Tuesday 18 January 2022

Wintersett with Ice and a Surprise. 18.01.2022

Calm,  minus 2 degrees  with ice on all water bodies.

Wintersett Res. 80%.   Cold Hiendley Res. 98%.   Anglers CP 50%.

Wintersett Res:

The female Ring-necked Duck was spotted off the west bank by visitor John Fowler this morning.

A Kingfisher was new for the year.   

A Cetti's Warbler was in the west bank marsh and one was singing on the north bank.  

 21 Great Crested Grebe + 7 Anglers CP.    Gadwall 2 + 20 Anglers CP.

23 Whooper Swans with one Pink-footed Goose flew in at 11.20hrs,  circled around the area, before landing  on Cold Hiendley Res. at 11.30hrs.  

7 more Whooper Swans with a Greylag Goose, flew over and joined the flock on Cold Hiendley Res..  

All 30 flew off west at 14.15hrs. 

As we walked back to the Dam Wall,  Pete Smith heard a very welcome call.  

It was an unringed Willow Tit on the west bank!  Also new for the year and a very nice suprise.  

Anglers CP:

Cormorant 10.  Little Grebe 3.  Teal 65. Wigeon 303. Leucistic Greylag Goose 1.   

                                                   Ring-necked Duck female   

                                  Wintersett Res. 18.01.2022  Dave Dawson                                              

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