Sunday 28 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

New in today a singing Chiffchaff, and a Redshank on the wader scrape (D. Standish). Also of note 2 Treecreepers (K. Bannister).

Towards dusk the Bittern flew in from the back of the main scrape to its favourite reed bed in front of the 1st bench at 17.55hrs (Dave Standish).

Dearne Valley Park

Butterflies were the main feature with 1 male Brimstone, 3 Comma, 4 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Peacock.

Loads of Frogs were mating in Littleworth Park at Monk Bretton (Chris Parkin)

Ewden valley 28/2/21.

Warm with 2 hours at the lodge but few birds. Stonechat total 5 with 2 pairs and a single male. Raven 1, Meadow Pipit 1, Lapwing 34 went down on broomhead moor. Buzzard 1 pair, Kestrel 1.

Wintersett 28.02.21

 Anglers CP: 

Snipe 12.  Oystercatcher 3.  Goosander 3 redheads.

Wintersett Res: 

Cetti's Warbler 1m north bank, 1m east bank, 1m boathouse reeds and 1 west bank clump.

Saturday 27 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

 A lovely morning again produced 79 Herring Gulls and 150 BH Gulls (Wader scrape) and 2 Cormorants (main scrape). 2 blackbirds and a Coal Tit were singing (R. Laverack/CG).

c200 Pink Feet NW over Low Cudworth at 11.15hrs somehow avoided the reserve and a Siskin was in Les Corrall's garden.

This afternoon saw a Redhead Goosander on the main scrape along with Kingfisher. 

Towards dusk the Bittern started to move around in the reed bed in front of the 1st bench on the embankment, before climbing up the reeds in the fading light. This one is very shy and difficult to see. 

Then a Barn Owl flew from the car park area to the Western Meadow at 17.58hrs. This was followed by a female Tawny calling as a male left its regular roost to feed. At least 6 Snipe (2+2+2) left west as it got dark (D. Standish/DM Smith/CG).

Green Shield Lichen (Flavoparmelia caperata) on Oak Tree (CG)

Wintersett 27.02.2021

 Anglers CP:   

Curlew 1 over.    Pink-footed Goose 105 north west.  

Lepidoptera: The first butterfly of the year was a female Brimstone at Anglers CP this morning.

Friday 26 February 2021

Rabbit Ings 26th am

 Nice walk - 1 Fieldfare, 1 Stonechat

and 1 Brimstone

Wintersett 26.02.2021

Anglers CP: Shoveler 4m + 1 f.   Dunlin 2 on shallows.

Wintersett Res: A male Cetti's Warbler was in the boathouse reeds.   A Water Rail was in the west bank marsh.  Goosander 2 red heads.

Carlton Marsh

This morning 10 Tufted Duck, 2 Grey Heron, 3 Common Gull, Kingfisher, 7 Greylag, 2 Goldcrest, 4 Redpoll, Coal Tit (L & A Corrall).

This afternoon at dusk Pipistrelle Bat and Bittern from the 1st seat overlooking main scrape (D. Standish).

Storrs Mill Cudworth
3 Buzzard airborne, Great Spot Woodpecker 'drumming', 2 Grey Wagtail, Kingfisher and Sparrowhawk. A Small Tortoiseshell was flying in the sunshine (C. Parkin)

Wilthorpe Marsh 26/2/21.

Very steady but a few signs of Spring. Water Pipit 1, Chiffchaff 3 in the sf area with 2 singing. Pair of Yellow Buntings back on t. with the male singing.

Thursday 25 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

No sign of Bittern tonight, but a Tawny Owl showed well. Today's highlights were Treecreeper, 2 Kingfisher, Cetti's singing, 21 Herring Gulls, and a 'Redhead' Goosander came in at 15.45hrs our first of 2021. (R. Laverack/D. Standish)

Ferrymoor Flash
The usual Canada & Greylag Geese and a male Pochard. 4 Ringed Plover on the ash plain + at least 1 in the Symphony compound (Les & Andrew Corrall).

The very mild conditions yesterday prompted me to put my Actinic light trap in the garden. It caught the plume moth Emmelina monodactyla and Pale Brindled Beauty.

Pale Brindled Beauty

Wintersett 25.02.2021

Anglers CP:  Greylag Goose 127.   Lapwing 60.  Snipe 16. 

Wintersett Res: 

Goldeneye 147  (81 + 53 Anglers CP + 13 CHRes)

Pochard  15 (5 + 2 ACP + 8 CHRes)

Great Crested Grebe 9  (5 + 4 CHRes)

Woodcock 1 over

Cold Hiendley Res: Goosander 1 male west. 

Cold Hiendley SF:  Chiffchaff 4.   Cetti's Warbler 1 male.

Adwick 24th pm

 Highlights were Avocet 1, Grey Partridge pair and Golden Plover 22.

Wednesday 24 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

Today's best birds were Kingfisher, 26 Herring Gulls, 26 Canada Geese, 5 Greylags, 3 Cormorants and 4 Song Thushes singing. A pair of Stock Doves were flight displaying (I can't say as I have seen that very often).

Then at dusk Dave Standish saw a Bittern in the reedbeds looking down from the first seat on the embankment. Our first since July 2018.

The first Crocus were in flower in a barmy 16c.

Scarlet Elf Cup (Sarcoscypha austriaca) Car park

Ferrymoor Flash
45 Canada Geese, 17 Greylags, 17 Tufted Duck and at least 4 Ringed Plover on the Ash Plain/Symphony. A Great Crested Grebe has returned hopefully to breed again.
(Les & Andrew Corrall)

Wintersett 24.02.2021

Very quiet today! 

Wintersett Res:  20 Redwing were on the north east bank.  A Water Rail was in the west bank marsh.

Tuesday 23 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

 Still really quiet here. 11 Fieldfares south, Kingfisher, c20 Canada Geese c15 Greylags, 8 Tufted Ducks and 4 singing Song Thrushes.

Elder Whitewash Fungi (Hyphodontia sambuci) 
on decaying Elder in car park (CG)

Wintersett + Gull Roost 23.02.2021

Anglers CP:  Snipe 16.  

Wintersett Res: Cetti's Warbler 1m west bank marsh.  Teal 2.  Red-legged Partridge 2.

Wintersett Res. Gull Roost: A 1stW Caspian Gull and an adult Yellow-legged Gull were notable tonight.   Herring Gull 470.  Lesser Black-backed Gull 6.  Great Black-backed Gull 4.  Goldeneye 66.

Lepidoptera:  A Dotted Border was on the green building in ACP car park.

                                                     Dotted Border   ACP car park     ASmith

Low Moor/Midhope 23/2/21.

Very brief visit. Just about impossible to bird outside a vehicle in this wind. Curlew 33 down, Starling flock c 200, 1 singing Skylark.

Monday 22 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

 An Oystercatcher flew over yesterday (JP).

Today a male Shelduck flew south from the wader scrape at 07.58hrs, our first for the year (K. Bannister).

This afternoon a Dabchick was new in and a Willow Tit was singing from the back of the Whin pool. Also Kingfisher and Cormorant (DM Smith/CG).

Cudworth Common
23 Stock Doves, 30 Fieldfares, Sparrowhawk and a mixed flock of Yellow Bunting, Chaffinch and Reed Bunting.

Ferrymoor Flash
2 Oystercatchers, 45 Canada Geese, 17 Greylag, 6 Teal, 12 Tufted Duck and 5 Pochard.

8 Ringed Plover on the Ash Plain (Les & Andrew Corrall).

Wintersett 22.02.2021

Anglers CP: 

Snipe 9.   Oystercatcher 3.  Shoveler 8.  

Pink-footed Goose 160 south at 10.37hrs. 

Goldeneye 57 ACP,  12 CHRes. + 69 WRes..   Wigeon 219 + 2 WRes..


Wilthorpe Marsh 22/2/21. J Lunn, S Green.

Very steady with no surprises in this afts favourable weather. Water Pipit 2, Stonechat 2, Jack Snipe 2. 10 Meadow Pipit, 2 L Egret, c 25 Linnet flock.

22/2/21 Midhope Res / Low Moor / Langsett area

Arrived at Midhope Res early afternoon as the sun appeared. A Goldcrest, Song Thrush, Chaffinch and several Robins sang. A Kestrel alarmed a Grey Wagtail pair on the spillway/overflow. 3 Oystercatchers sat on the dam wall and the water held 5 Wigeon, a Goldeneye pair, a trilling Little Grebe and 2 pairs of Tufted Ducks.

A group of 22 Curlew flew from Low Moor towards Langsett and a Buzzard circled above. Low Moor held c60 Lapwing and a further 94 were in a single group north of Langsett. 

Sunday 21 February 2021

Low Moor/Midhope 21/2/21. P Middleton, I Hey, S Green.

Very steady with 17 Curlew, 14 of which were down. Lapwing 21 with 6 down. Oystercatcher 2 down and what sounded like a chipping Snipe was heard. Crossbill 2, presumed pair, with the fem. showing well briefly. C Buzzard 1, GS Pecker 1.

Carlton Marsh

On the wader scrape this morning Little Egret, 115 Herring Gulls and 3 Cormorants.

Spring flowers included Snowdrop, Coltsfoot, Field Speedwell and the first flowers of Blackthorn (K. Bannister/C. Parkin).

This afternoon 2 Cetti's Warblers were singing and seen together squabbling over territorial rights in Common Reed, looking down from the first seat on the embankment (D. Standish).


A male Stonechat was found this afternoon near the horse stables on the Barnsley Canal, not thought to be the Rabbit Ings male. (D. Standish).

Blushing Bracket (Daedaleopsis confragosa) Carlton Marsh (CG)

Wintersett 21.02.2021

 Mild  - up to 9  degrees C, with a light southerly.  

Wintersett Res:  Kingfisher 1.  An unringed Willow Tit  was on the east bank.   A Water Rail was in the south east corner.  

Anglers CP: Shoveler 3m + 2f and 2m CHRes..

Cold Hiendley SF:  2 singing Chiffchaffs were in the hedge.  The  elusive female Stonechat showed this morning.  (Possibly the same one, seen on 01.12.2020, that has wintered in the vicinity.)  The Green Sandpiper  was visible briefly, behind the settling beds.  Grey Wagtail 2.

Willow Tit Records for 2021


Photo Geoff Carr

Any Willow Tit records this year please put them on here or onto BBSG Twitter as you did last year. A coordinated survey again this spring in the Dearne NIA but any records from within the Barnsley Recording Area very valuable to build a picture of what is happening with the population. As we know, Barnsley was once the stronghold of this species Nationally but this is now changing. The BBSG Atlas found 80 territories (2006-2011) but the population is dropping east of the M1 motorway. Birders last year contributed to 18 territories east of the M1 and 16 west of the M1. It appears the population west of the M1 remains near-consistent since the Atlas.


Saturday 20 February 2021

Low Moor/Midhope 20/2/21.

Poor weather here with strong wind and rain ending it. Curlew 8 with 5 down, Lapwing c 40 with 4 down. Raven 3, Starling c 100, Woodpigeon c 150, Buzzard 1, Sparrowhawk 1.

Wintersett + Gull Roost 20.02.2021

 Cold Hiendley SF:  Green Sandpiper 1.   Chiffchaff 1      per  @CroftonBirder

 Wintersett Res. Gull Roost:  per @StevieD131

Afternoon was taken up by this 1st W Gull throwing out American Herring Gull vibes in Top Res roost. Very large, pale head,  barred rump,  dark even Gtr coverts,  tail looked dark but not seen well.  Tertials dark with pale fringe. 

For photographs and video click links below.



Friday 19 February 2021

Wintersett 19.02.2021

Anglers CP: 

Cormorant 7.   Shoveler 1 immature male.   Oystercatcher 3.

Pintail 2m + 2f flew south at 12.20hrs,  ( presumably same birds that were  seen at Edderthorpe in the afternoon.) 

Canal Flash Field:  120 Linnets this morning.

Barnsley Bird News 19/2/21.

Couple of snippets. Smew at edderthorpe very mobile and elusive this morning spending most of its time underwater. cc Marsh Harrier at bolton ings 1-20 pm, Green Pecker warbler way.

Cudworth Common

11 Ringed Plovers now on the Ash Plateau.

Ferrymoor Flash
45 Canada Geese, 34 Greylags, 20 Tufted Ducks, 4 Pochards and 2 Cormorants is pretty good for such a small lake.  (Les & Andrew Corrall).

Thursday 18 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

Not much change here Cetti's singing in main scrape and 26 Herring Gulls on wader scrape. 23 Stock Doves, Single Redpoll and Linnet over and 70 Fieldfares and 10 Redwings were feeding in stubble before coming in to roost. 

Fungi Peniophora quercina

Wintersett 18.02.2021

 Anglers CP: 

Oystercatcher 3.  A Curlew flew south west.  Shoveler 1m.  Siskin 8.

Wintersett Res:

A male Cetti's Warbler and a Water Rail were in the west bank marsh.  

A Willow Tit was on the west bank clump. 

Haw Park Lane: Nuthatch 1

Ferrymoor 18/2/21. P Middleton, S Green.

Ringed Plover 7, 18 Lapwing, 2 C Snipe, 5 Skylark. 6 Gadwall, 1 pair Teal, 65 BH Gulls down.

Wednesday 17 February 2021

Wintersett + Gull Roost

 Wintersett Res:  2 male Cetti's Warbler - north west bank + west bank marsh.  A Water Rail was in the west bank marsh.  

Wintersett Res. Gull Roost: An adult and  2nd W Yellow-legged Gull were notable tonight.    Also  7 Lesser Black-backed Gulls.

Carlton Marsh & Cudworth Common

Little Egret, 26 Canada Geese and 9 Greylags on the wader scrape. c50 Jackdaws in a stubble field.

Ferrymoor Flash
1m 1f Goosander, 11 Tufted Duck, 1m 1f Shoveler, 2m 1f Pochard, 45 Canada Geese, 18 Greylags and 4 Redpoll over. 

A Little Egret was on the nearby flashes and 2 Kestrels were overhead.

A stubble field contained 25 Reed Buntings, 20 Yellow Buntings, 15 Chaffinches and 5 Stock Doves. There were also at least 8 Skylarks some singing (Les & Andrew Corrall).

Wilthorpe Marsh 17/2/21. C Dixon, S Green.

Water Pipit 2, probably 3, Stonechat 2, Peregrine 1, L Egret 1. Parakeet 2, Linnet flock c 35, Skylark 6 over.

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Wintersett 16.02.2021

 Anglers CP: Oystercatcher 2.  Goosander 1. 

Wintersett Res: Cetti's Warbler 1 north west bank.  A Water Rail was in the south west corner.

Cold Hiendley Res: Kingfisher 1.

Low Moor/Midhope 16/2/21.

Not many species but enjoyable with presumably the first Curlew of the year which thought about landing before flying back e over the res. Crossbill 3, 1 Goosander male e., Greylag c 140 with 1 Pinkfoot. Peregrine 2, one with missing primaries in right wing, C Buzzard 3.

Cudworth Common

12 Reed Buntings and 38 Fieldfares in stubble field. In the wooded area 2 Lesser Redpolls and 1 Siskin.

On the flashes 1 immature drake Shoveler and a pair of Wigeon. 

Ferrymoor Flash
37 Canada Geese, 25 Greylags, 15 Tufted Ducks (11m), 8 Teal, 2 Cormorants, 1 pair Goosanders, 4 Redwing south.

The Ash Plain
3 Ringed Plover, 1 Snipe and 3 Meadow Pipits (CG/Les & Andrew Corrall).

Monday 15 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

This morning saw an influx of wildfowl on to the wader scrape with 53 Gadwall, 34 Teal, 10 Canada Geese, 11 Greylags, Cormorant and 2 Little Egrets. 

Elsewhere a Woodcock flew over Cudworth Parkway towards the reserve at 08.15hrs, Cetti's Warbler sang from the main scrape and a Water Rail walked under the bird feeder. Great Spot Woodpecker, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk and Kingfisher were also present. 70 Fieldfares and 15 Redwings were feeding in a nearby stubble field (K. Bannister/Dave Smith/Dave Standish/CG)

A Weasel was seen near the entrance to the car park (Dave Smith) and our first Peacock butterfly of the year was tempted to fly in the warm sunshine (Chris Parkin). 

Sunday 14 February 2021

Wintersett 14.02.2021

 Cold Hiendley SF:  Chiffchaff 1.

Wintersett Res: A Cetti's Warbler was on the east bank.  

Pits Wood: Nuthatch 1.

Botany Paddock:  Starling 150  + 25 Wintersett Village.

Anglers CP:   8 Whooper Swans flew in at 08.55hrs and left west at 11.25hrs. 

A Goosander flew south.

Wilthorpe Marsh 14/2/21.

Water Pipit 1, pair of Grey Partridge flushed from w end, C Snipe 7. Mute Swan 5, 2 ad,3 imm, presumed family party which bred here last year on the oxbow but havent been seen for weeks. Teal c 25, Green Pecker 1 showed well briefly.

Wintersett WeBS count for February 2021

Here is the Wintersett  WeBS count for February 2021

Mute Swan 20   Whooper Swan 8   Canada Goose 170   Greylag Goose 160   

Cormorant 3   Coot 408   Water Rail 1   Moorhen 16  

Great Crested Grebe 10   Little Grebe 5   Mallard 121   Teal 55   

Gadwall 34   Shoveler 5   Wigeon 352   Tufted Duck 255   Pochard 57   

Goldeneye 104   Goosander 1   Lapwing 7   Snipe 2   Kingfisher 1.

Carlton Marsh

The water areas were 80% iced over, but there was enough open water available for 150 BH Gulls, 107 Herring Gulls, 3 Common Gulls, 20 Teal and 28 Gadwall to feed and bathe. A female Great Spotted Woodpecker was on the feeder again (JP CG).

Saturday 13 February 2021

Wilthorpe Marsh + 13/2/21.

Few birds in the shocking cold. Water Pipit 1, Meadow Pipit 9, C Snipe 1. Deepcar.- An impressive pair of Dippers on the river at Lowood Club this aft.

Wintersett + Gull Roosts 13.02.2021

 Anglers CP: A Nuthatch was on car park feeders.

 Wintersett Res: A Water Rail was in the boathouse reeds. 

Cold Hiendley Res.   2 Whooper Swans over north, early afternoon,  per @wakeyweir86

 Gull Roosts: 

An adult and a 1st W Yellow-legged Gull , ACP,  were notables.

Herring Gull 1600 ACP +  200 WRes..

Friday 12 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

On the wader scrape this morning Little Egret, 20 Herring Gulls, 50 BH Gulls and 2 Common Gulls. Also of note single Redpoll, Coal Tit and 1 possibly 2 calling Willow Tits (JP/D. Standish).

Midland Railway-Storrs Mill Wood
3 skeins of c300 Pink Feet Geese flew high NW at 10.15hrs (CG). 
JP was at Carlton Marsh, but they must have been a bit more west by the time they reached the area and weren't seen.

Recent Ringing Controls from Dave Waddington via BTO

Reed Warbler AEK2303 adult male ringed at Worsbro Reservoir 1/8/20 was controlled on 16/8/20 at Anciens Marais Salants, Champagne-les-ma, Vendee, France 797kms south. Note that the bird took just 15 days from ringing to be caught again!

Reed Warbler APF8086 adult was ringed on 12/5/19 at Thorpe Marsh S. Yorks by Ken Pearson and controlled at Old Moor by Dave Waddington on 15/6/20. 19kms WSW 400 days from ringing. 

Willow Warbler LPD621 juvenile was ringed at Wheldrake Ings York on 6/8/20 by Huddleston & Jackson and controlled at Old Moor by Dave Waddington on 9/8/20 just 3 days later 51kms SW.

Kestrel EZ66256 pullus was ringed by Geoff Carr at Haigh S. Yorks on 7/6/17 and was found fresh dead after it flew into a wall on 27/1/21 at Sugworth Hall, Lower Bradfield. S. Yorks. 22kms SSW 1,330 days from ringing.

Barn Owl GN19337 pullus was ringed on 22/6/16 at Rabbit Ings, West Yorks by Geoff Carr and found with a leg injury etc.12kms 1,277 days after it was ringed. The outcome was unknown. The finder was Vets4Pets 161 Wilthorpe Road, Barnsley.

Wintersett 12.02.2021

 Wintersett Res: 

Finally!  Days & days of freezing easterlies have brought something new!

A Grey Plover  flying around at  16:55hrs,  landed on ice in the northwest corner.  

Per   @StevieD131
Anglers CP:  Little Grebe 4.   Teal 55.  Snipe 4.

Thursday 11 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

Our wildlife group volunteers were hard at it this morning cutting back trees in the Western Meadow. Later on a group of about 30 Siskins flew over us and dropped into trees on the embankment. That's the most we have had so far this year. A cold weather movement perhaps.

Meanwhile JP was birding on the embankment when a skein of Pink Feet called (unseen) in the distance and seemed to be heading NW at 09.30hrs. The scrape held 30 Herring, c100 BH Gulls and 10 Canada Geese. 

This afternoon a Tawny Owl flew from the Western Meadow to its usual roost on the embankment at 14.30hrs. The feeder near the green shed was busy with c10 Great Tits and c15 Blue Tits (Dave Smith).

A Barn Owl was reported in the early hours of yesterday flying over nearby Royston Road heading towards the Marsh (per JP).

Cudworth Common
The highlights today were 60 Fieldfares mixed with a few Redwings, 2 Kestrels, 40 Goldfinches, 8 Siskins, 1 Redpoll, 11 Skylarks 2 Song Thrushes, c60 Yellow Buntings and 20 Reed Buntings. 40 Lapwings and a probable Ringed Plover were in the Symphony compound (Les & Andrew Corrall/John Clarkson)

Wintersett 11.02.2021

Extremely cold today with ice on all waters and an east south easterly breeze. 

ICE :  Anglers CP. 98%  Wintersett Res. 98% and Cold Hiendley Res.99%.

Anglers CP: 

 Oystercatcher 1. Little Grebe 3.   Wigeon 232.  Gadwall 22.  Tufted Duck 96  + 72 WRes..

Pochard 7 + 25 WRes..  Goldeneye 48 + 43 WRes..   Great Crested Grebe 5 + 1 WRes.. 

Wintersett Res: Snipe 10.  A Water Rail was in the south west corner pond. 


Wednesday 10 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

50 Herring, 2 Common  and c50 BH Gulls were on the wader scrape this morning (JP) Elsewhere 2 Shovelers, 6 Tufted Ducks, 3 Redpolls, Great Spot Woodpecker and 24 Jackdaws north. As dusk approached a Water Rail called and 6 Yellow Buntings came in to roost.

Cudworth Common
The usual buntings and finches were in the stubble field, but no Fieldfares or Redwings today. 2 Green Woodpeckers called. (L &A Corrall)

Wintersett Gull Roost 10.02.2021

 Wintersett Res. Gull Roost:  

An adult Caspian Gull was in tonight, along with c1000 big Gulls. (Many from Hampole, but in quite late.)

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Cudworth Common

It can't be overstated how important set-aside stubble fields are for wildlife. We need more fields like this to stop land birds starving to death in winter! In the one at the back of the Pinfold Hotel were 12 Fieldfares, 2 Redwings, 15 Chaffinches, 25 Yellow Buntings, 20 Reed Buntings and 40 Stock Doves. Elsewhere Green Woodpecker, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk and 38 Lapwings (Les & Andrew Corrall).

Wintersett 09.02.2021

A total of 115  Goldeneye in the area today -  61 WRes. +  14 + CHRes. +  40 Anglers CP

Pochard 27 WRes. + 7 CHRes. + 5 ACP.   

Great crested Grebe   3 WRes  +  4 CHRes

Cetti's Warbler 1  north bank CHRes..    

Cold Hiendey SF  Chiffchaff 2.   Grey Wagtail 4.  Pied Wagtail 50. 

Monday 8 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

This afternoon's walk with Dave Standish was relatively quiet. Buzzard, Kestrel, Great Spot Woodpecker, 76 Stock Doves in off a stubble field,  Coal Tit,10 Herring Gulls (wader scrape), 6 Tufted Ducks, 2 Shovelers and cracking views of a Water rail under the feeder.

A belated report of a Barn Owl from a member of the public last week. Like everywhere else the valley is well flooded to very similar levels seen in February 2020.

Old School Pond and Steps to the embankment
The Whin Pool/habitat creation
Shaw Dike and the bridge to the hide

Wintersett + Gull Roost 08.02.2021

 Anglers CP: Shoveler 2 males.  Psycho, the adult Yellow-legged Gull was on a raft. 

Wintersett Res: A Tawny Owl was calling this morning.  

Canal Flash Field: Yellowhammer 40.  Linnet 15.  Greenfinch 5. 

Wintersett Res. Gull Roost:  A better roost tonight. 

 Herring Gull 1000.   Great Black-backed Gull 6.   

Lesser Black-backbacked  Gull 3.  Yellow-legged Gull 4 adults.    

Hopes of a white winger are fading day by day.

Sunday 7 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

 The only birds of note today were Little Egret, and Water Rail under the bird feeder.

Velvet Shank ( Flammulina velutipes)
Common Orange Lichen (Xanthoria parietina) on Hawthorn
Jew's ear (Auricularia auricula-judae)

Wilthorpe Marsh 7/2/21.

Very steady with waders the highlight. 3 Jack Snipe, 1 Green Sand, c55 Lapwing down at the e end, hopefully a sign of Spring with some staying. L Egret 1, Goldcrest 1, Tcreeper 1.

Wintersett + Gull Roosts 07.02.2021

 Anglers CP:  

A Red Kite flew over the car park field at 08.50hrs.   Pintail 1 male.   Oystercatcher 1.   

Little Grebe 4 + 3 WRes..  Goldeneye 35. 

Cold Hiendley SF:    Chiffchaff 1.  Grey Wagtail 3.

Canal Flash Field:  Linnet 15.

Wintersett Res: 

A Willow Tit was on the west bank.  Goldeneye 58  + 14 CHRes. +  35 ACP. 

Wintersett Res. Gull Roost: 

An adult Yellow-legged Gull was notable tonight.  Herring Gull 800 + 140 ACP. 

Saturday 6 February 2021

Wintersett 06.02.2021

Rain all day.

Anglers CP: 

 A drake Pintail and 2 Oystercatchers were notable today.  

 5 Snipe were on the shallows and a  Nuthatch was on car park feeders. 

Friday 5 February 2021

Cudworth Common

Similar to yesterday with Green Woodpecker, Bullfinch, 6 Stock Doves, 25 Yellow Buntings, 9 Skylarks, but 20 Reed Buntings and 26 Chaffinches was good.

Ferrymoor Flash

The pair of Goosanders were still there with 3 Cormorants, 10 Tufted Ducks, 12 Greylags and 30 Canada Geese. There was no sign of any Ringed Plover (Les & Andrew Corrall).

Elsecar canal?

Any news on the mythical Firecrest?

Wintersett + Gull Roost 05.02.2021

 Anglers CP:  

An Oystercatcher was new for year.  A Nuthatch was in the car park.  Little Grebe 3.  Wigeon 105.  Lapwing 200. 

Winterset Res:   

Shoveler 1m + 1f.  A Water Rail and a male Cetti's Warbler were in west bank marsh.

Wintersett Res. Gull Roost:

 Poor show tonight.   Herring Gull 170 and Great Black-backed Gull 3.

Thursday 4 February 2021

Carlton Marsh & Cudworth Common

2 Shovelers were new in today with 3 Tufted Ducks. Other birds included 2 male Kestrels, 2 Buzzards, 5 Redpolls, 10 Canada Geese, Little Egret, 2 Mistle Thrushes and 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers. At least 2 Song Thrushes were singing (Dave Smith/CG).

There has been no sign of the Blackcaps in Dave Smith's Carlton garden since 30th January, but this must be some kind of record. One male visited on 25th and 31st of December and on every date to January 30th except the 21st. 2 males were present on 3rd, 6th, 10th, 15th and 17th January! 

Our willing volunteers continued in the Western Meadow to remove Birch and Willow.

Ferrymoor Flash (Sash Pond)
3 Greylags, 32 Canada Geese, 3 Mute Swans, 1m 1F Goosander, 2 Cormorants and 9 Tufted Ducks.

Cudworth Common
Coal Tit, Goldcrest, Green Woodpecker and 2 Kestrels. 40 Fieldfares, 3 Redwings, 25 Goldfinches, 20 Yellow Buntings, 10 Reed Buntings and 6 Chaffinches were in a stubble field nearer to the Pinfold pub on Darfield Road (Les & Andrew Corrall).

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

 It was very quiet this afternoon just Little Egret, 32 Gadwall, 8 Canada Geese and 10 Lapwings on wader scrape. Elsewhere Kingfisher, Great Spot Woodpecker, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel and single Redpoll. (CG)

2 + 1 foxes were hunting the fields at the back of the wader scrape (Alan Crossland). 

Wintersett 1st and 3rd February 2021

February 1st  

Wintersett Res:  

4 Whooper Swans flew over west at 08.50 hrs.  

See Steve Denny's video


February 3rd

Wintersett Res:  

A male  Cetti's Warbler  and a Water Rail were  in the west bank marsh.   A Willow Tit was in the west bank clump and a Linnet flew over. 

Green Moor - Breeding Tawny Owls 2020

Possibly of interest - I monitored and filmed a family of Tawny Owls for three months in my local wood at Green Moor last year - reported to BTO and they confirmed they rarely receive records of "open" nests like this one.

I eventually produced a 30 minute narrated video from the public footpaths in and around the wood. There's a short trailer below but the full film is at the bottom if you have a spare 30 minutes or so - certainly some interesting behaviour that I have never seen before.

Short Trailer


Full Film

Snowden Hill 03-02-2021

Lapwing 21, Meadow Pipit 20+, Sparrowhawk 1, Kestrel 1, Fieldfare 5, Common Buzzard 1, Stonechat 1, Little Owl 1, also Little Owl at Green Moor

Snowden Hill

Green Moor

Tuesday 2 February 2021

Wilthorpe Marsh 2/2/21.

Water Pipit 2, Meadow Pipit c60, Stonechat 1 pair, Starling 300+ at sf. C Snipe 2, Kingfisher 1 showing well.

Monday 1 February 2021

Carlton Marsh & Cudworth Common

The water was largely frozen over again so most of the action came from the adjacent fields. 6 Fieldfares, 30 Redwings,4 Mistle Thrushes, 6 Greenfinches, 10 Meadow Pipits, 10 Linnets, 6 Lapwings and 5 Skylarks were feeding on arable and pasture.

On the reserve Kingfisher, Cetti's called, and a Sparrowhawk took out a Blackbird (JP/R. Laverack/K. Bannister).

Birds following the plough included c600 BH Gulls, c150 Herring Gulls, 25 Common Gulls, 125 Carrion Crows, 3 Rooks and 15 Jackdaws. (DM Smith)

Cudworth Common
The best bits were Green Woodpecker, 2 Siskins, single Redpoll, 2 Buzzards, 5 Redwings, 18 Fieldfares, 10 Skylarks, c40 Yellow Buntings, 6 Grey Partridges, 18 Fieldfares and 12 Chaffinches (L & A Corral/CG).

Ferrymoor Flash
A Little Egret was on the dike and Teal were present.

A little Owl was in Les Corrall's Low Cudworth garden at dusk.