Saturday 28 December 2013

Carlton Marsh

I only managed a quick walk round today at mid-day. In the stubble fields were c50 Skylarks, c70 Yellow Buntings & 1 Reed Bunting.
It was nice to see members of the Penistone Railway Line Footpath Group enjoying a visit to the reserve.

Willow Tit status as requested.
Our all time maximum count is 12 on 12/6/1995 & again on 6/7/1996. The highest ever count of 5 singing males was in the spring of 1993. Normally there are just 2 pairs annually.

2012 Two singing males.
T607798 ringed as a juvenile on 26th August 2008 was retrapped on January 19th 2012 - 3 years & 146 days.
In January 1 came regularly to feed on Nyger seed. There were singles on 3 dates in February, with 2 together on 18th & 30th of March and 3 on April 20th. In May there were 2 singing males on 5th & 31st with 1 singing on July 11th. 2 were recorded in every month to the year end. A juvenile was caught for ringing on July 9th.

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Graham Speight said...

Thanks for the Willow Tit info. Just what we're after.