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The Old Moor & Broomhill Area Year List total for 2022 amounted to 176 species (plus sightings of up to 5 Siberian Chiffchaff in January). The highlights included Marsh Tit, Green winged Teal, Iceland Gull, Lesser Yellowlegs, Little Tern, Long-tailed Skua, Pectoral Sandpiper, Brent Goose & Smew. Some species are increasing with multiple sightings of up to 8 Great White Egrets & up to 7 Spoonbill. Bittern, Marsh Harrier & Bearded Tit all bred again this year. Sadly others species are declining there were no records of Willow Tit this year for the first time I can remember and Grey Partridge and Tree Sparrow seem to be hanging by a thread. There were no new species added to the area list which remains at 260. Thanks to Old Moor RSPB, Garganey Trust and everyone else who have contriburted time, effort and sightings. Happy New Year & Best Wishes for a bird filled 2023.


1)Mute Swan, 2)Whooper Swan, 3)Pink-footed Goose, 4)Greylag Goose, 5), Canada Goose, 6)Shelduck, 7)Wigeon, 8)Gadwall, 9)Teal, 10)Green-winged Teal, 11)Mallard, 12)Pintail, 13)Shoveler, 14)Pochard, 15)Tufted Duck, 16)Goldeneye, 17)Goosander, 18)Red-legged Partridge, 19)Pheasant, 20)Little Grebe, 21)Great Crested Grebe, 22)Cormorant, 23)Bittern, 24)Little Egret, 25)Great White Egret, 26)Grey Heron, 27)Red Kite, 28)Marsh Harrier, 29)Sparrowhawk, 30)Buzzard, 31)Kestrel, 32)Merlin, 33)Peregrine, 34)Water Rail, 35)Moorhen, 36)Coot, 37)Oystercatcher, 38)Golden Plover, 39)Lapwing, 40)Snipe, 41)Woodcock, 42)Curlew, 43)Green Sandpiper, 44)Mediterranean Gull, 45)Black-headed Gull, 46)Common Gull, 47)Herring Gull, 48)Yellow-legged Gull, 49)Caspian Gull, 50)Lesser Black-backed Gull, 51)Great Black-backed Gull, 52)Feral Pigeon,  53)Stock Dove, 54)Woodpigeon, 55)Collared Dove, 56)Ring-necked Parakeet, 57)Barn Owl, 58)Tawny Owl, 59)Little Owl, 60)Kingfisher, 61)Green Woodpecker, 62)Great Spotted Woodpecker, 63)Skylark, 64)Meadow Pipit, 65)Water Pipit, 66)Grey Wagtail, 67)Pied Wagtail, 68)Wren, 69)Dunnock, 70)Robin, 71)Stonechat, 72)Blackbird, 73)Fieldfare, 74)Song Thrush, 75)Redwing, 76)Mistle Thrush, 77)Cetti’s Warbler, 78)Chiffchaff, 79)Goldcrest, 80)Bearded Tit, 81)Long-tailed Tit, 82)Coal Tit, 83)Blue Tit, 84)Great Tit, 85)Marsh Tit, 86)Nuthatch, 87)Treecreeper, 88)Jay, 89)Magpie, 90)Jackdaw, 91)Rook, 92)Carrion Crow, 93)Starling, 94)House Sparrow, 95)Chaffinch, 96)Brambling 97)Greenfinch, 98)Goldfinch, 99)Siskin, 100)Linnet, 101)Lesser Redpoll, 102)Bullfinch, 103)Yellowhammer, 104)Reed Bunting.   


105)Black-tailed Godwit (2 OM on 4th), 106)Jack Snipe (2 BH on 5th), 107)Redshank (BH on 11th), 108)Grey Partridge (1 flushed BI on 14th), 109)Dunlin (1 MM on 14th), 110)Iceland Gull (1 2nd Winter MM on 14th), 111)Ringed Plover (2 WI on 16th), 112)Avocet (1 OM on 17th), 113)Kittiwake (1 adult north west OM on 22nd), 114)Barnacle Goose (1 OM on 27th).

MARCH 2022

115)Little Ringed Plover (1 WI on 7th), 116)Black-necked Grebe (1 MM on 9th), 117)Sand Martin (1 BH on 11th), 118)Rock Pipit (1 ‘Scandi’ WI on 16th), 119)Little Gull (1 BH on 23rd), 120)Blackcap (1 Doveside on 24th), 121)Osprey (1 east BI on 26th), 122)Willow Warbler (1 singing Doveside on 26th), 123)Spoonbill (1 MM on 27th).

APRIL 2022

124)Common Scoter (1 WI on 2nd), 125)Swallow (1 WI on 2nd), 126)Mandarin (2 Darfield Bridge on 5th), 127)House Martin (1 BH on 7th), 128)Common Tern (1 OM on 11th), 129)Wheatear (2 Fleet on 11th), 130)Garganey (2 WI on 12th), 131)Yellow Wagtail (1 WI on 12th), 132)Red breasted Merganser (2 males MM on 12th), 133)Sedge Warbler (1 OM on 13th), 134)Common Sandpiper (1 OM on 13th), 135)Whimbrel (1 OM on 14th), 136)Whitethroat (1 BH + 1 Bwk on 14th), 137)Grasshopper Warbler (1 BI on 15th), 138)Reed Warbler (1 BI on 15th), 139)Lesser Whitethroat (3 OM on 20th), 140)Sandwich Tern (1 OM on 23rd), 141)Hobby (1 BI on 23rd), 142)Garden Warbler (2 OM on 25th), 143)Whinchat (2 OM on 26th), 144)Arctic Tern (3 east OM on 27th), 145)Swift (2 OM on 27th), 146)Greenshank (1 OM on 27th), 147)Wood Sandpiper (1 WI on 28th), 148)Tree Pipit (1 north BI on 29th). 

MAY 2022

149)Cuckoo (1 BI on 2nd), 150)Turnstone (1 OM on 4th), 151)Sanderling (1 OM on 10th), 152)Bar tailed Godwit (1 W/S on 12th), 153)Grey Plover (3 W/S on 16th), 154)Long eared Owl (1 male undisclosed location on 18th), 155)Red Crested Pochard (1 female MM on 20th), 156)Lesser Yellowlegs (1 MM/WS on 23rd), 157)Raven (3 east over GPF on 23rd).

JUNE 2022

JULY 2022

158)Egyptian Goose (1 ML on 2nd), 159)Ring Ouzel (1 male BHP Stones on 5th), 160)Little Tern (1 OM on 10th), 161)Ruff (1 OM on 23rd).


162)Crossbill (1 south west Manvers on 7th), 163)Black Redstart (1 BHV on 7th),164)Long-tailed Skua (1 east over Brampton/OM on 9th), 165)Spotted Flycatcher (1 BHP on 16th), 166)Little Stint (1 MM on 17th), 167)Spotted Redshank (1 MM on 25th), 168)Redstart (1 BHP on 30th), 169)Tree Sparrow (3 juvs BHV on 30th).


170)Curlew Sandpiper (1 MM on 7th).


171)Pectoral Sandpiper (1 MM on 1st), 172)Scaup (2 BI on 13th).


173)Brent Goose (1 OM on 14th), 174)Smew (1 RH OM/WS/BI/MM on 20th).


175)Mealy Redpoll (1 Cliff Road on 4th), 176)Waxwing (2 north west Manvers on 14th),


Key to Abbreviations

BH = Broomhill Flash, WI = Wombwell Ings, BI = Bolton Ings, OM = Old Moor, BWP = Brickworks Pond, WW = Warbler Way, BHP = Broomhill Park, MM = Main Marsh, GM = Gypsy Marsh, GPF = Golden Plover Fields, TPT = Trans Pennine Trail, BHV = Broomhill Village, Cyn = Canyon.

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