Friday 31 December 2021

Wintersett Annual Round Up and Top Ten Birds of 2021

 The Wintersett Area recorded 162  species of bird in 2021.

It has been a very poor year for rares and scarcities with no new species of birds for the list!  The breeding season was also very poor, with severe frosts in April, followed by cold northerlies throughout May. 
June, July and August saw 3 periods of severe strong winds which compounded breeding failures!
Bird ringing totals were 50% of what they should be!
 The Top Ten Birds were:
 1. Spoonbill  -  4 flew north west, all appeared to be adults.  16.10.2021
 2. Common Crane 3.  2 adults + 1 juvenile heading south over Wintersett Res. 14.10.2021

 3. A Honey Buzzard tracked north over the Disposal Point  at 13:43hrs. 31.05.2021

 4. A Quail flushed from the long grass on Anglers CP hill at 07.40 hrs. 14.06.2021
 5. A  Curlew Sandpiper flew in to the shallows at 9.40hrs, and left north west      
    very shortly afterwards.  27.07.2021  

 6. A Hawfinch flew west over Anglers CP.  25.10.2021.

 7. A Ring Ouzel dropped into bushes in the north east corner  
     Wintersett Reservoir14.10.2021.
 8. A Great White Egret circled Anglers CP, then left west at 08.40hrs.  27.10.2021

 9. A Wood Sandpiper was feeding, giving great views, in  the southwest corner of 
    Anglers CP on 30.04.2021.  Another Wood Sandpiper was on the shallows 08th May 2021
10. A Spotted Redshank  flew south west at 07.23hrs from Anglers CP. 09.08.2021 
Lepidoptera fared a little better with 2 new species of Macro Moth for the area.
These were Brown Scallop  and Coronet. 
Brown Scallop -New for the Area.  18.07.2021   P.Smith 
         Coronet - New for the area              
02..07.2021  P.Smith
 The Wintersett Team wish you 

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