Monday 17 February 2014

Turning back the clock?

Old Moor: 29 Whooper Swans (mostly adults) were on the Mere at 10am although 7 soon departed (Bernard Emson). The remaining 22 left west at 11.10 (John Seeviour, Jim Thompson). Also Pintail, Goldeneye 7 (when 5 were at Broomhill), Peregrine, Buzzard 3, Brambling.

Interestingly, 29 Whooper Swans (2 juvs) were at Ingbirchworth Reservoir (still) at 17.10 (Johnny Mac') which one would assume to be the same herd, however, confusingly 28 were reported on the pager to have dropped in there at 11am (Ivan Martin). So, either well more than 29 birds involved or else one (or more) of the observers was a bit slow!

Seven Two-barred Crossbills (5 males) were still at Broomhead Reservoir this morning.


Alf King said...

Blame the observer. I saw them arrive at Ingbirchworth at 11.00 am and counted 28 (at distance) subsequently corrected to 29 by DP.

The WIM Man said...

Thanks Alf, the main thing we were trying to establish is to if the Old Moor and Ingbirchworth birds were the same. Obviously if the times of sightings were correct then they couldn't have been and that seems to have been the case.