Thursday 4 November 2021

Wintersett EPIC Vis.Mig. + Gull Roost 04.11.2021

Wintersett Vis.Mig:  

A co-ordinated watch on two fronts turned into an EPIC VIS.MIG.COUNT, 

with all previous thrush counts smashed!    Fantastic for all those present!!!

Going west:  

Fieldfare 18,080    Redwing 13,820  

To give these figures some perspective:  

Fieldfare  previous best 3040, Redwing previous best 5340,  both on 25th October 2012!  

Per @Fitzybirder

Starling 2770.   Brambling 10.  Snipe 5. 

Going south west:

Wood Pigeon 2250  + 

Going south east:

Whooper 7

Going north west:  

Pink-footed Goose  610  +  390 south east. 

Going south:

Golden Plover 3.

Going east: 

 Siskin 8 + 1 south. 

Anglers CP + Gull Roost:

An increase in Herring Gulls in CP roost tonight with 322 noted.

Also 2 Yellow-legged Gulls and an adult Caspian Gull. 

Our fabulous thrush day ended with Bittern flying round car park calling 17:00-17:10, left NW.

1 comment:

Geoff Carr said...

Pretty impressive Thrush numbers over Wintersett today. I only had a a fraction of these numbers over Higham.