Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Wintersett + Superb Vis.Mig 19.10.2022

Wintersett, Wednesday highlights per @grayspeight -A superb vismig  morning.

Redwing reached a record breaking 22,430,  all south or west!  

There were an additional 600 in the 2 hours prior to dusk, 

which brought the total to an incredible  23,030 ,

with many birds only just visible, at a great height, below the cloud base.

Going west: Fieldfare 536,   Pink-footed Goose 425.  

A Spoonbill went south at 08.32hrs, then flew back north at 10.25hrs. 

A Hawfinch, 7 Brambling and 1930 Wood Pigeons were counted.  

A Red Kite flew low over back fields at 17.25hrs. 

For full list and counts per @Fitzybirder  follow link below.

Comments: Smashed last year’s Redwing record of 13,820 by a considerable margin!  

After nothing in the first 30 minutes, 20 went through at 07.30, then a rapid increase as flocks of up 400 started to come through from the east,  often very high, with few being  picked up on call, reaching  5,000 by 08.30;   7,400 by 08.50;  11,000 by 09.27; 15,100 by 09.54; 17,000 by 10.14;  19,150 by 10.40 and finally  22,000 by 13.40!! 

Just about everything else will be under counted, particularly finches most of which were left unidentified. 

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