Monday 24 June 2024

Wintersett + Ringing + Osprey Update 24.06.2024

Anglers CP:

A Ring-necked Parakeet flew east along Haw Park Lane at 08.00hrs. - Steve Denny.

Lapwing 1 adult + 1 very small young.  All young were in the Pol Field.

Kingfisher 1.   A Large Red Damselfly was on the Pol Boardwalk Pond.   

Grass Snake 1.

Wintersett Res:  Pete Smith

 34 birds were ringed this morning at Wintersett,

with highlights of:  8 Chiffchaff, 10 Willow Warbler, 4 Blackcap 

and a juvenile male Cettis Warbler.  

It's been a long time since Willow Warbler out scored Chiffchaff !  

Also a Grass Snake was swimming in the edge off the west bank marsh!  

Osprey over small ponds
near the junction of Swine Lane and Back Lane 
Wintersett 16.40pm.
               Image       Image

Sunday 23 June 2024

Carlton Marsh

A Red Kite flew north over the Newtown estate in Low Cudworth at 08.40hrs (Dave Standish) and what was presumably the same bird was over Carlton Marsh at 14.40hrs for 10 minutes before it drifted north (Gary Standish). 

Also of interest Little Egret, Kingfisher, a fly over Greenfinch, 2 singing Cetti's Warbler and 4 Grey Herons. 

Butterflies other than Ringlet and Meadow Brown were few and far between. 5 Large Skipper, 3 Small Heath and 2 Common Blue.

Also present 1m Banded Demoiselle, 2m Emperor dragonflies, 6 Four Spot Chasers, 5 Broad-bodied Chasers (3m) and 3f Common Darters.

8 Burnet Companion moths and a Golden - bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle were of note (C. Parkin/CG).

Wintersett + Insects 23.06.2024

Anglers CP: 

Azure Damselfly 1 male.  

Wintersett Res:

A Brown Hawker was on the west bank clump. 

Common Tern 3.  

Cold Hiendley Res: 

Mute Swan 3 young + 2 young.

Saturday 22 June 2024

Carlton Marsh - Insects

Butterflies included 58 Meadow Brown, 73 Ringlet, 3 Large Skipper, 2 Peacock, 5 Small Heath, 2 Common Blue and 2 Large White.
Broad-bodied Chaser male (C. Parkin)
Emerald Damselfly, 5m 1f Broad-bodied Chaser, 3 Common Darter and 5 Burnet Companion moths. (C. Parkin)

Wintersett - Steve Denny 22.06.2024


This Great Crested Grebe has hatched 2 young & continues to incubate the remaining 2 eggs at Wintersett.

Generally a poor year so far, this may be the only brood we see.

Wintersett 22.06.2024

Anglers CP: 

An adult and a 1 young Lapwing were in the Pol field, (next to the car park.)

Wintersett Village:

2 Red Kites were over the cut silage field on George's corner.

Wintersett Res: 

Common Tern 3.   

Sedge Warbler 3 fledged young (west bank clump).

Friday 21 June 2024

Carlton Marsh

 Today 7 Teal, Little Egret, Kingfisher and Great Spot Woodpecker.

Insects included 4 Ringlet, 4 Meadow Brown, 2 Speckled Wood,  and male and female Banded Demoiselle (L & A Corrall/CG).

River Dearne - Storrs Mill to Ardsley Viaduct
Despite the farmer ploughing up the large majority of nettles, 10 lots of Peacock larvae survived. Golden-bloomed Grey Longhorn (Agapanthia villosoviridescens), Black-tailed Skimmer 1f, Chimney Sweeper moth, c50 Banded Demoiselle, and a Grey Partridge (C. Parkin).

Wintersett 21.06.2024

Anglers CP:

Shoveler 1 male.   Common Tern 2.  Herring Gull 6.   Gadwall 5.

Mallard 7 very small young (from 12) in the shallows.

Wintersett Res:

Mute Swan:  5 small young north west area,  

1 very small young in south west area,  + 2 very small young in north east area.

Botany Bay:

A Red Kite flew over this afternoon - Martin Weir.

Cudworth Moths

 The best of last nights moths in my garden.

Box Tree Moth
Small Elephant Hawk Moth

Thursday 20 June 2024

Littleworth Park- Monk Bretton

Butterflies - 172 Meadow Brown, 1 Peacock, 36 Ringlet, 13 Large Skipper, 10 Small Heath, 5 Common Blue, 10 Small Heath and 1 Small Copper. 

Also 3 Burnet Companion and 2 Six-spot Burnet moths and 3m Broad-bodied Chasers (C. Parkin).

Wintersett + Insects + Ringing 20.06.2024

Wintersett Res:

Common Scoter 1 male.   

An Osprey flew low north over the west bank clump at 09.12hrs, 

being mobbed by a Black headed Gull.

56 birds were ringed this morning,  (Pete Smith),  

with highlights of:  Chiffchaffs 13,  Willow Warbler 1,  Treecreeper 2,  

Blackcap 9 and a Garden Warbler.

 Anglers CP:  +  Insects: 

A male Banded Demoiselle and a Large Red Damselfly 

flew over the Pol Board Walk pond. 

A female Brimstone Butterfly flew over.   Mute Swan 2 young.   

Mallard 12 very small young were in the shallows.  

Common Tern 1.  

Wednesday 19 June 2024

South Kirkby Industrial Park & Cudworth Common

2 Grey Partridge. 

Butterflies included my first Marbled Whites -18, 41 Meadow Brown, 89 Ringlet, 1 Brown Argus and 3m Brimstone (C. Parkin)

Cudworth Common
An Osprey flew south at 20.55hrs accompanied by an irate Oystercatcher heading towards Edderthorpe Flash (CG).

Wintersett + Insects. 19.06.2024

Wintersett Res:

Common Scoter 1 male.  

Anglers CP:

A 3rd Summer Lesser Black-backed Gull took a 

Black-headed Gull Chick.

A male Lesser Whitethroat was on the Pol.   

Mute Swan 2 very small young.

Common Tern 1. 

A Barn Owl flew over north bank.


A female Brimstone butterfly  flew over  Anglers CP.


A Large Red Damselfly was flying over the Pol Board Walk Pond.

Tuesday 18 June 2024

Carlton Marsh

3 Teal, 2 juvenile Grey Herons and 2 Lapwings were on the wader scrape. Elsewhere a Goldcrest sang in the car park and 3 juvenile Robins were feeding nearby. A Cuckoo sang from the marsh.

Insects on show today were the odd Common Blue Damsel and the more common Blue-tailed with a single of the variant rufescens. 

Also 3 Burnet Companion moths, a Blood-vein and a Latticed Heath moth. Butterflies were represented by a Common Blue, 6 Ringlets and a Meadow Brown (K. Bannister/CG}.

Blood-vein (CG)
Thick-legged Beetle (CG)

Wintersett + Insects 18.06.2024

Wintersett Res:

Common Scoter 1 male. 

Mute Swan 1 very small young,  south east corner 

+ 5 young north west corner.

Cold Hiendley Res:

Mallard 7 fledged young.

Anglers CP:

A Barn Owl flew over the  east bank.

Shoveler 1 male.   Oystercatcher 7.   Common Tern 1.

A Lesser Whitethroat was on the Pol.

Lepidoptera: ACP:

Ringlet 2.   Brimstone 1.

Monday 17 June 2024

Carlton Village

This scarce moth was a first for Dave Smith when he found it in his light trap this morning.

Bird's Wing (Dave Smith)

Wintersett Sunrise - Sue Bilcliffe

Sue Billcliffe snapped a photo of this incredible sunrise over Ryhill.

Wintersett 17.06.2024

Anglers CP:

Common Tern 3.   Lesser Whitethroat 1 male on the Pol.

A Barn Owl was  hunting  around Vis.Mig. Hill at 09.40hrs. (SC)

Wintersett Res:

Goldeneye 1 female.

Sunday 16 June 2024

Carlton Marsh

Birds present at some point during the day Little Egret, Kingfisher, Lesser BB Gull, 2 Lapwings, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Cetti's warbler and a pair of Teal.

Insects included a male Common Blue Damselfly, Four Spotted Chaser, 4 Meadow Brown, and our first Ringlet of the year.

Day flying moths included 1 Mother Shipton and 7 Burnet Companion.

Wintersett + Insects 16.06.2024

Anglers CP:

Gadwall 4.   Oystercatcher 7 (2 families).  Sand Martin 2. 

A Great Spotted Woodpecker was on the south east corner.

Botany Bay:  Mallard young - 3  small/medium.  

Wintersett Res:  Grey Wagtail 1. 

Odonata - Anglers CP:

Emperor 1.  4 Spotted Chaser 1.   Black-tailed Skimmer 3.