Pink-footed Goose 1 E at 09.06hrs.
Anglers CP:  4 Whooper Swans flew in at 09.06hrs,  Greylag Goose 100.

Belated 09.10.13
ACP Vis Mig: The first LITTLE STINT for five years flew SW at 10.06hrs with 4 Dunlin, Meadow Pipit 627,  Swallow 1 S,  Merlin 1 S at 09.27hrs,  Peregrine 1S at -09.30 hrs,  Yellow-legged Gull 13 W, Cormorant 9S,
ACP:   Pintail  1, Yellow-legged Gull 1 adult,  Wigeon 412, Pochard 51 and  Gadwall 25.
Wintersett Res: Chiffchaff 6 and Shoveler 23.
Also flying: Speckled Wood 1 and Migrant Hawker 1.

Edderthorpe flash 10 Oct. (am)

2 Barnacle Geese, 2 Spotted Redshank, 3 Ruff and 11 Dunlin, re Alan Stonier.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Broomhill Flash & Wombwell Ings

These sightings were from early morning to around midday.

Broomhill Flash.

Grey Heron 2,
Golden Plover c200,
Snipe 4,
Ruff 1.

Mute Swan 2,
Shoveler 6,
Mallard 8,
Teal 14,
Gadwall 32,
Cormorant 8,
Lesser Black-backed Gull 1.

Pied Wagtail 6,
Linnet c12,
Meadow Pipit 6,
Swallow 1.

Red-legged Partridge 11.

Peregrine Falcon 1,
Little Owl 1,
Kestrel 1.

Wombwell Ings.

Grey Heron 6,
Black-tailed Godwit 14,
Dunlin 25,
Ringed Plover,
Ruff 1,
Golden Plover c200,
Spotted Redshank 2,
Snipe 4.

Teal 46,
Shoveler 12,
Wigeon 40,
Gadwall 4,
Mallard 8,
Pintail 1,
Kingfisher 1.

Linnet 12+,
Pied Wagtail 3+.

Buzzard 2,
Kestrel 1.

A few highlights from Wombwell Ings today: Peregrine, Golden Plover 500+ (many in back field), Black-wit 24, Ruff 2, Dunlin 25, Jack Snipe.

Broomhill Flash: Ruff 2.

Work at Wath Ings is expected to be complete by mid-day.


Wath Ings Work - please be aware that today (and possibly tomorrow) there will be work on Wath Ings to transfer reeds to the Reedbeds.

Adwick washlands (am)

Pink-footed Geese 72 east  at 09.30, Green Sandpiper 1 on the River Dearne.

Edderthorpe flash am

1 Little Stint, 7 Ruff, 8 Dunlin, 5 Snipe, 170+ Golden Plover, 3 Shelduck, 1 Buzzard, 54 Shoveler, 9 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and 1 Common Gull

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Broomhill Flash & Bolton Ings

Myself and Mr Seeviour did the Broomhill Flash and Bolton Ings reserves today which was very pleasant, so here are the fruits of our labour!

Broomhill Flash Tuesday 8th October.

Grey Heron 1,
Little Egret 1,
Snipe 10,
Golden Plover 44 dropped on Wombwell Ings.

Kingfisher 1,
Gadwall 3,
Mallard 10,
Tufted Duck 11,
Teal 16,
Shoveler 8,
Little Grebe 1,
Cormorant 11,
Common Gull 1,
Lesser Black-backed Gull 4.

Pied Wagtail 7,
Linnet 12,
Goldfinch 30+,
Redwing c20,
Swallow 4.

Grey Partridge 1,
Red-legged Partridge 3.

Little Owl 1,
Sparrowhawk 1,
Peregrine Falcon 1.

Bolton Ings.

Grey Heron 3+,
Gadwall c104,
Shoveler 17,
Wigeon c76,
Tufted Duck 10,
Teal 3,
Mute Swan 4 (2 Juvenile),
Pochard 10,
Cormorant 13,
Great crested Grebe 6,
Little Grebe 11,
Lesser Black-backed Gull 2,
Common Gull 1.

Chiffchaff 1,
Jay 3,
Redwing 1.

Sparrowhawk 1 with very pale rump.

Wintersett Double Up

Monday 7th Oct

Shoveler – 44 on the Country Park (21 on the Top Res earlier)
Water Rail – 1 on the Country Park
Goosander – 2 redheads circled the Country Park & left NW
Blackcap – 2 ringed at the Low Lake ruin.
Redpoll – 4 SW
Pink-footed Goose – 90 west
Peregrine – 1 south

Tuesday 8th October
Rock Pipit – 2 on the Country Park, 1 leaving northwest
Chiffchaff – 6 CP
Brambling – 1 west
Dabchick – 7 CP
Redwing – 2 CP
Yellow-legged Gull – adult Country Park