Sunday 31 October 2021

Low Moor/Midhope 31/10/21, G and J Wasse, S Green.

No surprise fly throughs after this mornings shocking rain. Red Kite 1, Peregrine 1, C Buzzard 4, Kestrel 3, Sparrowhawk 2. Raven 4, Snipe 1 w, flocks of Woodpigeon going e totalled c 961. Redwing still quite scarce c 25.

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. 31.10.2021

 Anglers CP: 

Snipe 23.

Anglers CP Vis.Mig.:   per@Fitzybirder 

4.5 hrs of continuous rain, with an adult Kittiwake west at 07.53 being the only real reward - a few passerines were moving early on but most of the watch was birdless!

                        Kittiwake adult - Anglers CP  31.10.2021  P.Meredith  

Going north west:

Pink-footed Goose  59  

Going west:

A Kittiwake flew west at 07.53hrs.  Goosander 3.   Snipe 2.    

Starling   A total of 1457. (147 in seven small parties, heading out into the gloom,  plus 1310) 

Brambling 12  + 2 south, (1 with a party of Redwing.)    Lesser Redpoll 2 west.  

Goldfinch 4.

Going south:

Little Egret 1 at 12.32hrs.  Skylark 11.   Redwing 16 + 1.  alba Wagtail 5.  Meadow Pipit 6.

Chaffinch 2.   Reed Bunting 1.  

Going south east:

Whooper Swan 2 adults at 11.48hrs.


Saturday 30 October 2021

Carlton Marsh

 9 Cormorants feeding this morning was a good score for this site (JP).

Around mid-day 4 Small Copper were feeding on Ragwort and Hawkbit (C. Parkin). If its stays frost free with a little bit of sunshine these same insects will muster up enough energy to feed on the these flowers well into November.

The Tawny Owl was posing in the Sycamore tree again and started to call at dusk before it moved off to hunt. We were hoping for Snipe at dusk, but not one came off, something that has never happened at this time of year before. However, 4 Water Rail called and 3 Cetti's Warbler sang and at 18.33hrs, in darkness, a large skein of about 200 Pink Feet were just discernable heading west (CG/D. Standish).

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. 30.10.2021

Anglers CP:

Snipe 10.  Peregrine 1 juvenile.   Teal 13.  Cormorant 15.  Pochard 41 + 6 WRes..

Dunlin 4.   Goosander 1 male. 

Anglers CP Vis.Mig:     per @Fitzybirder

Going west:

Starling 275 - small flocks pushing on throughout, even through the heavy rain.  

Snipe 9.  Chaffinch 5. 

Going east: 

Pink-footed Goose 65 at 12.47hrs.  

Going south:

Dunlin 4.  Skylark 4. Redwing 33.  Meadow Pipit 1.  

Siskin 18 + 1  and  6 west. 

Friday 29 October 2021

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. 29.10.2021

Anglers CP:                                                                                                          

Goosander 4.

Anglers CP Vis.Mig.    Per @Fitzybirder

Going east: 

Raven 1  circled over, then flew east at 13.45hrs.

Going west:  

Pink-footed Goose 427 in 6 skeins.    

Starling 960.

(They had packed in by 11a.m.,  so never quite made it into four figures...)

Goosander 1.  Curlew 1.  Fieldfare 8.  Mistle Thrush 1.   

Chaffinch 31.   Siskin 24 + 7 south.  

                          Curlew flying west over ACP 29.10.2021 PMeredith

Going south:

Golden Plover 5.  Dunlin 3.  Snipe 4.  Skylark 10.  Redwing 168. 

alba Wagtail 1.  Meadow Pipit 2.   Goldfinch 16.  Reed Bunting 2. 

3 Dunlin flying south over Anglers CP  P.Meredith

Thursday 28 October 2021

Wintersett + Vis.Mig: 28.10.2021

 Anglers CP:

Goosander 4.  Peregrine 1 juvenile. 

Anglers CP Vis.Mig.:

Going west: 

Starling 154.   Redwing 4.   Siskin 7.

Going south:

alba Wagtail 4.   Meadow Pipit 8.  Linnet 2.  Goldfinch 12.  Reed Bunting 2.

Carlton Marsh

A Barn Owl was hunting at first light this morning and a Peregrine was seen at Ardagh glassworks (Keith Bannister).

Fungi over recent days (CG/D. M. Smith)

Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina
Lepiota cristata
(Pholiota squamosa)
Coprinopsis atramentaria 

Ewden valley 28/10/21, J Wasse, S Green.

Steady aft with 3 Red Kites, 1 ad Peregrine, 2 C Buzzards, 2 Kestrels. Raven 3, flock 10 Golden Plover s, Jay 4.

Wednesday 27 October 2021

Carlton Marsh & Ferrymoor Flash

 60 Pink Feet Geese flew SE at 09.25hrs. A Willow Tit was seen from the wader scrape viewpoint (SE3709), and 10 Mistle Thrush were feeding on a nearby pasture (JP/K. Bannister) 

Here are details of the pair of Mute Swans residing on the scrape that arrived on 23/10/21.

Mute Swan Yellow Y227 ringed as an adult male 17/3/15 Doncaster Lakeside.

Mute Swan Red Darvic Y892 ringed on 12/9/11 as a 2010 female Doncaster Lakeside
Thanks to Kane Brides and Dan at Selby Swan Rescue for the info.

Ferrymoor Flash
Drake Goosander, 9 Pochard, 12 Shoveler, 1 GC Grebe, 2 Cormorant, 100+ Canada Geese and 90+ Greylags (CG).

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. 27.10.2021

Anglers CP:

Shelduck 1.   Goldeneye 28.   Peregrine 1 juvenile. 

Anglers CP Vis.Mig.   per @Fitzybirder

 Going west:

A Great White Egret circled the park, then left west at 08.40hrs.   Skylark 7. 

Starling 183.  Blackbird 3.  Redwing 19.  Linnet 1.  Lesser Redpoll 2.  Siskin 26.  

            Great White Egret   Anglers CP    P. Meredith    27.10.2021 

Going north:

Greylag Goose 30.  

Going south: 

A Red Kite went south at 11.40hrs.  

                                           Red Kite  Anglers CP   27.10.2021    PMeredith 

Going south west:

Collared Dove 2.   Reed Bunting 4.

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Carlton Marsh

A male Peregrine flew west at 15.26hrs and was seen again at 17.30hrs (CG/D. Standish). 60 Starling flew south at dusk, but c50 + another c50 flew west over the Newtown estate in Cudworth around 09.30hrs.

The Tawny Owl was present in the Sycamore near the steps to the car park, allbeit very difficult to see. A Migrant Hawker was braving the blustery, but mild conditions.

Wintersett Vis.Mig. + Gull Roost 26.10.2021

 Anglers CP + Vis.Mig: per

 Going west: 

Starling 1185.  Redwing 26. 

Going north west:

Pink-footed Goose 11.  

Going south:

Pied Wagtail 15.  

ACP at dusk: 

Goosander 3. 

Wintersett Gull Roost: per @StevieD131

Not many big Gulls in the roost tonight as Fairburn appears to have snaffled them all!  However, there was adult Caspian Gull and Yellow legged Gulls in the CP roost, with 90 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and 50 Herring Gulls.

Monday 25 October 2021

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. + Record Starlings 25.10.2021

Anglers CP + Vis.Mig.  

Pintail 1.  Peregrine 1 juvenile male.    per @Fitzybirder

Going west:

Starling  7360   (biggest flocks 800 + 500) - a record count for here!. 

Goosander 4.  Snipe 8.  Skylark 118 + 12 north.  Fieldfare 12.  Redwing 250.  

Chaffinch 56. Yellowhammer 1.   Brambling 19.   Hawfinch 1.  

Bullfinch 5  (1 +1 + 3).  Reed Bunting 2 west.

Going south:

Mistle Thrush 1.   alba Wagtail 4.  Meadow Pipit 6.

Going east:

Jay 2. 

Carlton Marsh

30 Redwing were present this morning and we now have 2 pairs of Mute Swans. 4 Buzzards were in the air, 3 Cormorants were on the scrapes, 2 Cetti's sang, a Green Woodpecker called and c50 Greylags flew south. A Willow Tit called near the wader scrape (SE3709) and 4 Buzzards were in the air. (K. Bannister/R. Heeley/L & A Corrall)

A butterfly count at mid-day produced 4 Small Copper and 1 Small White. Also flying 1m Migrant Hawker (C. Parkin).

The posing Tawny Owl of recent days was seen, but had disappeared by mid afternoon. A Water Rail called and 3 Siskin flew south (CG),

A Fox was hunting the wader scrape.

Fungi included Shaggy Ink Cap, Brown Roll Rim, Brown Birch Bolete and Common Puff Ball.


Sunday 24 October 2021

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. 24.10.2021

 Anglers CP Vis.Mig:

Going north west:

Whooper Swan 9  + 1 heard only.

Going south:

Pintail 2.  Goosander 1.  Golden Plover 5.  Skylark 9.  Song Thrush 1.  

alba Wagtail sp. 11.  Brambling 7.  Goldfinch 8.  Siskin 45.  Reed Bunting 1.

Going west:

Snipe 1.  Starling 687.  Fieldfare 28.  Redwing 308.  Grey Wagtail 1.

Saturday 23 October 2021

Wintersett + VisMig + Ringing 23.10.2021

 Anglers CP + VisMig.

 Pochard 53.   

Going east:

Pink-footed Goose:  310 in 3 skeins  + 30 south east  +  65 west north west.

Going west

Brambling 10.   Starling 685.   Redwing 38.  Chaffinch 3.  Lesser Redpoll 1.

Going south:

Whooper Swan 8 + 5 north.   Skylark 42.   Mistle Thrush 7.    alba Wagtail 5. 

Goldfinch 2.  Siskin 13. 

Going south west:

Reed Bunting1.

16 birds were ringed at Anglers CP this morning.

Highlights were - Lesser Redpoll 6.   Goldcrest 1.   Redwing 6.

Carlton Marsh

Today's highlights were 9 Common Gull, 60 Pink Feet east at c09.30hrs with c100 west at 14.40hrs (Rob Lindley/Geoff Miller). A Siskin flew south and 5 adult Whooper Swans flew north at 11.15hrs (CG/Richard Laverack).

A pair of Mute Swans Yellow Y227 (female) and Red Y892 (male) were new in today and are thought to be the pair seen at Storrs Mill on the Dearne yesterday. Y227 was one of 3 cygnets ringed at Rabbit Ings 2 years ago.

The Tawny Owl was still happily languishing in a tree near the steps to the car park (Dave Smith et al) and a few Redwing were feeding on Haws.

Tawny Owl (Dave Smith)

Friday 22 October 2021

Carlton Marsh

This morning 20 Pink Feet Geese flew east at 10.30hrs (JP), then 2 Redwing, a Brambling and 2 Common Gull were on and around the wader scrape (L & A  Corrall).

This evening 6 Whooper Swans flew south at 17.50hrs (D. Standish) then over the Newtown, Cudworth estate (CG) still heading south towards Edderthorpe Flash.  Later, after dark at least 2 Whoopers called  heading south at 19.25hrs (D.M. Smith). 

During daylight hours a Tawny Owl showed well in a sycamore near the steps to the embankment (on the left) (D. Standish).

Yesterday's butterfly count included 7 Small Copper and a Small White. (C. Parkin)

Today 7 Red Admiral and a Comma were seen in Brierley and 5 Red Admiral on Lunn Road, Cudworth all feeding on Ivy. (C. Parkin)

Wintersett + VisMig. 22.10.2021

A very quiet morning!

Wintersett Res. 

4 adult Whooper Swans left south at 10.50hrs.

Thursday 21 October 2021

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. 21.10.2021

 Anglers CP  Vis.Mig.

Whooper Swan 8,  6 of which were juveniles,   + 7 in to Wintersett Res..

Greylag Goose 118.    Stock Dove 30 in CP field.    Goosander 4  in the shallows.

Wintersett Res + Vis.Mig:

2 Water Rail  and a male Cetti's Warbler were in the boathouse reeds.  

15 Pink-footed Geese flew south.     Siskin 10 north + 30 south. 


 Whooper Swans mingling with Greylag Geese   Anglers CP   SBillcliffe


8 Whooper Swans on Anglers CP at 13-15hrs , 2 Adults and  6 Cygnets.

Wednesday 20 October 2021

Carlton Marsh

This morning 21 Whooper Swans flew south at 09.35hrs, as seen from Beech Avenue, Cudworth (Geoff Miller) & the reserve (Karen Pickard). Also 6 Common Gulls (JP)

This afternoon 28 Shoveler, 1 juv male Wigeon, 2 Tufted Duck, c70 Gadwall, 2 Little Grebe, 4 Cormorant, c15 Teal, 1 adult LBB Gull, 16 Lapwing north + 31 the same way before dusk. 

Also of note 65 Stock Dove, 5 Redpoll, 2 Cetti's, 1 Chiffchaff and 54 Canada Geese came in, they all left south at dusk as 2 Water Rail called (CG)

Wintersett + Work Party 20.10.2021

Anglers CP:

Snipe 20.   A Rock Pipit flew over. 

Wintersett Wildlife Group,  Friends of Haw Park Wood  & Wintersett,  

and Council Rangers  worked hard to clear some of the islands,

and the bank in front of the hide, this morning. 

Steve Denny found Buttonweed,  in extensive patches,  on exposed islands in the shallows during the  work party today.  The only previous record was at Moorhouse Lane Ponds in 2008!

            Buttonweed  Anglers CP  2nd Record for the area

Wintersett Res:

Goldeneye 19 + 1 Anglers CP.

Monday 18 October 2021

Wintersett 18.10.2021

 A very steady morning!

Anglers CP:

2 Little Egret flew north.  

Wintersett Res:

Goldeneye 8 + 6 ACP.    

Cetti's Warbler  1 male north bank + 1 male west bank marsh.  

A Siskin flew over west.  Kingfisher 1.

Sunday 17 October 2021

Wintersett - Vis.Mig. 17.10.2021  per@Fitzybirder

Anglers CP Vis.Mig. 

Going east:

Whooper Swan  7 at 12.13hrs.  Yellowhammer 1.

Going south:

alba Wagtail 6.  Meadow Pipit 5.  Linnet 7. 

Going south west: 

Skylark 9 + 2 east.  

Going west:

Redwing 21.   Starling 29 west, north west.  Chaffinch 12.  Siskin 12.   

Sometimes persistence pays off.  Not today!

Saturday 16 October 2021

Carlton Marsh (9th -16th October)

Looking back over the past week there were a number of interesting sightings.

9th Saturday - small groups of Siskin and Redpoll and c60 Pink Feet Geese SE (JP).

10th Sunday - at least 1 Whooper Swan called as it flew unseen over the trees in the car park (JP), and later 3 Common Cranes went south at 9.54hrs (D. Standish) 

11th Monday - a skein of  c160 Pink Feet Geese flew SE at 09.00hrs (K. Bannister) followed by c60 west (JP), and 50 east at 18.30hrs (D. Standish). A Willow Tit was seen on the embankment at the wader scrape (SE3709). Butterflies included 12 Comma and 14 Small Copper (C. Parkin).

14th Thursday - Little Egret, 4 Red-legged Partridge, a single Wigeon and a Tawny Owl that flew across the scrape at dusk (D. Standish).

15th Friday - c75 Wood Pigeons headed south at 08.39hrs (K. Bannister). Later, 5 Jays a Water Rail and a Willow Tit, at the wader scrape viewpoint (SE3709) (DM Smith).

16th - A Marsh Tit was singing near the steps to the car park at 10.55hrs along with 4 Cetti's Warbler. 2 Common and 5 LBB Gulls were present and, in addition to 2 Cormorants on the scrape, 5 flew south, 4 came in from the south and 4 more came in from the north (JP).

At mid-day a single Wigeon was present and a calling Rock Pipit flew west (CG).

Then c170 Pink Feet flew west at 17.20hrs quickly followed by c150 the same way at 17.25hrs (D. Standish). 

Hello to Chris Elmer, I hope you got back to Great Yarmouth ok, best wishes


Wintersett + Vis.Mig + Ringing 16.10.2021

 Anglers CP Vis. Mig.   per @Fitzybirder

Going west:

Pink-footed Goose  24 at  09.10hrs and 65 at 10.45hrs.   Snipe 10 west (9 + 1).  

Starling 970  (largest flock 380).   Redwing 51.  Chaffinch 30. 

Going south east:   

Whooper Swan   25 on the lake first thing, (5 were juveniles.)  

Next were a skein of 21 adults.  3 adults dropped on Wintersett Res. at 09.53hrs.    

7  flew south east (6 adults + 1 juvenile).

Going south:   

Goosander 12  (10 + 2).   Reed Bunting 2.

Jackdaw 142  (probably out of  roost) + 52 west (43 + 9) 

Skylark 68 + 7 east.   alba Wagtail 10.   Meadow Pipit 3.  

Linnet 3.  Lesser Redpoll 12. 

Going south west:

Wood Pigeon  1970.  

Going east:

Jay 4 + 1 west.

Anglers CP + Ringing.

A Little Egret dropped in from the south at 11.09hrs.   

A Brambling was on the Pol. 

32 birds were ringed this morning  per @BeckyBailey101

Highlights were:  1 Chiffchaff, 1 male Blackcap, 1 Goldcrest, 

17 Lesser Redpoll,  1 Tree Sparrow and 4 Redwing.

Wintersett Res:

Goldeneye 6.

Friday 15 October 2021

Wintersett Vis.Mig. 15.10.2021

 Wintersett Res. + Vis.Mig:

 Golden Plover 22 blogging south of the Res..   per@Fitzybirder

Pink-footed Goose:  17 east.   120 north west.   60 south east.   90 west.

Going south:

Cormorant 5 high.   Mistle Thrush 1 + 2 north.   alba Wagtail 4.   Meadow Pipit 4. 

Grey Heron 1 south + 1 north

Going north west:

Great Spotted Woodpecker 2 high.  Jay 20. 

Going west north west:

Starling 52.  Brambling 3 + 1 south.

Going west: 

Blackbird 1.  Redwing 77.  Chaffinch 5.

Going  east/south east:

Skylark 60  + 14 south, south west.

Thursday 14 October 2021


 Sad news, but unfortunately the November 2021 to March 2022 Winter Meetings of BBSG are all cancelled again.

COVID 19 is still with us and we feel sure that being in a group, in a small room, during the colder winter months might not appeal to many people.

But, another reason is that Old Moor RSPB no longer has any meeting rooms in its buildings. The Classroom where we used to meet has been made part of the cafe and the former Meeting Rooms in the main building have been converted to offices. This is to give visitors and staff more space and less congestion.

Hopefully the time will come when the Classroom and Meeting Rooms will be reinstated and COVID 19 is in the past, but it won't be happening this coming winter! 

Wintersett Vis.Mig 14.10.2021

 Wintersett Res:

A Ring Ouzel dropped into bushes in the north east corner at 08.30hrs.  

per @grayspeight

Anglers CP:

Mediterranean Gull 1 on at 07.30hrs.  

Wintersett Vis.Mig    per @Fitzybirder

Going south: 

Swallow 3.  Song Thrush 3.  Meadow Pipit 12.  Siskin 8. 

Going south east:

Pink-footed Goose  60.

Going south west:  

alba Wagtail 24.  Reed Bunting 3.

Common Crane  3  (2 adults + 1 juvenile).   These are doubtless the same birds as on 10th and, in fact, were only five minutes later than on that day. 


 Common Cranes 3 (2 adults + 1 juvenile) Anglers CP  14.10.2021 PMeredith.

Going north:

Black-tailed Godwit 1 at 10.32hrs. 

Going north west :

Jay 4  (1 + 3)

Going west north west:

Starling  62

Going west:

Redwing 900.  Snipe 4.   Skylark 18.    Lesser Redpoll 3.  Yellowhammer 1. 

Brambling 6.   Chaffinch 20.     Chaffinch/Brambling 16.   

Wednesday 13 October 2021

Wintersett Vis.Mig 13.10.2021

Wintersett Vis.Mig.   per @grayspeight

Going south: 

Redwings finally arriving  this morning, with flocks totalling 1730,  

peaking between 08.30 and 10.00. 

Plenty of finches moving today with many of the flocks remaining unidentified.

Dunlin 1.  Jay 3.   Skylark 34.   Starling 88.   Song Thrush 1.  Mistle Thrush  2.  

alba Wagtail 8.  Meadow Pipit 18.   Chaffinch 27.  Brambling 11.  Greenfinch 17.

Goldfinch 72.  Siskin 13. 

Wintersett Res: 

3 Peregrines were flying over together. 

A total of 66 Great Crested Grebes in the area:  

49 WRes. + 13 ACP + 4 CHRes.. 

Anglers CP:

Shoveler 86.  Pintail 2.  Pochard 26.    

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Wintersett Vis.Mig: 12.10.2021

Wintersett Vis.Mig:  per @grayspeight

A very poor first few hours vismig, with birds moving from 10am to 2pm when rain started.

Whooper Swan:  6 south,  11 east and  8 south east. 

Pink-footed Goose:  250 north west in 3 skeins  and 264 east in 2 skeins.

Going west:

Goosander 2.   Snipe 14.   

Going south:

Golden Plover 19.  Merlin 1 high up.  Swallow 1.  Meadow Pipit 15.  

Chaffinch 10.  Redwing 400.

 Going south west:

Great Spotted Woodpecker 1.  Brambling 8.   Song Thrush 2.   Mistle Thrush 2. 

alba Wagtail sp. 8.  

Wintersett Res:

A Blackcap was on the east bank. 

Cold Hiendley Res:

A Grey Wagtail was on the outflow.

Monday 11 October 2021

Wintersett Vis.Mig: 11.10.2021

 Anglers CP:

It was a Pink-footed Goose morning, with 8 flocks totalling 758  going east.

08.58hrs  120.    09.00hrs   60.     09.03hrs   45    09.08hrs  70  

09.08hrs  200.     09.08hrs 200.    09.20hrs   46    09.24hrs  17 

Lapwing 108.   Snipe 8.  Canada Goose 196.

Thank you to the generous photographer who donated £10 to fund seed!


Weasel 1 ACP Hill.  

 Wintersett Res:  

Cetti's Warbler 1 male at ruin and 1 male on east bank.  

A Nuthatch was by the boathouse bench and another was at the feeding station at Anglers CP.

Sunday 10 October 2021

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. Megas 10.10.2021

Wintersett Vis.Mig:  


Going east:

Another good day for Pink-footed Geese, with 13 skeins well to the north of us,

totalling 1410 birds Humber bound!   Just 1 skein of 70 flew west north west. 

Dunnock 1 high.

Going south: 

The highlight of the morning was 3 Common Cranes heading slowly south

from 09.35hrs,  before being lost from view at 09.52hrs.  

                      3 Common Cranes heading south over Wintersett Res.

                                      10.10.2021    PMeredith

Also going south:

Wood Pigeon 600.   Collared Dove 1.  alba Wagtail 12.  Meadow Pipit 13. 

Greenfinch 1. Reed Bunting 1.  

Going south west:

Jay 2. 

Going west:

Chaffinch 7Jackdaw 34.   Skylark 32

Going west north west:

Snipe 3.   Starling 355.

Going north

4 Goosanders were on Anglers CP lake to 07.30hrs, then left north.

Wintersett Res:

Whooper Swan 2 adults.    


Migrant Hawker 1 ACP + 1 WRes..

Saturday 9 October 2021

Wintersett WeBS October 2021

 Mute Swan 20.  Canada Goose 16.   Greylag Goose 25.   Cormorant 10.   

Coot 296.   Moorhen 18.   Mallard 88.   Teal 26.   Shoveler 72.   Gadwall 30.   

Wigeon 181.   Tufted Duck 277.   Pochard 45.   Goldeneye 3.   Goosander 1.  

 Great Crested Grebe 45.   Little Grebe 17.   Lapwing 12.   Snipe 5.   

Grey Heron 4. 

Wintersett Vis.Mig + Ringing 09.10.2021

 Wintersett Vis.Mig  per @Fitzybirder

There was a steady and constant south easterly movement of 

1500 Wood Pigeons for the first hour or so, with a decent enough push of 

515 continental Starlings west, north west, in 19 flocks, on and off  throughout 

the morning.   The Woodpeckers are intriguing!

Going  northeast and north west.

Pink-footed Goose:   41 few west initially,  then returned back north east.  

590 flew west north west.

Going south east:

Wood Pigeon 1500.  Lesser Redpoll 3. 

Going south:

Skylark  11 + 5 east.  Yellow Wagtail 1.  alba Wagtail 23.  Meadow Pipit 66.  

Linnet 3.  Siskin 11. 

Going west: 

Collared Dove 12 in one flock - very unusual.   

Great Spotted Woodpecker 5 (1+ 1 + 1+ 2) flying high.

Redwing 3.   Chaffinch 5.  Brambling 1.

Going west north west:

Starling  515 in 19 flocks.

Anglers CP:

Wigeon 139 (increased throughout the morning)  

A Rock Pipit flew over the hill calling, at 11.12, and dropped onto the shallows. 

55 Birds were ringed  at Anglers CP this morning: 

Highlights were

4 Chiffchaff,  1 Goldcrest,  12 Lesser Redpoll and  29 Goldfinch.

Friday 8 October 2021

South Kirkby

Butterflies today included a very later Holly Blue, male Brimstone, 7 Comma, 1 Small Copper and 8 Speckled Wood (Chris Parkin)

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. + Soft-shelled Turtle! 08.10.2021

 Anglers CP:

20 Buzzards were up around the area.  Great Black-backed Gull 1.  

Pochard 25.  Cormorant 10.  Great Crested Grebe 1 adult still in wing moult.  

Snipe 8.

Anglers CP Vis.Mig:

Pink-footed Goose  150 west + 238 east.  

Going south: 

Meadow Pipit 169.  Swallow 45.  Skylark 44.  Siskin 12.  House Martin 10.  

alba Wagtail 20.   Linnet 20.  Goldfinch 42.

Going west:

Redwing 3.   Mistle Thrush 4  + 2  east.

Going south west:

Yellowhammer 1.  Reed Bunting 2.   Chaffinch 9.  Greylag 20.     

Going east:

Collared Dove 3.  Greenfinch  17

Wintersett Res.

Yellow-legged Gull 1 adult (Psycho).   Chiffchaff 2 north bank WRes.. +  1 ACP


Migrant Hawker 4.  Common Darter 5.  Common Blue Damslefly 1. 


Red Admiral 1.  Speckled Wood 1. Small White 1.


The Soft-shelled Turtle was sunbathing on the water weed at Wintersett Res. 

It was  last seen on 5th July 2018.   It was first seen more than 7 years ago on 

21.05.2014 when found  by Pete Smith in the morning at Wintersett Res.  

It was basking in the water off the fishing platform nearest to the boathouse bench.  

Here's a link to when it  was last seen here.

Thursday 7 October 2021

Carlton Marsh

2 Cetti's Warblers sang this morning, but there are potentially at least 4 singing from their respective territories on a regular basis. Surprisingly there was no Pink Foot Goose movement today from first light to late morning. 4 Siskins were around with a number of Goldfinches that were buzzed by 2 juvenile male Sparrowhawks.

There were at least 22 Shovelers, and a Water Rail called. Also of interest 2 Swallows south, Chiffchaff, Goldcrest and 8 Skylarks on the fields.

2 Red Admirals and a male Vapourer Moth were on the wing and a large Yellow Bellied Slider was seen again in the scrape.

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. 07.10.2021

 Wintersett Vis.Mig:

Another excellent Pink-footed Goose day with 2, 222 counted by 

Graham Speight and Steve Denny. 

791 going west in 10 skeins and 1431 going south east and east in 9 skeins. 

Going west: 

Redwing 11.

Going south:

Swallow 5. 

Going north: 

Jay 2 over high. 

Wintersett Res:

Little Egret 2 flew in.  Goldeneye 3.  House Martin 14.

Anglers CP:

Great Black-backed Gull 1.  Yellow-legged Gull 1 adult.  Snipe 10.

Wigeon 19 + WRes..   Pochard  10 + 9 WRes..  

Chiffchaff 2  + 2 males north bank WRes.. + 1 Moorhouse Lane Pond. 


A Small White and a  Red Admiral on Haw Park Lane.   

A Comma at Wintersett Village.  A Speckled Wood at Moorhouse Lane Ponds


A Common Darter  - Haw Park Lane.   

4 Migrant Hawker 4 and 4 Ruddy Darter - Moorhouse Lane Ponds.


A pencil thin young Grass Snake,  seen at Wintersett today,  confirms that

breeding is successfully taking place!

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Carlton Marsh

The highlight today was a Tree Pipit that alighted in a tree on the east side of the reserve before working its way along the hedgerow (JP). This was our first since September 2012.

Also of note c40 Lapwings north, a skein of Pink Feet were heard but not seen, Kingfisher, 2 Cetti's sang, c20 Meadow Pipits were down, 6 Siskin and a Swallow flew south (JP/D. Smith/CG).

Butterflies included 16 Small Copper, 3 Red Admiral, 6 Comma and 8 Speckled Wood (C. Parkin)

Wintersett + Record Breaking Vis.Mig. 06.10.2021

Wintersett -  Record Breaking Vis.Mig:  

massive south easterly movement of Pink footed Geese over moorland,  

viewed from Wintersett, with over 3000 by 09.00hrs!

Perfect clear skies for picking up migrating Pinkies,  6,400 by 10.30hrs!!,  

mainly southeast and a few east.


By midday a total of  7830 Pinkies in 69 skeins!!!  

All counted from Wintersett, but only a few skeins were over Wintersett 

airspace,  with most out over the south-west moorlands.

This is easily a record count over the Barnsley area.

Anglers CP:

4 Jays flew high north east at 10.05hrs.  Chiffchaff 1.  Little Grebe 1.  

Goosander 2 juveniles. 

Wintersett Res: 

A Red Kite slowly circled south at 10.35hrs.  House Martin 20 + 1 ACP.    

Swallow 2 south + 3 WRes..  A juvenile Pergrine flew over. 


A Small White and a Red Admiral were on Haw Park Lane.  


Common Darter 1 Haw Park Lane.

Tuesday 5 October 2021

Carlton Marsh

 c250 Pink Feet east 13.40hrs ( D. Standish). Earlier 20 SE 10.15hrs, Siskin 1+2+1 south, Swallow 3+1 south, Water Rail, Goldcrest and adult Common Gull.

2 Red Admiral were feeding on buddleia.

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. + Insects 05.10.2021

 Wintersett Res:

Cetti's Warbler 4 males 

1 east bank,  1 south west corner,  1 ruin area   and 1 male south east Cold Hiendley Res..

Chiffchaffs - 1 ruin area,  1 Pits Wood,  1 north east bank,  1 boathouse. 

Goldeneye 5.  House Martin 10. 

Anglers CP + Vis.Mig.

Going west:

Pink-footed Goose 86 +  14 over Wintersett Res..

Going south: 

Swallow 8 + 2 over Wintersett Res.

Going south west:

Siskin 1. 


2 Speckled Wood,  3 Red Admiral and a Comma,  Pits Wood. 


Migrant Hawker 3 west bank clump.


A Hornet was on ivy south east, Wintersett Res..

Monday 4 October 2021

Wintersett + Vis.Mig 04.10.2021

Anglers CP + Vis.Mig

Teal 24.   Shoveler 28 + 20 Wintersett Res..   Goldeneye 1 + 3 Wintersett Res.

Going east:  Pink-footed Goose 120 at 08.35hrs + 50 at 09.02hrs.

Wintersett Res.: 

Wigeon 20.  Little Grebe 17 + 1 Anglers CP.

Chiffchaff 6 + 2 Anglers CP..   House Martin 30.   Siskin 1 over.   


A Migrant Hawker over Golf Course, Walton Hall.


Comma 1 NE bank WRes.. + 2 Pits Wood.   A Speckled Wood south east corner WRes.. + 1 Pits Wood.

Red Admiral 4 Pits Wood.  


Tree Bee 1 Pits Wood.

Sunday 3 October 2021

Carlton Marsh

A Red Kite drifted SW at 10.40hrs, Coal Tit, 2 Cetti's sang and c20 Skylarks were on the fields nearby (JP).

This afternoon 3 Buzzards up together, 2 Greylags and 26 Shovelers (CG).

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. + a new Fungus for the list. 03.10.2021

Anglers CP: 

A Peregrine was present.   Nuthatch 2 on feeders.

Anglers CP Vis.Mig:  per@Fitzybirder

Going east:

Pink-footed Goose  200.     

Going west:

Red Kite 1.   Chaffinch 5.   

Going south: 

Skylark 58.   Swallow 40.  House Martin  44.  Song Thrush 1.  Mistle Thrush 1.  

Grey Wagtail 2.  alba Wagtail 31.  Meadow Pipit 76.  Greenfinch 12.  Linnet 15.  

Goldfinch 17.  Reed Bunting 2. 


A Hornet was in the car park.  


Yellow fan (Spathularia flavida) found during a foray with Friends of Haw Park and Wintersett.

                              Yellow fan (Spathularia flavida)  F.Hickenbottom


  Goldleaf shield (Pluteus romelli) growing amongst woodchip at Haw Park Wood.

  That's a new one for the Wintersett list.   F.Hickenbottom.

Saturday 2 October 2021

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. 02.10.2021

Anglers CP: 

Peregrine 1 juvenile.

Anglers CP Vis. Mig:  per @Fitzybirder

Going west:

Merlin 1 chasing House Martins at 08.10hrs,  then left.  

Pink-footed Goose 16.  Grey Heron 1.   Common Gull 9.   Chaffinch 9.  

Going south: 

Meadow Pipit 273.   Linnet 26.    Goldfinch 52.  Skylark 27.

Swallow 21.  House Martin 41.  Mistle Thrush 2.  alba Wagtail 16.  

Siskin 1.  Reed Bunting 5.

Going south west: 

Golden Plover  20 ( 9 + 11)

Wintersett Res:

Sand Martin 1.   House Martin 180.

Friday 1 October 2021

Carlton Marsh

4 Grey Partridge, 5 Cormorants and 2 Siskins were the stand out birds today (K. Bannister/JP).

As the sun warmed things up a bit a good number of butterflies were able to feed, they included 16 Small Copper, 14 Red Admiral, 1 Painted Lady and 12 Comma from a total of 8 species. 2 Silver Y Moths were also active (C. Parkin). 

Wintersett + Vis.Mig. 01.10.2021

Anglers CP: 

Peregrine 1.   House Martin 250.

Anglers CP  Vis.Mig.  -

 P Meredith, GJ Speight (to 11.00)

Going east: 

Pink-footed Goose 282  (32 + 200 + 15 + 35).

Going north:

Lapwing 45 - distant over Haw Park, not part of local flock.

Going north west:

Jay 4.  

Going west:

Chaffinch 14.

Going south:

Common Gull 1 adult.  Hobby 1 at 10.20hrs.  Grey Wagtail 6.  alba Wagtail 24.  

Meadow Pipit 142.   Greenfinch 2.  Linnet 96.  Goldfinch 14.  Siskin 17.  Reed Bunting 3.

Going south west:

Mistle Thrush  4.