Tuesday 12 December 2017

Ewden valley/Dukes road/Mortimer road circ, + Low Moor. 12-12-17.

Ewden circular always a cracking walk in dry weather which improved today in what felt like a sw wind. Just over two and half hours steady away, with not many birds but enjoyable. Last hour spent at low moor/midhope res.- Fem. type Stonechat was near stone circle and a pair of Ravens showed and performed well in the dukes road area. Only two species of raptor but healthy totals at the end with 12 Kestrels and 10 C Buzzards. 2 GS Peckers at low moor feeding station and a Woodcock flushed at midhope res. Not much on the water today with L.Grebe and 40 Mallards with no sign of the Goldeneye pair.

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