Saturday, 11 February 2023

Wintersett + Updates 11.02.2023

The Wintersett Team had a very good day today!

Anglers CP: 

An adult Kittiwake and a Black-necked Grebe were in this morning.

Psycho, the adult Yellow-legged Gull also showed up.  A Curlew flew west.

Woodcock 1.  Barnacle Goose 1.   Oystercatcher 5.   Shoveler 9.   Rook 60.

Photos by SDenny


                              Barnacle Goose      


                                                                  Psycho - Yellow-legged Gull                                              


                        Adult Kittiwake ACP   11.02.2023

Wintersett Res:

A 1stW Caspian Gull was in.   A Golden Plover flew over.

Walton Hall Lake:

Pink-footed Goose 1. 

Late Additions:  

Goldeneye 132 (95 WRes + 14 CHRes + 23 ACP.

Grest Crested Grebe (3 WRes. + 11 CHRes.  + 4 ACP

A Little Owl was in Cold Hiendley Village.

40 Fieldfare  + 80 Redwing WRes. 

A Cetti's Warbler was on the west bank WRes..


Black-necked Grebe   ACP   Simon Cooper  11.02.2023 

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