Wednesday 12 April 2017

High Risk Species - Records for 2017 Please!

In January this year a meeting at Old Moor involved key players/landowners to discuss the state of Barnsley's most threatened breeding species and what could be done to hang on to these. The meeting involved RSPB, Garganey Trust, Barnsley MBC (Russ) and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (Pete Wall). Yorkshire Water are involved via YWT initially at the Sewage Works Sites but hopefully at the upland reservoirs. At the end of this breeding year we need to know the breeding populations of certain High Risk Species that we can put an action plan together and possibly attract funding to do something. Since the Atlas Survey the populations of High Risk Species have declined further and while we will not be able to do much about some species, others we could do something hopefully via management or nest boxes for Flycatchers around the upland reservoirs.
For info the following are the High Risk Species discussed, with 2014 populations (thanks to Martin Wells).
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (2-5 pr), Wood Warbler (5 territories), Pied Flycatcher (5 territories), Spotted Flycatcher (9 territories), Yellow Wagtail (2 territories), Tree Pipit (28 territories) and Lesser Redpoll (6 territories).
It appears Whinchat has not bred in the Barnsley Area in 2015/16?
Also, we need to keep monitoring the Willow Tit population, so keep putting these on this blog please.
We will need site locations or map refs if possible but not for LS Woodpecker - just the wood.
Records can go onto this blog as daily records, to Carl Dixon - Recorder, to Martin Wells and/or to me.
Thanks everyone and lets see what we can turn up here.

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