Saturday, 27 February 2021

Carlton Marsh

 A lovely morning again produced 79 Herring Gulls and 150 BH Gulls (Wader scrape) and 2 Cormorants (main scrape). 2 blackbirds and a Coal Tit were singing (R. Laverack/CG).

c200 Pink Feet NW over Low Cudworth at 11.15hrs somehow avoided the reserve and a Siskin was in Les Corrall's garden.

This afternoon saw a Redhead Goosander on the main scrape along with Kingfisher. 

Towards dusk the Bittern started to move around in the reed bed in front of the 1st bench on the embankment, before climbing up the reeds in the fading light. This one is very shy and difficult to see. 

Then a Barn Owl flew from the car park area to the Western Meadow at 17.58hrs. This was followed by a female Tawny calling as a male left its regular roost to feed. At least 6 Snipe (2+2+2) left west as it got dark (D. Standish/DM Smith/CG).

Green Shield Lichen (Flavoparmelia caperata) on Oak Tree (CG)

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Hi Cliff,

I'm trying to get into lichens - keep posting!