Friday 9 December 2022

Carlton Marsh

Most of the water was frozen over after a night of -3c of frost. The adult Mute Swan that arrived last week was stood on the ice, which allowed the ring to be read. It is yellow Y229 that spent around 10 months of 2021 here, and from May to September 2022. It was originally ringed at Gargrave in North Yorkshire in September 2019.  For a long time this summer it kept the resident Whooper Swan company.
Also of interest 2 Siskins, 30 Redwings and 2 Fieldfares (L. & A. Corrall)

Hibernating are 12 Herald Moths (a lot less than in previous winters) several of the dronefly Eristalinus tenax, and a small bat, which may be Daubenton's (C. Parkin).

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