Sunday, 4 June 2023

Carlton Marsh

Male and female Garganey were seen again today on the main scrape (D. Standish). 

Earlier an Oystercatcher was on the wader scrape from 06.40 to 06.50hrs, and a little later a Little Egret (K. Bannister/N. Lunn/S. Grove). 3 Buzzards were 'thermalling' in the mid-day sun and a Cuckoo sang.

Butterflies included 1 Brown Argus, 15 Common Blue, 10 Small Heath, 9 Dingy Skipper, 14 Speckled Wood and 1 Large Skipper. 

Also a phenomenal count of 48 Burnet Companion moths were counted on the wildflower managed Western Meadow (Chris Parkin).

Wintersett Ringing 04.06.2023

28 birds were ringed at Wintersett this morning.

Highlights were:   

Chiffchaff 1,   Treecreeper 2,   Reed Warbler 2,  Sedge Warbler 2,   Garden Warbler 1 and  Cetti's Warbler 1 adult female.


Cetti's Warbler 1 adult female - R.Bailey

The first juveniles appearing today were:  Robin,  Dunnock,  

Blue Tit, Longtailed Tit,  Chiffchaff  and  Treecreepers.

Saturday, 3 June 2023

3/6/23 Golden Oriole - Wortley

Male Golden Oriole singing 1pm earlier today at Wortley, heard near kennels on track to 1st tee of Wortley GC, off Hermit Hill Lane. Possibly a private track so please respect privacy. 

Carlton Marsh

The female Garganey was seen briefly this morning without the male (JP). A drake Shoveler and a new brood of 12 very small Gadwall were on the scrape and a Grey Wagtail was near the hide. 

A survey of the Western Meadow with Richard & young Isaac Ling) produced a new species of butterfly - Green Hairstreak (Callophrys rubi)! Also of note 13 Burnet Campion moth, 7 Small Heath, 1 Small Copper, 6 Common Blue and 3 Dingy Skipper butterflies. 

Green Hairstreak (Isaac Ling)

Dragonflies included a male Hairy Dragonfly (Brachytron pratense) only the 2nd record, but the 1st ever male. 1m & 1f Broad-bodied Chaser, 6 Four Spot Chaser, 2 Large Red Damselfly and 1m Banded Damselfly.

Another Green Hairstreak was recorded here along 121 Small Blue, 46 Common Blue, 5 Brown Argus, 38 Small Heath, 9 Dingy Skipper, 1m Orange-tip,  and a Mullein moth larvae (Chis Parkin).

Mullein Moth larvae (C. Parkin)

Wintersett 03.06.2023

Anglers CP:

A Red Kite flew over at 08.55hrs.  Shoveler 1 drake. 

A Redshank was in the shallows.  Black-headed Gull 22 young.  

Pochard 1 female.  Pink-footed Goose 1. 

Wintersett Res:

Common Tern 2.  Gadwall 4 + 4 ACP. 

Walton Hall: 

Great Crested Grebe 2.   Mute Swan 5 young.   

Oystercatcher 1 large young. 

Mallard young:

 2 + 8 large young ACP,   also 5 medium young and 5 large young on CHRes..


Large Skipper 1 ACP.  Brimstone 4 ACP.


A Broad-bodied Chaser was over the Pol Boardwalk Pond.

2  Hairy Dragonflies were off the east bank WRes..

A male Emperor  was off the north bank WRes..

10 Red-eyed Damselflies were over Botany Bay. 

Banded Demoiselle 1 male Walton Hall.

Friday, 2 June 2023

Carlton Marsh

Insects today included 2 Large Skipper, 3 Large White,  and 3 Orange-tip males. Also 1m Broad-bodied Chaser (L & A Corrall).

Cudworth Common
A male and female Brimstone and a really fresh Black-tailed Skimmer (CG).

Black-tailed Skimmer (CG)

Littleworth Park, Monk Bretton
2 Large Skipper, 21 Dingy Skipper, 42 Small Heath, 3 Brown Argus, 68 Common Blue, 4 Holly Blue, 3 Small Copper, 12 Burnet Companion, 13 Mother Shipton, 3 Broad-bodied chaser and 4 Squash Shield Bug (C. Parkin).

Wintersett 02.06.2023

 Wintersett Res:

Common Tern 2. 

Anglers CP:

Black-headed Gull Young - 10 medium. 

Botany Bay:

3 Red-Eyed Damselflies on  Water lily leaves.

Thursday, 1 June 2023

Ferrymoor Flash (Grimethorpe)

The Mute Swan family (4 cygnets) are thriving and an Oystercatcher was on the factory roof alarming.

Cudworth Common

2 Redshanks and a pair of Lapwings with 2 well grown young were on the flashes there. Also a singing Garden Warbler in the scrub.

Wintersett 01.06.2023

Anglers CP: 

 A small Lapwing chick was on the shallows.  Little Ringed Plover 1. 

Common Tern 2.   Grey Wagtail 1.  

Cold Hiendley Res:

Shoveler 1 pair.

Wintersett Res:

3 Black Terns on this morning  with a migrant flock of 

11 Common Terns  that quickly moved on.  Black Terns still over at 12.00hrs. 

A Tawny Owl was calling in the area.

Black Tern on Buoy WRes..01.06.2023 SDenny

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Carlton Marsh

 The drake Garganey showed well again on the scrape and a new brood of 7 Mallard was evident. A Cuckoo sang and a presumed female was nearby. 

5 Mistle Thrush included 2 fledged young, c60 Starlings were feeding in a nearby pasture and a Little Egret was present this morning (K. Bannister/S. Grove/L & A Corrall).

A Mole was found dead on the embankment (CG)

Ewden valley 31/5/23.

Cold on arrival, 9 degrees with low cloud well into the afternoon. Seen briefly was what was thought to be the recently reported WT Eagle, Red Kite, C Buzzard 3, Kestrel 3. Raven 2, LBB Gull 3 e, C Snipe 1 flushed near track and it or another chipping. More Golden Plovers with c 5 with 1 seen, Cuckoo 3 singing males, Ring Ouzel 1 pair, Stonechat 4+. Spotted Flycatcher 1, Meadow Pipit c 33 with 6 feeding young, 2 young Curlews seen. Mallard 1 male flew ne at the lodge.

Wintersett 31.05.2023

Anglers CP:

6  Black Terns on the Country Park at 07.00hrs  and later over Wintersett Res..

Wintersett Res:

10 Common Scoter  were on in a tight flock this morning. 

Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Carlton Marsh

Garganey pair for the 27th day on the scrape. Redshank and Shoveler on the wader scrape. Also 2 singing Cetti's Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, Great Spot Woodpecker and Goldcrest (JP).

Wintersett + Moths 30.05.2023

Wintersett Res:

4 male Cetti's Warblers were the best of a very slow day!


Georgie found some nice moths found at Wintersett today,  including 2 lifers, Cream Wave and Ptycholoma lecheana, 2 forms. Also a Common Swift swept from Red Clover. #MothsMatter

 Image  Image

Image    Image

Monday, 29 May 2023

Carlton Marsh

Male and female Garganey were on the scrape this morning and Little Egret and drake Shoveler were new in to the wader scrape (K. Bannister/JP). 

2 Cetti's Warbler sang from the reedbeds and a pair of Black Swans had 4 small cygnets at nearby Bleachcroft Farm.

Insects included a Mother Shipton moth and a Holly Blue butterfly (CG).

Mother Shipton

Wintersett 29.05.2023

 Wintersett Res: 

A Hobby flew over. 


A Hairy Hawker flew over the north bank.

A Broad-bodied Chaser was seen on Haw Park Lane.

(per @StevieD131) 

 Coleoptera: Georgie W-S

I was lucky enough to find 8 Agapanthia villosoviridescens at Wintersett Res yesterday, one of our most beautiful longhorn beetles. Always one of my highlights of May finding these!       

                 Image            Image    

Sunday, 28 May 2023

Wintersett Ringing Recovery

A Chiffchaff NRE419 

was ringed at Wintersett on 3/7/22 

 and has been retrapped on 1/11/22 

at Sant-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu,
Loire-Atlantique, France.
That's a move of 723km South in 121 days.


Wintersett 28.05.2023

Anglers CP:

Oystercatcher 5 adults + 1 young. Common Gull 1 adult.  

2 Collared Doves flew over the car park. 

Wintersett Res:  

Goldeneye 1 female. Common Sandpiper 2.

Common Tern 1. 

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Saturday, 27 May 2023

Carlton Marsh

The male Garganey showed well again today on the scrape. As did Kingfisher and Grey Wagtail. Cetti's sang and Great Spotted Woodpecker was also seen. A Mallard had 7 very small young on the wader scrape and a Sparrowhawk was seen carrying a small passerine.

There has been no sign of of the Whooper Swan since 11th May. It could fly, so it looks like its finally gone on to pastures new.

Insects found on the western meadow included 1m Brimstone, 7 Dingy Skipper, 8 Common Blue, 6 Small Heath, 6 Burnet Companion, 1 yellow Shell and 1 Silver Y moth. 3 Four Spot Chaser and 1f Broad-bodied Chaser.

Sloe Shield Bug

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