Tuesday 31 December 2013

Wintersett Round Up. 31st December 2013 - So near and yet so far!

2013 Weather:
It was  cold and wet until the end of May.  June was dry and warm.  July and August were glorious. The Autumn, particularly October, has been the best for years as far as quality birds are concerned.  So far, it has been a very mild winter.

The Wintersett  Area record was equalled on the 11th November, with 179 species recorded.  Despite extensive searches, nothing new turned up in the last six weeks of the year!  Glaring omissions for the year were Red-legged Partridge, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Sanderling and Garganey.

The Top Ten birds seen here this year were: -

 1. Great Skua    (1st and 2nd record)

 2. Yellow-browed  Warbler   (2nd record)

 3. Red-necked Phalarope   (3rd record)

 4. Lesser Scaup   (2nd record)

 5. Great White Egret    (3rd record)

 6. Kumlien’s Gull    (2nd record)

 7. Arctic Skua

 8. Gannet   (5th and 6th record)

 9. Ring Ouzel

10. Honey Buzzard.

Other major highlights were:-

The brief visit of Sir  David  Attenborough,
and the first  OTTER  to be recorded here  for 61 years!   It was seen by a few local fishermen and one very, very lucky local birder.

And finally -  We wish everyone excellent  birding in 2014. 


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