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The Old Moor & Broomhill Area Year List SOFA 2021, 165 species recorded, not bad considering the reduced coverage due to the pandemic restrictions & the unavoidable disturbance, during habitat creation & protection works at various sites in the area throughout the year. However it was still well below the best ever year list total 179 in 2017. There were no major rarities & nothing new was added to the area list, which remains at 260. More details below.

 Happy New Year & Best Wishes for a bird filled 2022.



1)Mute Swan, 2)Pink-footed Goose, 3)Greylag Goose, 4), Canada Goose, 5)Shelduck, 6)Wigeon, 7)Gadwall, 8)Teal, 9)Mallard, 10)Shoveler, 11)Pochard, 12)Tufted Duck, 13)Goldeneye, 14)Goosander, 15)Red-legged Partridge, 16)Pheasant, 17)Little Grebe, 18)Great Crested Grebe, 19)Cormorant, 20)Bittern (BI on 7th), 21)Little Egret, 22)Grey Heron, 23)Marsh Harrier, 24)Sparrowhawk, 25)Buzzard, 26)Kestrel, 27)Merlin (1 BH on 10th), 28)Peregrine, 29)Water Rail, 30)Moorhen, 31)Coot, 32)Oystercatcher (1 BH on 22nd), 33)Golden Plover, 34)Lapwing, 35)Snipe, 36)Green Sandpiper, 37)Black-headed Gull, 38)Common Gull, 39)Herring Gull, 40)Lesser Black-backed Gull, 41)Great Black-backed Gull, 42)Feral Pigeon,  43)Stock Dove, 44)Woodpigeon, 45)Collared Dove, 46)Barn Owl, 47)Tawny Owl, 48)Kingfisher, 49)Green Woodpecker, 50)Great Spotted Woodpecker, 51)Skylark, 52)Meadow Pipit, 53)Water Pipit (1 flushed from WI flew towards BH on 2nd), 54)Grey Wagtail, 55)Pied Wagtail, 56)Wren, 57)Dunnock, 58)Robin, 59)Stonechat, 60)Blackbird, 61)Fieldfare, 62)Song Thrush, 63)Redwing, 64)Mistle Thrush, 65)Cetti’s Warbler, 66)Chiffchaff, 67)Goldcrest, 68)Bearded Tit, 69)Long-tailed Tit, 70)Coal Tit, 71)Blue Tit, 72)Great Tit, 73)Nuthatch, 74)Treecreeper, 75)Jay, 76)Magpie, 77)Jackdaw, 78)Rook, 79)Carrion Crow, 80)Starling, 81)House Sparrow, 82)Chaffinch, 83)Brambling (1 River on 31st), 84)Greenfinch, 85)Goldfinch, 86)Siskin, 87)Linnet, 88)Lesser Redpoll, 89)Bullfinch, 90)Yellowhammer, 91)Reed Bunting.


92)Great White Egret (1 BI on 3rd), 93)Curlew (1 OM on 5th), 94)Egyptian Goose (2 BH on 9th), 95)White-fronted Goose (1 BH on 13th), 96)Pintail (2 BH on 16th), 97)Red Kite (1 OM on 18th), 98)Raven (4 BWP on 22nd), 99)Mediterranean Gull (2 OM on 25th).

MARCH 2021

100)Ringed Plover (2 WI on 1st), 101)Redshank (1 WI on 3rd), 102)Swallow (1 BH on 3rd), 103)Little Ringed Plover (1 WI on 5th), 104)Sand Martin (1 OM on 5th), 105)Avocet (1 OM on 6th), 106)Kittiwake (1 OM on 6th), 107)Dunlin (5 WI on 11th), 108)Tree Sparrow (TSF), 109)Rock Pipit (1 ‘Scandi’ Fleet on 14th), 110)Whooper Swan (11 BH + 19 OM on 19th), 111)Jack Snipe (1 flushed BH on 19th),  112)Caspian Gull (1 OM on 20th), 113)Little Owl (1 Park Farm Paddock on 25th), 114)Osprey (1 BH on 26th), 115)Wheatear (1 OM on 28th), 116)Blackcap (3 WW on 30th), 117)Willow Warbler (1 OM on 31st), 118)Yellow Wagtail (1 WI on 31st).

APRIL 2021

119)Common Scoter (1 OM on 1st), 120)House Martin (1 WI on 2nd), 121)Common Sandpiper (1 OM on 3rd), 122)Iceland Gull (1 OM on 4th), 123)Yellow-legged Gull (1 OM on 4th), 124)Mandarin (River on 11th), 125)Sedge Warbler (1 BI on 11th), 126)Reed Warbler (1 OM on 13th) 127)Black necked Grebe (2 OM on 14th), 128)Whimbrel (1 BH on 14th), 129)Spoonbill (1 over BWP/WI on 15th), 130)Whitethroat (1 BH Tip on 17th), 131)Greenshank (1 WI on 18th), 132)Common Tern (1 OM on 20th), 133)Garden Warbler (1 BHP on 23rd), 134)Hobby (1 MM on 24th) 135)Spotted Redshank (1 WI on 27th), 136)Swift (4 OM on 27th), 137)Grasshopper Warbler (1 GM on 28th), 138)Little Gull (3 WI on 28th), 139)Wood Sandpiper (3 WI on 28th), 140)Arctic Tern (11 north OM on 29th), 141)Lesser Whitethroat (1 WI on 29th).

MAY 2021

142)Black-tailed Godwit (7 OM on 1st), 143)Whinchat (1 WI on 4th), 144)Barnacle Goose (2 OM on 8th), 145)Sanderling (1 OM on 8th), 146)Turnstone (1 OM on 8th), 147)Quail (1 WI/Fleet on 19th), 148)Curlew Sandpiper (1 WI on 20th), 149)Grey Partridge (2 GPF on 22nd).

JUNE 2021

150)Cuckoo (1 WI on 1st), 151)Ruff (2 WI on 18th), 152)Willow Tit (1 TPT on 26th), 153)Crossbill (2 SW Bolton Ings on 29th).

JULY 2021

154)Garganey (1 MM on 4th).


155)Redstart (1 GM on 12th), 156)Long eared Owl (2 young calling late August).


157)Little Stint (2 WI on 3rd), 158)Grey Plover (1 MM on 14th), 159)Black Tern (1 BI on 15th), 160)Knot (2 BI on 20th).


161)Common Crane (3 south BH/OM on 10th), 162)Hawfinch (1 BHV + 1 Cyn south over BHP on 18th).


163)Hen Harrier (1 ringtail west Bolton Tip on 6th), 164)Woodcock (1 BI on 6th), 165)Ring necked Parakeet (Cliff Road on 10th).


Key to Abbreviations

BH = Broomhill Flash, WI = Wombwell Ings, BI = Bolton Ings, OM = Old Moor, BWP = Brickworks Pond, TSF = Tree Sparrow Farm, WW = Warbler Way, BHP = Broomhill Park, MM = Main Marsh, GM = Gypsy Marsh, GPF = Golden Plover Fields, TPT = Trans Pennine Trail, BHV = Broomhill Village, Cyn = Canyon.

 Also Ruddy Shelduck 1 WI on 1st November.

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