Thursday 27 February 2014

Wintersett 27.02.14

5°C,   cool westerly wind,  scattered cloud with some sunny spells.
Highlight today was a RED  KITE  circling slowly N at 14.20hrs to the north west  of Moor House Lane Ponds.
Anglers CP: Water Rail 1,  Green Woodpecker 1 male,  Snipe 6,  Siskin 4W,  Lesser Redpoll 6,  Redwing 3 and Little Owl 1.
No notables reported from the gull roosts tonight, although we may have the answer to where the large number of birds came from that flew in from the east to WRes. roost on Wednesday. 
The Doncaster Birding website reported on Wednesday 26.02.14, that Hampole Tip had 1000+ Black-headed Gulls,  800+ Herring Gulls and 200+ Great Black-backed Gulls.  Hampole Tip is 10 miles slightly SE of Wintersett.  It's where Barnsley sends some of their waste after the Barnsley, Doncaster & Rotherham Joint Strategic Waste Development Plan.  

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